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Arctic Viking Dance Party

August 1, 2012


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Entertainment Team – Queen Elizabeth

At approximately 5.40pm on Tuesday 26 June Queen Elizabeth passed 66 degrees 33 minutes north, crossing into the Arctic Circle. That morning the sun had risen at 3.54am, and we would not see it set again until 12.02am on Monday 2 July. Traditionally sailors who cross the Arctic Circle must face a series of gruesome tests to be granted the status of ‘Bluenose’ by King Neptune. However, while we would have no doubt had several intrepid and enthusiastic volunteers, dousing our guests with cold water out on deck at temperatures of less than 0o centigrade was not deemed in keeping with the luxurious experience we aim to provide and is unlikely to be met with approval from the medical centre. Instead a great nautical tradition was celebrated with one of Cunard Line’s finest traditions – a night of dancing and excitement in our fabulous Queens Room.

One of the things that always has and always will set Cunard apart from other lines is the rich experience and expertise throughout the ship that can come together to make an event a unique and wonderful experience for our guests.  Our passage towards our northernmost port of call, Ny Ålesund, was celebrated with the creation of Entertainment Director Amanda Reid’s  fabulous Arctic Vikings Dance Night – and it gave several departments the chance to really go all out.

While the band took a short break King Neptune, Queen Aurora Borealis and their Seaweed Court, known on the ship’s manifest as the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Company, took to the stage with very special guest Commodore Christopher Rynd to perform a ‘traditional’ welcome to the Arctic circle for Queen Elizabeth, and to officially bestow the title of Bluenose to her guests and crew.

With passage through the Arctic Circle successfully granted, it was time to invite guests back to the dance floor. This time for a less traditional but exceptionally fun line dance created by James and Rachel from the Entertainment Team – suitably dubbed ‘The Arctic Roll’ and set to ‘Ice Ice Baby’ by Vanilla Ice, a very full dance floor grapevined, shimmied and shivered in the company of Viking Warriors and our very own polar bear – a new Cunard tradition may well have been born.

After a busy night of pillaging and plundering it was time to get some rest ahead of a very special day – a morning of scenic cruising in the picturesque Magdalenefjord followed by an afternoon call to Ny Ålesund, one of the four permanent settlements on the on the island of Spitsbergen.

  1. Tim Fellows says:

    I’m on the Arctic Roll photo. it was a great night and a great cruise.

  2. Roger Waterfall says:

    Shame that it was decided not to have a ‘crossing the circle’ ceremony on deck, it was cold but not as cold as mentioned.
    (I suppose it was another ‘health and safety’ issue)

    Though the temperature was very different, crossing the equator on QM2s inaugural voyage to Rio, the line crossing ceremony was great fun.

  3. anthony Jr says:

    Very cool, I think in the Navy they call this Blue Nose, this is one of the things I like about Cunard, they still celebrate those age old traditions whenever sailing in certain zones, very good article Peter Shanks

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