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It’s time to book – so which voyage should I choose? (Part Three)…

January 31, 2013


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Hello All

Rounding off my holiday suggestions for the year ahead – this time I am going to try and persuade you to visit the Fjord and Waterfalls on board Queen Mary 2. Let me start by showing you just what you would experience in this stunning photo:

Of course one of the special things about being on Queen Mary 2 is that wherever you go you feel special – and to be on the ship amongst such incredible scenery is quite something. The voyage I have picked departs Southampton on 13 July for 7 nights. You will visit four beautiful places in Norway. Stavanger sits on beautiful glassy water surrounded by mountains; Olden is a peaceful little village where you have a chance to see waterfalls and glaciers and visit the famous Nos viewpoint to take a picture with Queen Mary 2 down below you; and Geiranger is a great place to go and explore the mountain scenery in spectacular surroundings.

One of the best things to look forward to is relaxing on the promenades and pool decks of the ship and just watching Norway as you float past all it has to offer. The voyage comes with two full days at sea – plenty of time to explore Queen Mary 2. Plenty of time to enjoy our fine dining – relax in our Canyon Ranch Spa – take in a few shows – learn something new from one of our Insight Lecturers – try a pub lunch in the Golden Lion Pub – relax in the Chart Room after dinner to some soft Jazz – beat your partner at a game of backgammon – read a couple of books sitting on one of the beautiful white leather sofas in the Library – why not take the iPad you were given but don’t really know how to work to one of our Apple Learning sessions – dress up for dinner one evening and feel very

special – relax the next evening with a dinner in Todd English – snooze – go to the gym – have a hearty breakfast – try a cocktail or a cold beer at ‘beer-o-clock’ up in the Commodore Club and all the while relax as our ship’s company pamper you with our White Star Service. So – plenty to do on the most famous ocean liner in the world. Or, take it easy and just relax your way around the Norwegian Fjords.

Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria will also be visiting the Fjords this summer – so take your pick of the Cunard fleet.

Whatever you plan to do this summer and wherever you plan to go – we would love you to come and spend some time with us at Cunard Line. You will get to meet some interesting fellow travelers from around the world, see some breathtaking scenery and be well looked after – it’s what we do and we would love to do it for you.

OK I hear you say – enough of the persuasion – over the last three blogs I have shared three holiday ideas. Next up I will start to share some of the stories emerging from our three ships on their current world cruises – and look forward to some of the events we have planned.

I hope you are keeping well – wherever you may be…

Best Regards


  1. Tomas Østberg says:

    What a STUNNING picture of the two queens in Flaam!



  2. Ruth says:

    Already booked!! We can’t wait – it looks unbelievably beautiful.

  3. Christian Reay says:

    I had the pleasure to travel the stunning Fjords of Norway on board Queen Victoria last August. It was a truly spectacular experience and it has to rate as one of the best cruises I have been on to date. The sernity as the ship quietly meanders through the fjords is something that has to be experienced to truely appreciate the incredible natural beauty. An experience I very much hope to relive again in the near future.

  4. Bill Bradbury says:

    Of all Cunard cruises you have been nowhere unless you cruise the Fiords as we rated this our best trip perhaps as it was QE2 last visit. We had the weather and a picture I have of QE2 anchored at Honningsvaag, clear blue sea with snow covered mountains it could have been the Med. as the temp that day was 80% most unusual as our guide told us. Pity Svalbard, Spitzbergen has now dropped off maybe as weather cannot be guaranteed but we got a bonus as we could not land (tender) of a trip arounf Bear Island a bird watchers paradise. The gold coloured roof place 20 yards from where you anchor at Flaam was not a Church, as I thought, but a brewery!! If you think the drinks on Cunard are dear try this one which was £8/pint and that in 2007!! Beer was good though.

  5. David Risley says:

    I would also recommend a visit to the North Sea Oil museum in Stavanger, it is an amazingly informative place with some interactive exhibits

  6. David Appleton says:

    We are booked on this trip, from NY and back. 21 days. Our third trip on Queen Mary 2

  7. Frank and Myrle Sinclair says:

    We have been on several Q trips. We now live in Florida. Could you pick us up on the Suwannee River?

  8. judith says:

    Did the Fiords in 2010. Will never forget the evening sailout sailing past the seven sisters waterfall with Greig music playing over the loudspeaker on the observation deck, and excellent commentary from the lady who did the lectures about Norway, Wonderful trip, will do it again one day. (when we have done the others we want to do!)

  9. kate coxen says:

    We went to Noway on QM2 last July….it was the worst weather ever, North Cape was invisable. Only Captain Wells saved the day and made the cruise for us all, including the 2000 German people on board…..fingers crossed for some someshine this July.

  10. Dot & Chris Jones says:

    We are booked on this voyage from Southampton for 7 nights. Our 2nd time on QM2 & 3rd time with Cunard.

  11. Claire says:

    We cruised the Fjords in May 2011 on Queen Victoria. It was the most beautiful cruise we had ever been on, we loved it so much that we are already planning returning in 2014.

  12. Been fortunate enough to have experienced each of the featured voyages, have to agree the Fjords are magical and scenery stunning, we enjoyed so much we have booked to go again in August…

    Enjoy your cruising whatever itinerary you have booked.
    Helen the Lancashire Cunarder.

  13. may delory says:

    wonderful comments here on this blog. Merci Cunard!

  14. Beryl Moss says:

    We have done 2 Fjord cruises firstly on Queen Victoria with the same itinerary as above and loved it so much returned again on Queen Victoria last August going up to the Norh Cape with magnificent weather. I agree the Fjords scenery is truly amazing and has to be seen.

  15. John Leon Schram says:

    We have been on the QM2 one-week cruise, which went to the top of our favorite cruises list.
    We look forward to going on the longer Norwegian cruise with the QM2

  16. It will always be a good site to see such places with you in the ship. It’s the nice perspective and perfect scenery. Traveling on cruise ship is must be of a great experience and it would definitely be an experience of a lifetime.

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