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International Chef’s Market for QM2′s Crew

September 11, 2012


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The Officers and Crew on board Queen Mary 2 organised another successful Crew event on board recently, when we hosted the ‘International Chef’s Market’.

There was a lot of excitement and anticipation amongst all the Crew members long before the event started, as there were colourful posters on all the Crew notice boards which attracted everyone’s attention.

A big thanks to Executive Chef Nicholas Oldroyd and his galley team for their efforts in making this event a big success. The menu was designed to represent different cuisines from all over the globe including American, British, Mexican, Bavarian, Italian, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Singapore, and Philippines.


For desserts we had Executive Pastry Chef’s Flambé extravaganza with a choice of cherry & kirsch or banana & rum. To add a feather to the Crown we had Executive Chef’s chocolate fondue station. The crew were finding it hard to choose between white chocolate with Baileys, dark chocolate with Tia Maria and dark chocolate with Grand Marnier. There was a good selection of fresh strawberries, bananas, pineapple and chocolate brownies were available to go with the fondue – mouth watering!

The massive Crew mess was filled to capacity and everybody was negotiating their way to find a place to sit. The deck head of the Crew mess was decorated with Flags from different countries representing the multiple nationalities working in harmony. The Senior Officers from the Hotel Department and the Captain were at the Buffet serving food which made the event very memorable!

The mess was filled with great positive energy amongst the crew and a spectacular evening: Happy Crew = Happy Ship!

  1. GEOFF PALMER says:

    If the food and chefs are half as good as both the Queen Elizabeth & Queen Victoria then that will be fantastic. My wife and I are looking forward to crusing on the Queen Mary next October (2013) we will then have travelled on all the Queens.
    Keep up the standard Cunard – you are the only way to cruise – first class all the way !!!
    Geoff & Nancy Palmer (Make sure we get a table for 2 6pm but next to a window (quiet spot) just like we had on our previous trip. Thank you.

  2. Judith says:

    See you tomorrow Queen Mary 2. Looking forward to being back on board.

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