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Queen Victoria’s 14 Night Shopping List

May 18, 2012


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Whilst eating Eggs Benedict at breakfast or enjoying a cup of English Breakfast during Afternoon Tea, have you ever pondered over the ingredients? How did they get on the ship? Is there enough food for all of the guests and crew?

During a recent turn around day in Southampton, Queen Victoria’s Provision Master Arturo showed us the stores operation in action, with some very impressive figures!

Once the provisions reach their lockers the stores team set to work organising the stock:

This continues all day and for a typical 14 night voyage the crew take on:

As well as all of this…

Now, that’s a LOT of food! When Queen Victoria returns to Southampton after her 14 night Northern Europe cruise the whole process will start again!

If there are any behind the scenes areas you would like to find out more about, please let us know here on the blog and we will try to cover them over the next few months.

  1. Great pictures! What is the average price range of the Shopping List for a 14-Day Cruise on the Queen Victoria? (And that goes for the other Queen Vesels) :)


  2. Oskar Osmundsen says:

    Please go to the kitchen! I would love to see some chef’s in action with all this food.

  3. camilla says:

    WOW, now THAT is a shoping list indeed. People are always curious, how much is used up after their cruise and mostly the “today” offers the respective information on the night before your last day at sea.
    Thank you for sharing.
    We will be wondering, how the shopping list of the QV will look like for our cruise with her from Hamburg to Hamburg (ok, most probably stock-up will be in Southampton again) over Christmas & New Year’s Eve 2012 to the Canary Islands.

  4. Sarah Taylor says:

    What an amazing shopping list, not surprising I guess when you consider how many restaurants there are on board, the choice they offer and the high standards of cuisine. Sarah

  5. Kenneth Eden says:

    I love the “Laid in Britain” eggs. Conjures up a few laughs!

    Nice photoss, nice story line, brings a reality to the ship board figures presented during a voyage, and nice to put the picture and name of those involved in perspective.

  6. Bill Bradbury says:

    A really interesting blog. As we will be on the Victoria in September I would seriously consider doubling up on the drinks package. 12,000 bottles and 2,500 litres of beer will have run out by the time we hit the Med!!?? Marmite? (Andrew Nelder will appreciate that request way back on QE2.) Concerning the Cheese photo,-Any Wensleydale Grommit?

  7. S. Nicol says:

    I’d love to see behind the scenes in every department! Rather nosey, aren’t I?!
    I think it is amazing how everything is co-ordinated and runs so smoothly. I know it is your ‘job’, but still – it is fantastic how you look after so many passengers and crew on board.
    What’s it like in the crew quarters? Where do the crew relax in any time off (though they work so hard)!
    What is down on the lowest deck?
    How do you sort all those cases so quickly?
    I’m sure we are all interested in the Bridge. It is great on the QM2 having a ‘bridge viewing area’.

  8. Sheila Hick says:

    Wow,I’ll think about that when I’m stressed doing my weekly shop in Waitrose or Tesco.

    Just returned from a fabulous trip on Queen Elizabeth from Dubai to Southampton and looking forward to a week on Queen Victoria in the Norwegian Fjords in August

  9. Judith Sayers says:

    It always amazes me how they keep everything so fresh, and the logistics are amazing. All that in addition to loading the passengers, luggage etc. Well done everyone. See you soon on QM2 sailout. Will early dinner be delayed for the Red Arrows?

  10. Peter since you mention it and picture as well, can you solve the great marathon Cruise Line debate which drew the most responses for years, “Is the milk UHT?” Many of we Cunarders fought a long battle over this. Concerning many of the World’s problems (and if any of Cunard’s), this problem must rank highly on the meaning of life spectrum and whether I sleep soundly in my bed?
    An excellent suggestion of your to look into every part of the ship where passengers rarely venture such as the crews’ quarters, engineering, maintenance, the midnight early morning cleaners, all those areas where the crew make our cruising enjoyable but we never see, vital for the smooth running of our cruising.

  11. … and what wonderful meals they make from all those ingredients. I now look forward even more to my July cruise. Are there any provisions for the opening of the Olympics? Not food wise, but celebrations. I will be on board embarking from Southampton on the 27th of July?

  12. Ron says:

    nice pictures to see have seen behind scenes at Q E last year looking forward to visit on victoria on 3 rd august to norway for friends 65 th birthday,then done all 3 queens

  13. Anthony Calabrese says:

    I always enjoy seeing all of these statistics.

    To recommend a potential blog, how about one on the White Star Academy training?

  14. Daryl Cooper says:

    Now!!! That is what I would call a very interesting “blog” but now proposes the question of the composition by country of the wine list assuming it to be the same over the “3 Queens”.

    Finding it somewhat difficult to decipher the “captcha” but I will try.

  15. Beryl Moss says:

    What a huge shopping list. I m not surprised at the amount of food etc. that is stored on the Queens as the variety on board is truly amazing with something to satisfy even the most fussiest of eaters. Looking forward to a short break on board Queen Elizabeth next month with my daughter and son in law. This will be a first for them and in my daughter’s own words ‘Can’t wait to get on board’

  16. Richard Conachey says:

    Brilliant read, thanks for showing us behind the scenes of the food and beverage loading and storage areas inside Queen Victoria, it gives us a brilliant perspective of what us as guests wouldn’t normally get to see when on a Cunard voyage. That sure is a lot of food to order and organize, I wonder how much all of that would cost!
    With regards other behind the scenes areas I’d like to see, I’d have to go with the bridge, as Sarah mentioned above in her comment: “I’m sure we are all interested in the Bridge. It is great on the QM2 having a ‘bridge viewing area’” . The bridge is the best place on any and every ship (I think), it would be great to see the command center aboard one of the three Queens to see what it takes to control and maneuver vessels of their size.

    Keep up the great work here on the blog! I’ll be attending and looking forward to your coverage online of the historic 3 Queens, Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in Southampton on June 5th…..I’m sure it’ll be a day to remember for many years to come! We are CUNARD!

  17. Lon Davis says:

    135,000 eggs

  18. Andy says:

    What a fascinating blog it is hard to imagine all that food being consumed every two weeks, we are on board Queen Elizabeth next week and looking forward to that, it would be interesting to see, as others have said, parts of the ship where the passengers do not go, the engine room would be interesting to see

  19. Mick Lacey says:

    Love sailing on the Cunard Queens.( am now a platinum member). Sailing again in January 2013, on Victoria..I have no complaints about anything on board the 3 ships, but when i went on a transatlantic voyage last November, i took my Grandson with me, and he asked if there was any Mango Juice. There wasn’t any,so he was dissapointed (only a little bit). That is the only thing that i have found that was wrong with the cruise. (nothing really) Will still travel on the Queens as often as i can.

  20. Very interesting and I never tire of watching the stores being loaded. Having just returned from 2 wonderful weeks on board Queen Victoria, my increased waistline is a lasting memory of the clinary delights on offer! Thankfully I’ve a few months to offload the extra pounds before heading back on board and doing it all over again lol

  21. David Frew says:

    My wife and I are sailing on Queen Victoria 2013 world cruise….all the way …cant get my head round how much more provisions It’ll need for our trip.

  22. Ruth Allen says:

    Great behind the scene view. To all those passengers who remove their $11 per day gratuities and only tip their own cabin steward and waiters note… the guys featured here never get to see the passengers but work equally as hard for our comfort. They deserve rewarding as well.

  23. Irene Cunningham says:

    We went on the the queen victoria in august 2012 to the fjords our first cuise ever ,fantastic but seeing all this food reminded me of the great effort that went into my dinner ever night. I am a really fussy eater but it was no trouble for the kitchen a fantastic cheese salad came out every night improving everynight that followed so it is great to see all the food for the others to eat. we hope to go on two more cruises this year, with cunard of course. Irene

  24. Derek says:

    My wife and I. Sailed on the QV through the Pansma Canal in January last year. We. Selected an exceptional wine. A St . Emilion. “Delice du. Prieurie”. I can,t find it Round here. DoE anybody know this wine and perhaps the year…. Maybe 2006 or so. Wish. I could remember the name of your wine waiter. he would know for sure. the maitre d did a fabulous crape Suzette one evening. Such a memorable trip.

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