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August 17, 2012


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Guest Blog – Keith Maynard and Edward Moffat, Queen Mary 2


On voyage M117, New York to Southampton we had the great pleasure of having Ashleigh Butler and Pudsey, Britain’s Got Talent 2012 winners travelling on board back to the UK after a 5 week tour of the United States. For the benefit of the blog readers out there who do not know – Pudsey is a Bichon Frise, Chinese crested Border Collie cross and is certainly no ordinary pooch!

The tour started with Ashleigh and Pudsey, Ashleigh’s mum Penny and Nan Pearl flying over to The States in Simon Cowell’s private jet.

“Simon offered Ashley and Pudsey a lift over to the US, he happened to be flying over to the States to film the American X-Factor, and so I accepted. We were concerned about Pudsey travelling in a hold of a jet so Simon kindly agreed to let us travel with him in the cabin of his jet”

Q: How old is Pudsey? (An easy one to start with)

A: He is six

Q: How did you first discover Pudsey’s talent?

A: It started when I took Pudsey to ‘Heelwork to Music’, which is where you can train your dog to dance and do tricks to music. Britain’s Got Talent decided to call it ‘K9 Freestyle’.

Q: Whose idea was it to enter into Britain’s Got Talent?

A: My Mum, Nan and I talked about it September, last year and they said go for it. We were worried that the panellists would not like it and make funny remarks and to be honest we really did not expect to get so far when we entered.

Q: How is Pudsey handling the travelling and the fame?

A: He is fine with the travelling because he was used to it before Britain’s Got Talent. He is the type of dog that loves to show off and absolutely loves the attention.

Q: Does Pudsey have a girlfriend?

A: Pudsey has lots of girlfriends, he is a very social dog – the type that thinks that every dog loves him.

Q: What is Pudsey’s favourite meal and treat?

A: Every day he is eating high protein meals to keep him fit and healthy. When it comes to treats he can be quite fussy! He went through a phase of liking cheese and ham sandwiches (without the crusts I wonder). At the moment it is cheese burgers. He is also quite partial to pasta, especially the tubes.

Q: Did Pudsey have a favourite Britain’s Got Talent panellist?

A: David Walliams. He took a liking to him too. He had just bought himself a puppy.

Q: Does Pudsey exercise regularly?

A: Yes he does. Where we live there are private fields where he can run. He also has a doggy treadmill. So we try and keep him as fit as possible.

Q: Do you have other dogs at home and will they be jealous?

A: We have five other dogs at home and they probably will be jealous when we get home or mores wondering where he has been.

We certainly enjoyed having Ashleigh, Pudsey, Penny and Pearl on board and we wish them every success and luck in the entertainment industry.

And we would also like to thank them for taking the time to answer some not too woof questions………

……sorry we couldn’t resist. We’re barking mad!

During Pudsey’s 6 day stay on board he indulged in Queen Mary 2’s Hollywood life style and truly lapped up the attention and our legendary White Star Service. In between enjoying the excellent food and fabulous shows Ashleigh and Pudsey where more than happy to pose for the occasional photo for fans, appear on TV and even gave two well recieved performances in the Royal Court Theatre. With the schools all out for the summer and a high number of families travelling there was no shortage of ‘aaaaaaah’ moments. Though, I have to admit these came mainly from the more mature kids.

It was amazing to see the two of them working together and you could see the very special bond which they share – that same unique relationship which captured the hearts of the UK earlier in the year.

On the last day of the voyage Ashley, Pudsey, Penny and Pearl where invited to visit the bridge. We believe this was actually the first time a dog had stepped on to the bridge let alone being invited by the Captain. The timing could not have been better as Captain Wells had just wrapped up a meeting with his bridge team which meant that all the shifts where present plus a few other personnel from the deck department.

Strangely enough, everyone seemed to have their cameras with them to ready to take pictures of Pudsey. As soon as the cameras were out Pudsey started posing and showing of his talents to the Bridge Team.

Deputy Captain, Dariusz Gozdzik admitted that his mother was excited that she was going to get a picture of the most famous dog in the UK. Are you sure that the photo is for you mother Deputy Captain? As you can see in the photo below eventually every one posed for the camera for a wonderful photograph.

Thank you to Ashley, Pudsey, Penny and Pearl we hope that you enjoyed your stay as much as we enjoyed having you on board Queen Mary 2.

Keith Maynard & Ed Moffat

Entertainment & Assistant Entertainment Directors

RMS Queen Mary 2

  1. S. Nicol says:

    Wish we had been on board! Although there are allergies to dogs in our family, we are grateful for the existence of antihistamines!
    We loved Ashley and Pudsey when they appeared on the TV show and it would have been exciting to see them on the QM2 stage.
    I presume Pudsey stayed in the posh kennels on board!! Did Pudsey get to sound the horn from the Bridge?

  2. Kenneth Eden says:

    Pudsey loks quite like my Tibetan Terrier, Chin Chow, aka “Chin”.

    I would like to sail with him on the QM2, however, her is a scardy cat, he would be very upset with me!

    So, I sail without him. I’d love to meet Pudsey.

  3. George Dunn says:

    Excellent article. Hope the crossing wasn’t too ruff…..

  4. Judith says:

    Great read, and good pictures, well done Keith and Ed. Looking forward to our trip in September.

  5. Rob Holloway says:

    Well done Ashleigh Butler and Pudsey, Britain’s Got Talent 2012 winners for not only being winners but also showing that dogs can travel on cruise ships in a respectful manner. Course Queen Mary 2 does have the right facilities.

    Amazing how a dog can bring out the love that people who spend long months at sea miss and how they respond.

    Yes, to be on the Bridge with Captain Wells and his entire staff at the same time for a picture, amazing timing that was :)

    ps: to the web page designers, your new format is brillant.

    Cheers / Rob

  6. Gela says:

    This was a lovely idea … and when will it be a cat’s turn?
    Hopefully in January next year, when I will be on my favourite ship again!
    Could someone put the clock forward, please?

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    Thank you for checking and avoid scammers.

  8. lisa says:

    Hello Carlos
    No, this is a recruitment scam. Please do not send them any personal information or money.
    Please see our website for details about careers with Cunard: http://www.cunard.com/About-Cunard/Employment/
    Thank you

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