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Three Queens Jubilee Celebrations in Southampton

May 31, 2012


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The countdown is on and it’s just 5 days until our Three Queens meet in Southampton for the first time ever, in celebration of Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Whether you are sailing into Southampton on 5 June, departing in the evening, visiting Southampton for the day or following us online, we’ve got all of the information you will need to make the most of the special day!

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From 8am through to midnight we will be broadcasting Cunard FM live from our office in Southampton, the station will be played on board all three ships and can be picked up on 87.7 FM up to 3km from Carnival House (SO15 1ST). There will be music throughout the day as well as interviews with celebrities, guests and visitors. So if you are on board or watching from Southampton on the day, look our for our roving reporter for your chance to be broadcast to our listeners. Entertainment Director Keith Maynard will be presenting the highlights of the evening and will be reading out your facebook posts and tweets, use the hashtag #3Queens to have your message mentioned live on air!

For those of you who are in Southampton on the day, there will be a free event in the Mayflower Park from 12pm until 11pm hosted by Voice FM. There will be a host of live music and entertainment performances, a funfair and food stalls.

Between 10.20pm and 10.35pm there will be a spectacular fireworks display over the three ships by the City Terminal, music will be played during the display on Cunard FM and will be heard across the decks on board. This will be a great photo opportunity as the Queens will reposition to be closer together in preparation for their departure. The best places to view the fireworks will be Town Quay and Hythe Marina, Southampton.

After the firework display the ships are scheduled to depart Southampton at 11pm. They will sail from the City Terminal with Queen Mary 2 leading the way, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth will then follow out as they head for their Northern Europe, Mediterranean and Baltic voyages.


On the Jubilee voyages speakers with strong royal connections will be part of the Cunard Insights programme, including Royal Commentators Jennie Bond (Queen Mary 2) and Robert Jobson (Queen Elizabeth) and one of Her Majesty’s Counsel in Scotland Prof. Kerrigan QC (Queen Victoria).

A rare collection of Royal Artworks will be on board, including original watercolours by HRH Prince Charles, lithographs of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, photographs by Lord Snowdon. Limited edition prints of the official Diamond Jubilee photos by John Swannell will also be hung on board each Cunard ship.


There will be lots going on to celebrate the Jubilee, both on board and in Southampton. If you’re getting involved with any of the events we would love to see your photos and share them here on the blog. So, tweet us, post on our facebook page or email wearecunard@cunard.co.uk and we’ll post a selection of photos here next week.

Enjoy the celebrations!

  1. Grant Thomas says:

    5 days and counting, I cant wait to be back on Queen Mary 2 for this event. To add to the suspense I am still awaiting my stateroom number as I booked guaranteed with only 5 days to go.

    The special dinner on the 5th looks like a great idea. Hopefully there will be plenty of video and photographs available after the event, would be great to get a momento of the occasion.

  2. Anthony Calabrese says:

    Looking forward to hearing the news! Unfortunately I’m not going to be on board QM2 until the 17th. I’m hoping to try the port if there’s any left…


  3. Tania says:

    Any chance of a live stream of Cunard FM. Unable to make the day, but would love to be able to hear all the celebrations in real-time.

  4. Roger Hallett - Australia says:

    The Royal Rendezvous in New York was wonderful (my wife and I were on Queen Elizabeth); but the Jubilee celebrations sound brilliant. Please make sure all Bridge-cams are working well so those of us over the seas can see what’s happening. Good planning, Cunard!

  5. Emma lexton says:

    I will be on the Queen Mary 2. We are having a 50th. reunion of when we met as students in Leeds. We are all so excited and are going to enjoy every minute.

  6. J & J Hurley says:

    So sorry we can not be on one of the Queens this time, but happy to say some longstanding friends are.
    The are on the Queen Victoria & will be going out around the Med.
    So to Mr & Mrs Ian McCreary we wish you a fantastic voyage, and enjoy the celebrations at Southampton for us as well.

  7. Diane Anscombe says:

    We are on QM2 for a double celebration as it is my partners birthday on the 5th! Really looking forward to the red arrows and fireworks and now the celebratory dinner can’t wait counting down the days now.

  8. Judith Sayers says:

    Looking forward to the event, will be on Queen Mary 2, thanks for the information re dining etc.

  9. Beryl Moss says:

    Looking forward to the event and will be down in Southampton to join in all the celebrations and after the fireworks display a fairly long drive home back to Kent but it will definitely be worth it. We are all looking forward to a great day out.

  10. John Little says:

    Although I’m not sailing on one of the Queens on 5 June, I will be accompanying them into port and again on the water to escort them out. This will be a very historic day and I hope everyone will enjoy their moment with the Queens in celebration of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. It is such a shame that QE2 cannot be with us, we will be thinking of her.
    Cunarder Man

  11. We’re both really looking forward to seeing all the Queens together and sailing on Queen Victoria for our honeymoon – worth the short wait we thought and how right we were!! The events sound amazing and already looking forward to having a glass of Port. Counting the days now………

  12. David Thomas says:

    The Jubilee celebrations are in full swing – despite the weather. Just three days to go and we will be on the Queen Mary 2 to complete the festivities. Can’t wait – it should be a truly exceptional experience, three lovely ships together in Southampton for the first time = nicely arranged Cunard. Back to my packing…………………………….

  13. Pamela Davies says:

    How envious I am wish I could be there, Cheers to All

  14. David Coulthard says:

    Would have loved to seen the celebrations as my wife and I had a lovely time on the Queen Mary 2 earlier in the year. Unfortunately will not be there. Hope all the passengers, officers and crew and anyone watching have a great day.

  15. Julie Marsh says:

    Just watched the Thames flotilla on television, so cannot wait to be on board Queen Mary 2 for the festivities on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  16. James Day says:

    Looking forward to boarding QM2 on Tuesday for what promises to be a spectacular send off. Off to finish the packing now.

  17. S. Nicol says:

    Have a wonderful sail-away this Jubilee Tuesday!
    As others have said – PLEASE produce a video of the day’s celebrations – Red Arrows, fireworks, ships ‘greeting’ etc.
    I know we are not supposed to be jealous, but… wish I was with you on board or even in Southampton today!
    Here on the West Coast of Scotland midgies galore were out last night to watch the local Jubilee beacon being lit.
    Looking forward to seeing the two Queens (Elizabeth and Mary 2) cruise up the Clyde.
    A request to the captains – can you sound the ships’ horns as you pass the Cloch lighthouse?

  18. Nancy Malczewski says:

    Greetings from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My sister and I were to have been on the Queen Mary 2 for this great celebration. We were so looking forward to it for an entire year. You know how fascinated we Americans are with the Royals! Unfortunately, my sister had to have surgery in May and we had to cancel the trip. What a bummer! To all of you on the ships, have a wonderful time.

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