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Getting Ready for a Birthday

December 10, 2012


Posted in: News, Queen Victoria

Hello All

On thursday of this week we will be celebrating Queen Victoria’s 5th Birthday in Southampton with a special visit from HRH The Duchess of Cornwall.

As we look forward to that I wanted to share with you the fabulous video we put together as the ship’s company prepared to leave the ship yard 5 years ago. It starts with an intro from Capatin Paul Wright and is the very first video where the phrase ‘We are Cunard’ came to life. It’s one of my very favourite Cunard moments and shows the pride of our people. So sit back, turn up the volume a little and enjoy.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

We will share the highlights of Queen Victoria’s 5th birthday at the end of the week.

  1. Kenneth Eden says:

    As true with most things in life, if there are more than one, or two, that is, one usually has a favorite that seems to offer something special, regardless of the genre or category of the item(s).

    So, we all know there are three Cunarders, one a reigning and probably the most exciting ocean liner ever buiilt, if not the most exciting one ever built, with two, dare I use the trerm “consorts”, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, two spectacular cruise liners.

    Of these three, I adore the Queen Mary 2 with all of her grand glory.

    Of the two cruise liners, I favor the Queen Victoria. I do not know why, perhaps she was the second of the new Cunarders, and the second one of these three new ships that I have sailed in, and maybe perhaps, she embodies what I feel is the proper cruise ship for cruise travel.

    I have fond memories of Cunard/Nac with Sagafjord and Vistafjord, Cunard Crown Dynasty, Cunard Countess and Cunard Ambassador and of course, the grand lady, Queen Elizabeth 2, which delighted me on many cruise occasions.

    Anyway, hats off to Cunard Line for providing a vacation at sea that is unique to Cunard, and sailing thre iconic liners, be they ocean or cruise.

    Simply put, three wonderful and splendid ships.

  2. and we will join her beginning of next week and do indeed look very much forward to be aboard again :-)

  3. just tried to play the video through German internet connection… unfortunately not possible since it is blocked because some music is used and in Germany many “famous songs” have to be paid for to play them “officially”.
    Sad… Would have loved to see it.

  4. Rupert Bazeley-white says:

    And whilst we remember the qv’s birthday let us not forget the untimely demise of the most famous of all the cunarders the Qe2. With the recent news that she has been sold to china, possibly for scrap let us remember that if it had not been for her cunard would not be as it is today!! I plead with cunard that she is not cut up ruthlessly for scrap but somehow carnival can reprieve this last liner built on the Clyde …. The ship that sailed to the Falklands and can travel at nineteen knots in reverse, the ship which made cunard viable for carnival when they bought the company is not extinguished so easily by a fast buck and she can be saved.. She represents the best of British. Think of the queen Mary, the United States.. Whom recently has been saved and think of Great Britain at her best…….. QE2 is Great Britain at her best!!!

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