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A Rendezvous at Sea with the Endeavour

March 13, 2012


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Guest Blog: Commodore Rynd, Queen Mary 2

On 4 March those of us on board the magnificent Queen Mary 2 were lucky enough to witness an historic event, a rendezvous at sea with the sailing vessel Endeavour, a replica of the H.M.Bark Endeavour in which Captain James Cook RN carried out his explorations of New Zealand and Australia, off the headland near Portland on the coast of Victoria, Australia. The day dawned bright and clear with a fresh breeze, and, as 11am approached a square sail was sighted on the horizon. As Queen Mary 2 drew near this grew in form to the Bark Endeavour! Building of this extraordinary vessel commenced in Fremantle in 1998 with the ship being launched 5 years later. Currently carrying 54 passengers, who pay to sail as crew, she is 34 tonnes and 34 metres long – shorter than Queen Mary 2 is wide.

Photo Credit: James Morgan

Photo Credit: James Morgan

Endeavour was slowly left astern, her sails full and by in the fresh breeze and white against a blue sea. A rare sight in modern times and one which will become an historic moment of cherished recollection by all on board.

  1. Fiona Hooper says:

    What a magnificant sight – so wish I could have been there!!!

  2. Ruth says:

    It sends a quiver of excitement through me watching this. Having been on the wonderful QM2 a couple of times I am absolutely thrilled that I will be able to enjoy another historic moment, on board QM2 at Southampton when the 3 Queens come together on 5th June to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee. The QM2 experience is unique.

  3. Jan OKeefe says:

    My husband and I were fortunate enough to be on QM2 for this historic rendevous. It was a wonderful sight something we will never forget and have lots of photos as a memento

  4. Judith Sayers says:

    How exciting for everyone on board, and what super pictures for the rest of us to see. We too will be on board QM2 for the Jubilee sail-out, looking forward to the event.

  5. Rachel Treadgold says:

    What a magnificent sight, quite awe-inspiring to think that little ship sailed half way around the world and then back. We went aboard Endeavour when she docked at Woolwich a few years ago and she is really tiny, even my young grandchildren had to duck when below decks – we adults were on our hands and knees!!

  6. Stephen Gardener says:

    I was on board when we made this rendevous with the Endeavour, I have some fantastic pictures of the meeting using a cannon 7D with a 100-400mm lens. This was an a great momment if my cruising life and will remember this for a long time.

  7. Daniel Rönnqvist 12year sweden says:

    What beautiful Endeavour is but she is very small next to Queen Mary 2. It most be fantastic to se her from Queen Mary 2.

  8. BB says:

    I sailed on “La Nina” in Corpus Christi Bay many years ago. This is one of the Columbus Replica ships moored in Corpus Christi, TX. One month later, my husband and I sailed on the QE2. Both experiences were fantastic! I can understand how awesome the encounter with the Endeavor must have been for the passengers on both ships.

  9. sherran Edel says:

    seeing the Endeavour was a wonderful sight. She was so tiny. I shall never forget it.

  10. Brian & Carol Wilson says:

    Meeting up Endeavour off Portland, Victoria, was a fantastic bonus on the Royal Circumnavigation of Australia. Having seen the Endeavour along side the Mary, it is difficult to imagine how Captain Cook sailed such a small ship on his voyage of discovery from England to Australia.

  11. Paul says:

    It was a magnificent sight. Those aboard QM2 were treated to a view rarely seen on the open seas. A pleasure to have been aboard QM2.

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