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Three, Two and a Very Special One…

July 25, 2012


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Hello All

I am often so enthused by our ships and the magic that happens when they come together. Looking back over the last couple of weeks, I have witnessed three very special events – each different in nature but all three very special in their own.


Let’s start with the Friday 13 July when – for the 2nd time recently – we had three Queens in Southampton. I was able to visit all three ships – and it was very motivating to see the team. We had a planned walk around Queen Elizabeth with our Hotel and Technical Teams to see how the ship was doing. Believe it or not we are already planning the first refit for Queen Elizabeth in 2015. There is not a lot to do as the ship has settled into service really well – but we are always listening to our guests and the ship’s company as to how we could evolve some of the areas on board and it’s always best to plan well in advance. The team on board was very excited – the ship had just been scored by our guests with the highest customer service scores – good for them. As I walked round the ship I was stopped by a very nice couple who had very much enjoyed their voyage – and as ever it was good to hear their feedback – it was the White Star Service and our wonderful ship’s company that had created the magic.

Then it was across to Queen Victoria – she too had a very good story to tell. We have a new Captain on board, Captain Peter Philpot and he was full of enthusiasm. Last but never least it was over to Queen Mary 2. She had just travelled across from New York – and apart from a little too much fog she had a terrific crossing. To see three teams of Cunarders in the one morning – all full of passion for what they were doing – was marvelous and reminded me that I am fortunate to work with such a special group of people.

One of the things we did that morning was to present each ship with a portrait of the meeting of the Queens for the Diamond Jubilee.


Now – here is one of our special videos. Before you click to watch – turn up the volume and enjoy some magnificent footage of our fleet leaving Southampton that evening…



That was the Three.


On to the Two. So last weekend we change countries and we have Two Queens in Hamburg. What a spectacular event. We have a special relationship with the city of Hamburg – and they have such a wonderful river running through the centre of the city and what a beautiful city it is. For over 100 years our Ocean Liners have been visiting this great city – but last Sunday was the very first time we had two of our Queens in town. It was a marvelous experience for our 4,600 guests on board and the police estimated that 250,000 local people came down to see us.


A big thank you to all of our friends in Hamburg. That was the Two.


I don’t often share family news on Peter’s Blog. But as special as the above two events were for me personally they do not come close to what happened in Leeds, England last Wednesday. The very special ONE is my eldest daughter – she graduated from Leeds University. There were no ships, there was not a crowd of 250,000 but I found it overwhelming. It was a very formal event in the Great Hall of the University. On the left hand side of the Great Hall sat 150 students. On the right hand side, family and friends and up on the stage were the academics who had supported the students through their degrees. My wife and I were so proud of all that my daughter has achieved – and as she went up to collect her degree I could not help thinking of the many experiences of her education, friends, sports, music – and here she was a beautiful young lady with so much to look for and – thankfully – a very good degree to launch her career.

It was a very special day – and there was such a sense of achievement and pride in the Great Hall – and great to see al, the students congratulating each other outside afterwards.

So there you go – THREE, TWO and a very special ONE. Each very different, each very special, one very personal and all three full of pride.

It’s the summer holidays – I hope you are booked to travel with Cunard and experience some of our magic. If not – then I recommend you book Queen Elizabeth this Fall in the Mediterranean – we have some rather tempting deals.

Best Regards


  1. Kenneth Eden says:


    What a magnificent video of the three Queens. The whole presentation was helped surely by the determined sky and color of the water, what typifies Southampton, and the music was just right.

    The Hamburg preentation reminded me of a crossing I took on the QM2 and how well she was greated there.

    Congratualtions to you and daughter and family.

    My Four

    We are booked on the QUEEN AMRY 2 for yet another great sailing, another crossing, can not wait!

  2. David and Ruth Saunders says:

    Hi Love the video, the Queens look great as usual – it makes us want to book on another cruise!

    Good choice of music, can anyone confirm what it is please?


  3. paul clayson says:

    Great blog, especially the personal one. With three children, we have been there, and are now going through graduations of grandchildren We are truly blest, and even more so since we have 3 trips booked, starting with QM2 to New England and Atlantic Canada in September, then the QE round trip to New Zealand in February, and back-to-back Atlantic crossings on the QM2 next September.
    Keep up the good work.
    Beryl & Paul Clayson
    Huntsville, Ontario, Canada

  4. Monica West says:

    To Peter: Congratulations to you and your daughter. I know the feeling to be filled with pride at the accomplishments of your family. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Monica West

  5. Roger Waterfall says:

    Your best blog yet Peter, wonderful descriptions of Cunard events, backed up with magnificent footage.
    We especially enjoyed the personal family touch in Leeds, congratulations.
    I can very much relate to a proud dad wanting to share such an important event.
    (Our daughter is on a 5 week expedition in the arctic with BSES and also completeng her Gold Duke of Edinburgh.
    We are already very proud of her, even though the presentation ceremony has yet to be confirmed)

    We would welcome any future personal news, at the foot of Cunard blogs

  6. Judith says:

    Great blog, we watched the sailout of the 2 queens in Hamburg using the bridge cams, until it was too dark to see.
    Looking forward to our September trip to Canada on Queen Mary 2. Congratulations to your daughter, its always a very special moment on these occasions. Our sons passing out parade for his R.A.F. apprenticeship was very special for us.

  7. Roger Hallett says:

    Good video of the Three Queens, and a grand photo of the Two in Hamburg. But why not display a LARGE photo when clicked instead of one only slightly larger that that shown on the blog? It is a good photo – let’s see it, please! I know one is Mary, the other is …?

  8. Your blog is fascinating. We hoped to take the Queen Mary once more in 2013 but it seems to have decided to make fewer transatlantic crossings which we need to get to our conference.
    It is always a wonderful, relaxing, glorious start to a European trip.
    Anne G.B.

  9. Barbara Groves says:

    Absolutely lovely video – shows the wonderful three great ships together. Booked on the Victoria again next year – can’t come quick enough. There is no other ships afloat like Cunard.

  10. Barbara Groves says:

    The name of Cunard will live on forever

  11. Alan Bennett says:

    We came back on the Qm2 on the 6th July and i must say that the cruise Director Keith and his assistant Ed were fantastic.
    Peter please keep this double act together and on the flagship.
    Once again we had a fantastic time.

  12. Paul Armstrong says:

    Seeing your daughter in the photo outside the great hall brought back memories of standing there myself getting my degree 29 yesrs ago

  13. Annette says:

    Again a fantastic Blog – thanks a lot for making the time easier for a Cunarder (like me) to bear the time between the occasions to be on board ;-)

    I am one of the 250,000 in Hamburg – I got up at 2 am to see the two Queens reaching the harbour at the same time. It was majestic and also in an appropriate way to feel the special flair which encloses these ships. It was a wonderful experience to see that the searchlights of the QE bridge tried to make us spectators visible. As typical Hamburger we communicated with the guests on board (balconies) with our typical Hamburg greeting: Hummel, hummel – Mors, mors. Can be compared with your “hip, hip – hurra”.

    The video of the 3 Queens is fantastic and impressive. It shows in details the differences between a Cruise Ship and an Ocean Liner. Since you mentioned the Refit – are there any news you could give us about the next QM refit?? Confirming to unconfirmed rumours there is a refit planned for November 2013 in Hamburg. ☺

    Congratulations to you and especially your daughter. I can imagine how emotional this special moment has been.

    By the way – during the yesterday QM stay in Hamburg the thermometer showed 31 degrees Celsius – the first real summer day in 2012!!!! And I spent it next to the river with a perfect view on the Queen of all the Oceans.

    All the best to all the Cunarders!!!

  14. Hi Peter,

    Wow, fabulous footage from the helicopter, only just arrived back home from QE and her Baltic voyage, we really did enjoy our own version of “three-two and on a very special one!” With flags at the ready and the weather staying kind for the sail away, QE leading the way (Peter we did spot you and a colleague on the rooftop of Carnival House as we departed via the Mayflower terminal – what a great sight for you both!) The sound of the ships horns blowing as we greeted and passed by QV and QM2 was awesome!

    For us on QE the wonderful experience continued with the tandem crossing with QM2 into Hamburg, the crowds and reception, it was a mind blowing rendezvous for the firework display, even the rain shower could not dampen the spirit, what a send off. For us on QE later topped off by the maiden port of call into Kiel, blessed again with huge crowds, a warm and very sunny arrival & departure, the latter with several hundred small craft in pursuit – absolutely AMAZING! What a voyage and one very special DVD souvenir.

    Helen Gaskell
    The Lancashire Cunarder

  15. A great day and better weather than June’s meeting. But why are the Vistas usually berthed starboard in Mayflower? QV was the correct way for a change in June yet QE had to waste time turning this month, making it twice as long reaching Dock Head, so ther sailing times of the other two had to be adjusted accordingly. It was the same yesterday, with her not passing Mary until nearly half five. If Mary’s time hadn’t been changed to 6:15pm she’d have been long gone as usual before QE passed Mayflower again on the way out.

  16. Danny says:

    Fantastic video of your Queens. Just found your blog and very entertaining it is too ! Look forward to your updates.

  17. ANGUS CAMERON says:


  18. Michael Perkin says:

    Wow, a stunning video to mark a special moment and with such evocative music, makes us so proud to be Cunard fans.
    I wonder if the music is available separately ? Congratulations Peter on your daughter’s success :-)
    Mike & Jackie P

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