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Cool and contemporary Stockholm

March 6, 2013


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Built across 14 islands and seemingly floating on water, Stockholm is undoubtedly one of the World’s most beautiful cities. But Stockholm has also established itself as one of Europe’s most vibrant, contemporary, and effortlessly cool cities.

Packed with inspiring art, cutting edge architecture, and some exciting attractions, Stockholm has plenty to offer if you love doing something cultural, creative or completely unique.

Chill out at the Icebar

Where cooler to start than the Absolut Icebar? Ice Bars are becoming ever popular these days, but Stockholm’s was actually the World’s first, built using crystal clear ice harvested from the Torne River.

Kept at a permanent -5°C all year round, visitors are provided with cosy ponchos and mittens. Just as well really, since everything in here is made of ice – even the glasses.

But sip a vodka cocktail and you’ll warm up in no time, ready to capture some unique holiday snaps of this ice-cool establishment.

Book this excursion: the Old Town & Icebar excursion shows you the contrast between Stockholm old and new, with a walk around the twisting narrow streets of the Old Town, before stopping by the Ice-Bar for a drink.

Ride the SkyView

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, New York has the Rockefeller, and London has the Eye; all landmarks offering the most awe-inspiring city views. In Stockholm, it’s the Skyview.

One of the city’s newest attractions, you board a glass ‘bubble’ for a journey up the side of the Globe Arena – the largest spherical building in the World. Reaching a height of 426 feet, the far-reaching views at the top are jaw-dropping, showing the islands of Stockholm in all their beauty.

Book this excursion: the Stockholm & SkyView shore excursion shows you the city from two perspectives, combining a ride in the SkyView with a panoramic coach tour.

Walk along Stockholm’s skyline

If ascending high above Stockholm aboard the SkyView sounds a bit tame to you, then clearly you’re after something even more exhilarating. So how about a walking tour of Stockholm’s skyline?

Secured by safety ropes, and with an expert instructor on hand to lead the way, you’ll walk all over Stockholm’s most famous sites. Treading amidst church spires and chimneys, you’ll experience the ultimate bird’s eye view of this stunning city.

Reaching heights of 65 metres, this isn’t for the feint hearted. But brave the heights and you’ll be rewarded with 360 degree views that most visitors never get to experience.

Book this excursion: take home some incredible holiday memories by joining the Roof Top Walking Tour.

Follow in the footsteps of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Ola Ericson imagebank.sweden.se

One of the literary phenomenons of recent years is the Millennium Trilogy by Steig Larsson, better known by their individual titles: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.

Stockholm provided the backdrop for these compelling thrillers, so it’s no surprise that fans are flocking to experience the city for themselves, and in particular, visit the places featured in the books. And now thanks to an exciting new walking tour, you can step into the shadowy world of investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist, and anti-hero Lisbeth Salander.

You get to see many of the locations, including Blomkvist’s apartment, the editorial offices of ‘Millennium Magazine,’ and the bars frequented by Salander.

You’ll even pass the café where Steig Larsson would tap away at his laptop, authoring the novels that would go on to sell millions of copies around the world, and even become hit feature films.

Book this excursion: The Tour with the Dragon Tattoo. In a small group, you’ll follow an expert guide around the streets of Södermalm, showing you all the locations that played a part in the novels and films, and bringing the stories to life.

Go boho in SoFo

Photo credit: Tuukka Ervasti imagebank.sweden.se

Stockholm’s hippest area is SoFo, a play on ‘South of Folkungagatan.’ With scores of cutting edge art galleries, bohemian boutiques, and retro record shops, it’s the place to head if you want to mingle with in-the-know locals, and embrace Stockholm’s creative side. Alternatively you could simply pull up a chair in one of the trendy cafes, and soak up SoFo’s carefree atmosphere.

Book this excursion: the easiest way to explore SoFo is to take the Free Time at Three Sights tour, which does exactly what it says on the tin. You’ll have free time to explore 3 of Stockholm’s islands, including Djurgården, which is home to the famous Vasa Museum; and Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s charming old town.

  1. judith says:

    Another tour worth doing is the trip to the Vasa, (sweden’s equivalent of the Mary Rose).

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