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In the steps of The Beatles – Liverpool shore excursion

May 30, 2013


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On 17 May, Queen Mary 2  visited Liverpool as part of her Northern Highlights cruise which took in ports from around the British Isles as well as Norway. During her day in port, guests had to opportunity to join the ‘In the steps of The Beatles’ tour. Andressa Ricci, Tours Assistant on board Queen Mary 2 joined them – here is her account of the tour…

Liverpool welcomed Queen Mary 2 in great style when she docked on 17 May. The new terminal was ready for our guests: good facilities and great ambience with music by The Beatles playing in the background – that set the mood perfectly! Good for those early birds getting up for their shore excursions at 7.30am.

When you think about Liverpool you often associate the city with the world-famous music group The Beatles, and on one tour in particular, you can visit all the sites close to their history as well as have the chance to see what else the city has to offer.

I did the tour ‘In the steps of The Beatles’. It was a great opportunity to get to know more about their legacy, their music and what they represent. Speaking of the music, we had the pleasure of listening to it playing on the bus! For those who are not Beatles maniacs, it’s a very nice tour, which gives you a lot of information about the group and the music of their time. For those who are Beatles maniacs, it’s a great opportunity to immerse yourself inside their world. You get to see their musical instruments, visit the places where they were born – the neighbourhoods they were brought up in; see the things that inspired them, and visit the places they made famous in their songs – The Hard Day’s Night Hotel, Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields. Obviously, no Beatles tour would be complete without a visit to perhaps the most famous pub in the country, The Cavern. Still operating, the place seems exactly how it was 50 years ago!

The first stop was the Beatles Museum, situated in the Albert Docks near the new Cruise Ship Terminal. The museum is very user friendly – it’s wheelchair accessible and has an audio device. After the museum, we went on a great sightseeing tour. As you drive through the town of Liverpool and out to the suburbs, you get to see the many places that have connections with their lives. You also get to see more of the city, how the neighbourhoods differ according to their different eras and periods of time and the important places in town: the Anglican and the Catholic cathedrals, the Music Institute and much more!

It was a great choice of tour – it was entertaining, informative, and very enjoyable. This tour is a great recommendation, whether you are a first timer in Liverpool, are interested in city culture and sightseeing or are simply just a Beatles fanatic.

  1. Ship Cruises says:

    I cannot express my satisfaction of that article better than saying only: we do not take the cruise, the cruise takes us! So fine wording that I just managed to heard the music of The Beatles reading you Andressa … Bravo!

  2. Brilliant tour, my friend and I did the Round Britain a couple of years ago it was marvelous.

  3. Bill Bradbury says:

    We saw QM2 Dock. The beauty of Liverpool you can visit the main Beatle sites on foot apart from Penny Lane.From the berth walk past the Cunard building (middle of the “3 graces”) two free museums within sight, then Albert Dock and the Beatles museum passing the Tate. Some therapy shopping over the road in LiverpoolOne then passing Debenhams over the road to Mathew St the home of the Cavern, part of my teen years. The Real Cavern door is 20m down from the replica one in use today. Around the Corner Real ale in the White Star pub connections with Cunard, the Beatles and Norway. Lots of White Star pictures and seats where the Beatles sat. An easy walk from there in to the City and St.Georges hall and the Walker Art Gallery via Lime St. Station. Plenty of buses back to Mann Island passing the Old Cunard brick building where Ismay of the Titanic resided. Crowds waited outside this building for news. So much to see within a mile of the QM2 berth.

  4. judith says:

    Interesting blog. Hoping to do the round Britain trip one day, as have ancestors who came from Liverpool.What about the “Ferry Cross the Mersey,” did anyone do that?

  5. Bill Bradbury says:

    Judith, literally 200 yards from the QM2 berth you can get a ferry ride which lasts one hour with commentry-free if you have a Merseyside Bus pass, not sure if other regional ones get a free ride but the round trip is only a few £’s. Well worth it to see the QM2 from the River.

  6. Liverpool a fabulous port of call and don’t we know it!

    Slight shame about the weather, initially sunny then overcast and cool. However, everyone of the passengers we met on board spoke highly of the day and trips taken in and around Liverpool.

    Our family group were one of the fortunate few to embark on QM2 at Liverpool that day – the first embarkation on a Cunard liner in 45 years – in a word – fabulous.

    The sail away was wonderful, we enjoyed it so much we’ll repeat the experience again embarking in Liverpool in August on Queen Elizabeth.

    The Lancashire Cunarder.

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