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2014 World Voyages Announced

August 23, 2012


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We are offering three World Voyages in the early months of 2014, calling at a total of 78 destinations on six continents, with durations of 8– 119-nights

The programme goes on sale 5 September 2012.


Two Ships, One World Voyage

With all three Cunard ships exploring the globe at the same time there is the opportunity to combine the itineraries of two ships to create one World Voyage. There are three combinations and each completes a full circle from Southampton.

Reach Australia on any of the 3 ships and experience 12 or 14 days in Australia before departing home.

The homeward voyage will be via Queen Mary 2’s return through Asia, Arabia and the Mediterranean or the opposite direction on board Queen Victoria as she spans the mighty Pacific to North America before transiting the Panama Canal and reaching Southampton across the Atlantic.

Hamburg Return Voyages

The new programme offers German guests the opportunity to complete the full World Voyage on Queen Elizabeth both joining and disembarking the ship in Hamburg.

As Queen Mary 2 will be departing & returning from her full world voyage on the same dates as Queen Elizabeth it is also possible for our German guests to combine their Queen Mary 2 World Voyage with leisurely voyages to and from Hamburg to make up their full World Voyage.

See www.cunard.com for fares and full itinerary details


  1. Bonnie Lynn Adelson says:

    Dear Cunard Lines!
    Very Exciting your new World Cruises! For 2014!
    We would like to Cruise FROM San Francisco, California in 2014….Definitely would like to go to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, INDIA, and Europe…etc…etc…etc..
    While in EUROPE, would it be possible for my husband and I to leave the ship and fly to LUXEMBOURG…where we have to be for a couple of days…and then fly back to meet the Ship…thus, keeping our Stateroom, and our things INSIDE of the stateroom.??????????? while we are gone for a few days????? This is very important, for we MUST be Present in Luxembourg sometime in 2014.
    Also, we would like to LEAVE and RETURN to San Francisco, California.
    Would all of this be possible with your Beautiful Lines?
    We have cruised with Holland American and Princess.
    Do you need membership numbers or anything from me in order to answer my questions?
    Thank you very much!
    Sincerely Yours,

    Bonnie Lynn Adelson/ Randolph D. Bradley
    32 Canyon Green Ct.
    San Ramon, CA 94582
    Email: blatymp@yahoo.com

  2. Bonnie Lynn Adelson says:

    I just wrote you a LONG Letter…and it was Lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Very Frustrating Website!!!!!!

  3. Patrick Carter says:

    Hello Peter Shanks

    Read the Queen Victoria world cruise schedule and very disappointed that the ship will not call on New York before proceeding to Florida. Also, why no stop in Lima , Peru to tour the sites there? Also, disappointed that the ship doesn’t then go to San Francisco before heading west. I guess it is too late.

    Patrick Carter

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