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October 30, 2013


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In January, our three Queens embark on their 2014 World Cruises, visiting an array of exciting destinations. There’s no better way to experience some of the captivating countries of the world than on board a Cunard Queen, and as part of their world cruises both Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth will be visiting Asia among other destinations. And while they are there, our Land Tours packages are the perfect add-ons for a World Cruise sector. Find out more about the incredible sights of Asia and the Middle East in the first of a new blog series, Spotlight On…

Discover Dubai, the Golden City

Dubai has grown rapidly over the past 50 years, developing from a small fishing village into the formidable city it is today, boasting the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Dubai is a modern Oasis in the desert, not only home to five of the 20 tallest sky scrapers in the world, but also the most luxurious hotel, the busiest port and the world’s largest shopping mall.

Whether you’re the shopper looking for retail therapy in the Dubai Mall; the sightseer interested in traditional Middle Eastern buildings or the desert; or just someone looking for sun and sand on a golden beach, Dubai caters for every type of visitor.

Start or end your holiday in Dubai with a two-night tour and experience old and new in this growing and exciting city. Our ‘City of Merchants’ tour offers excellent photo opportunities, taking in landmarks such as the 7-star Burj Al Arab Hotel, Jumeirah Mosque and the World Trade Centre, and as part of this two-night package you will also experience the spectacular views of Dubai and beyond from level 124 of the Burj Khalifa. This tour also includes dinner aboard a Dhow Cruise on Dubai Creek.

Find out more about booking this tour by clicking here.

Experience Asian Vibrancy

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the city’s long association with Britain is evident as soon as you step off Queen Mary 2 or Queen Elizabeth. During 99 years as a British Crown Colony, Hong Kong developed into a major city with traditional British architecture.

While you’re in Hong Kong, take a trip in the cable car to the surrounding hills for wonderful views of Hong Kong city, including the thrilling light show that takes place every evening, illuminating the city’s buildings in coloured light. Sample the cuisine of Hong Kong on the waterfront, and wander the bustling streets of the city, taking in the sights, smells and sounds.

If your holiday starts or ends in Hong Kong, you can enrich your trip with our ‘Two Sides of Hong Kong’ tour. This three night tour includes a trip to Victoria Peak on the funicular railway, lunch at the famous ‘Jumbo’ floating restaurant and an evening river cruise around Victoria Harbour, among other trips. The tour also includes a day on Lantau Island with sights including Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Buddha Statue.

Find out more about booking this tour by clicking here.


Singapore is perhaps most famous for the Singapore Sling, a cocktail invented in the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel. But that’s not all

there is to see in Singapore, a city which is a country in its own right. It has a mix of cultures thanks to British and Malaysian influences, and there are plenty of sights to see – Hindu and Buddhist temples, Chinatown and Little India, Gardens by the Bay, the Merlion and the famous Raffles Hotel.

Our Singapore Old and New tour encapsulates the spectacular visual wonders of the country, as well as delving into it’s fascinating history. On this tour you’ll spend a day visiting some of the country’s monuments of the past, including the Old Ford Factory War Museum and Changi Prison. You’ll also get to see the Gardens by the Bay, enjoy High Tea in the Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel, and get the chance to make your own Singapore Sling.

Find out more about booking this tour by clicking here.

A tour of Asia is unmissable – so if you’re thinking of joining Queen Mary 2 or Queen Elizabeth in 2014 on a world cruise sector taking in the sights of Asia and the Middle East, then make sure you book your place on one of our complimentary* land tours, and start or end your holiday in style.

*Complimentary land tours must be booked by 30 November 2013.

  1. Ann Wilkinson says:

    I would love to go on a world cruise and see eastern countries. I have been to Thialand and it is beautiful.

  2. Robert - Hunter Valley says:

    The best way to visit the allurement of Asia, is through Australia. The Port of Sydney, known as Port Jackson is a delight for the eyes and senses. Of course – so is the Hunter Valley – home of Penfolds Grange. When travelling through Asia, a visit to the Tajah Mahal and a voyage from Luxor to the Dam, are essentials. All of the Asian countries have their fascination and attraction. The Singapore Sling and the peanuts entrap the visitor, though the Sling has lost some of its capacity to disguise one’s legs (where are they).
    Next year, though, for us, are the South Americas – Grafs Spey? – the falls of three countries, Drake Strait. All on Queen Victoria.

  3. Roger Waterfall says:

    Lots of information but reads more like a travel brochure, rather than an insight into Cunard or you.
    Sorry to be critical when so much time has been spent on compiling this Laura.

    Hope that Cunard can get back to the original concept of wearecunard and Peters style of posting.
    Please take this post as it is meant, as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

    Perhaps I am on my own in this regard and most readers may prefer the above style, rather than the inside information on Cunard, her Officers, Managers and other personnel that I prefer.

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