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Queen Elizabeth Welcomes First Wedding Couple On Board

June 15, 2012


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Nicole Bruce – Commodore’s Secretary and Wedding Coordinator

Voyage Q207 – Mediterranean Delights was an auspicious voyage for Queen Elizabeth as we welcomed our very first wedding couple on board.

Kenneth and Edi booked their voyage on Queen Elizabeth to celebrate Kenneth’s 80th Birthday…and to run away to sea to elope. After 32 years together Kenneth decided that she was the one and that their trip around the Mediterranean would be the perfect wedding-come-honeymoon.

In the build up to the wedding they worked with our shore side Celebrations Team to put together the legalities and logistics of their big day. They were welcomed on board with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and a special wedding floral arrangement.

When we all met on board both were very laid back and relaxed and were extremely happy with the details of the day, the ceremony and what we had put together on board for them.

Sunday 27 May dawned; a perfect day meant for an idyllic day at sea…or a wedding. The Admirals Lounge was transformed into an intimate wedding venue. When the groom arrived, even after 32 years together, was as nervous as if it was the first time he had asked her out.

He was all smiles and tears as she entered the Admirals Lounge to the strains of Wagner’s ‘Wedding March’ from Lohengrin.

A proud groom swept his bride into his arms for a kiss as Captain Julian Burgess pronounced them (finally) husband and wife amid cheers from those of us lucky enough to witness the event.

The Bride and Groom departed the Admirals Lounge to Vivaldi’s 1st Movement (Spring) from ‘The Four Seasons’ then made a triumphal tour of Queen Elizabeth receiving well wishes from the guests while having the ship’s photographers capture their special day on one of the most famous ocean liners in the world.


Congratulations Kenneth and Edi, thank you for letting us share your day here on the blog!

You can find out more about weddings on board Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria at cunard.com

  1. RoseOSharon says:

    I so congratulate the couple! They look beautiful together and I hope they have a whole lot more years to enjoy each other! :D The ship looked beautiful (of course) and I’m glad everyone had a great day!! :D

  2. Congratulations to the happy couple and I genuinely wish them both well but speaking personally, I am not happy about the whole wedding thing. I accept that some may find it an attractive proposition and fair enough but the Cunard Line that I know and love is rapidly changing and not neccessarily for the better it must be said. Sorry!

  3. Excellent….How about another “First” from Cunard…!

    Congratulations to Kenneth and Edi – what a wonderful couple, fabulous photo’s and experience both for them and Cunard.

    Another “first” that would be wonderful for even more people to enjoy from the cultural and martime home of “Cunard” a QM2 Transatlantic crossing from Liverpool to New York.

    A dream cruise for many.

  4. Anthony jr says:

    This is awesome! Great pictures too

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