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10 World Cruise Tips

September 19, 2012


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Whether you have booked a Cunard World Voyage, or you’re thinking of joining us to sail the world, these handy tips should help with some of those important questions:

1. One World Cruise – Two Ships

Hate flying but want to try different itineraries? In both 2013 and 2014 you can sail on board two of our Queens during their World Voyages.

2013 – Board Queen Victoria in Southampton for the first half of her circumnavigation before returning home on Queen Elizabeth or Queen Mary 2. You can choose to disembark and overnight in Auckland awaiting the arrival of Queen Elizabeth the following day or disembark Queen Victoria in Sydney and return home on flagship Queen Mary 2 via Asia and Africa.

2014 – There are three combinations in all, and each completes a full world voyage from Southampton.

Any of the three ships can be boarded for the sailing down to Sydney, then there can be a period of 9, 12 or 14-days before the chosen return voyage departs, giving you time to visit friends and family, or to explore Australia more widely.

The homeward voyage from Sydney can be either with Queen Mary 2 via the Orient, Arabia and the Mediterranean, or aboard Queen Victoria, travelling in the opposite direction, port-hopping along the east coast of New Zealand before crossing the Pacific, passing through the Panama Canal and sailing Transatlantic back to Southampton.


2. Try a Shorter Sector

Fancy taking in the sights of the world but don’t have the time to complete the full circle? Stay on board from 8 -75 nights on our World Voyage sectors.  Embark from great cities of the world such as New York, Sydney, Cape Town or Hong Kong.

3. Want To Give Something Back To Local Communities?

Green World Tours is the innovative programme of charitable and responsibly-based shore tours and activities designed to ‘give something back’ to towns and communities featured in its ships’ itineraries while simultaneously creating uniquely rewarding experiences for small groups of guests. There are lots of wonderful and different Green Tours during a World Cruise, including the Sea Turtle Conservation Centre tour in Laem Chabang.

The Centre’s programme includes hatching turtles’ eggs and nurturing them in a protected area before returning them to the sea. The centre has been able to nurture and release more than 20,000 turtles every year.

4. Watching Your Weight?

With all of the fine dining on offer, it’s easy to put on a few extra pounds during your cruise. Each of our ships has a modern gym and fitness centre with many classes you can find ashore. Many of our guests also choose to jog or walk around the outside decks, 3 laps around Queen Mary 2’s deck equates to 1 mile and you may even spot some marine life! Not a fan of the gym? There are lots of healthy dining options and each lunch and dinner menu includes our spa menu options.


5. What Should You Pack?

Lots of our guests say they lay out everything they want to bring with them…then half it! For those who like to bring outfits for all eventualities, our staterooms have plenty of storage space for your cases and belongings, and the luxury of a voyage with no flights means you don’t have airline baggage restrictions to adhere to. For those who like to travel lighter, we have guest launderettes on most passenger decks, as well as a dry cleaning service. Gents are also able to hire their formal wear from our on board shops, which some choose to do mid-voyage after a few too many Afternoon Teas!

6. Plenty of Port Guides in our Libraries

Prefer to explore ports of call independently? Each of our ships has an excellent library on board, with Queen Mary 2’s being the largest at sea. There are hundreds of books for you to enjoy, including reference port guides to help you research the destinations that await you.

7. Book Early to Receive Complimentary Benefits

By booking early you will have preference over your stateroom choice and receive complimentary benefits such as On Board Credit. This is money for you to spend on board during your voyage and can be used towards shore excursions, spa treatments or your favourite Commodore Club cocktails!

8. Combine Your Voyage With a Land Tour

Available pre- or post- cruise in selected cities around the world, these tours give you the opportunity to spend a few days ashore discovering the highlights of your chosen region.

Take in the highlights of Sydney, the Blue Mountains and a wine tour in Hunter Valley in our 4 night Sydney tour before joining Queen Elizabeth in 2014. Sailing on board Queen Mary 2 in 2014? You can visit Table Mountain, Cape Point and Cape Town in our 3 night Cape Town tour before joining your ship.

See our website for further details of land tours from Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, San Francisco and Auckland:  http://www.cunard.com/Destinations/tours/

9. Keep In Touch

There are many ways you can keep in contact with loved ones whilst cruising the world with us. Use our authentic British post box on board Queen Mary 2 to send postcards and letters, connect to the ship’s wifi from your stateroom, any of the public rooms or Internet Centres, or use your mobile phone on board or in port. Your friends and family can always follow your journey live on our ships webcams, make sure you let them know when you’re sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge or into Sydney Harbour!

10. Top tip – no tips!

On full World Voyages, Cunard will cover the cost of guest dining and hotel gratuities on board.


For full details of our 2013 and 2014 World Voyages please visit www.cunard.com

  1. paul clayson says:

    surely you must know that not veryone can drive to Southamton or New York! And why not show fares for the sections of the world cruises

  2. I’m interested if the Price is Right?

  3. Deborah says:

    We are booked on the segment from Singapore to Hong Kong in 2013…cant wait. 2nd QM2 cruise. AND great price

  4. Transatlantic crossings (we have made 3) are the absolutely perfect way to arrive in Europe for business or tourism without suffering jet lag. There are plenty of activities if you want them, endless fresh air on decks, and great food in any of the dining rooms. Don’t hesitate to do it. You will love it!

  5. Mandy Griffiths says:

    Attn: David Hamiliton

    Hello David

    Many moons ago (around 20 years ago) we worked on the Cunard Countess & Princess together. I was the Technical Secretary working between the two ships. I then went on to work on the Vistafjord for 1.5 years, spending a total of 4 very happy years with Cunard. Now to celebrate a big birthday I’m bringing my family on board and just saw that you are the hotel manager. I’ve also noticed that Andrew Jones is the Chief Engineer, is he the same Andrew Jones that was also on the Countess?

    I’m sure many of the people I knew and worked with have scattered over the four corners of the globe, but it would be nice to see a few familar faces from the past. Hopefully there are one or two still around. Hopefully you’ll still be on board when we arrive on the 12th October (Athens to Venice). We’ll be travelling under my married name Wurth. My two girls are looking forward to finally seeing the life I lived in my young free and single days!

    All the best

  6. Paul Cunane says:

    Well Mandy, if that doesn’t get you an upgrade,nothing will. ;-)

  7. Daniel Rönnqvist 12years sweden says:

    I should perhaps cruise with Queen mary 2 in May 2013 with my mother. We should cruise from Hamburg to Southampton. Is not a world cruise but is it a little trip, but I most be very kind to mum if we should do it. I hope that we should do it.

  8. Daniel Rönnqvist 12years sweden says:

    We saw that is was boked in the inside in Queen mary 2 in May and the other classes was too expensive. So there will not be a cruise for me. Thats boring.

  9. Fiona Bobbitt (Middleton) says:

    Attn: David Hamilton, Chief Engineer Andy Jones and passenger Mandy Griffiths (Wurth)

    Two world converge. Hi Mandy and David and Andy

    Mandy you will be leave the QE on the day I arrive. I was also Technical secretary at the same time, do you remember I was your relief for vacations?
    If there is any way we can meet up on 24th October it would be absolutely wonderful. I am bringing my two children, girls ages 13 & 14 to see the life we lived. What a coincidence that the two of us should be on the same ship, unfortunately different weeks.
    David, it has been a long time and many 1000′s of people later so do not expect you or Chief Engineer Andy to remember a relief Technical secretary however it will be such fun to see familiar faces and share stories of our lives.

    We are so looking forward to the cruise.
    Travelling as Fiona Middleton (was Bobbitt)

  10. Sailing in a luxury cruise line is truly amazing! I would love to know the fares if you don’t mind? Thanks for sharing.

  11. Judith says:

    my top tip is to print off the itinerary and work out what to wear for the formal/semi-formal nights before you go, write it on the sheet, and pack accordingly. Same with day wear, work out 3/4 days changes and remember there is a launderette and drycleaning service is excellent.

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