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Queen Mary 2 Refit – The story continues

December 5, 2011

We Are Cunard

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Hello All

As promised, here is the latest update from Queen Mary 2 where the refit is progressing very smoothly. The complex scheduling of work is being carried out as planned, by our team here in Southampton and the shipyard in Hamburg.

To give you an idea of the scale of work, over 20,000 litres of paint, 10 miles of carpet and 1,250 crane lifts will be used over the two weeks by over 1,200 contractors who will and are currently working as you read this blog to bring all the planned enhancements to life.

For those of you wondering what happens to the items replaced in refit, I am also pleased to say that at both Cunard and the Blohm & Voss shipyard we look to take the opportunity where possible to recycle items removed from the ship. Steel, pipes, cladding and teak for example will all be recycled and used but good items, such as some of the soft furnishings including carpets, beds, linen, televisions and computers, will be donated to local charities in Hamburg through Der Hafen Hilft.

So to what you have all been waiting for – the first video update has arrived. Cunard’s very own Paul O’Loughlin, Entertainment Director on board Queen Mary 2, takes you on a tour of Queen Mary 2 in the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg. You will see Queen Mary 2 as you haven’t before… it’s fascinating stuff.

On the tour Paul meets with Beniamino Acler, Senior Maitre D’ to find out what is happening in the Princess Grill and Queens Grill restaurants. Followed by Richard Araujo, Assistant Spa Manager for an update in all things health and fitness and then finally he meets with Colin Watson, Executive Housekeeper to uncover what’s planned for the suites and staterooms on board. The video will certainly give you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes when we take one of our Cunard liners into dry-dock.

Hopefully it will also whet your appetite for part 2 – we will be back next week with a second video and another insider’s tour, showing you how wonderful Queen Mary 2 looks after her two week refit, from the suites and staterooms to the Grill restaurants, Grand Lobby and the Golden Lion Pub.

Rest assured that our team on board are working their socks off to make sure that Queen Mary 2 receives the care and attention she deserves and will be ready with their White Star Service from 8th December when she sets sail on her next voyage.

That’s all for now –  I hope you enjoy the video – and have a cracking weekend wherever you are.

Best Regards


  1. Tim Dick says:

    Fantastic – it is wondeful to see the Cunard tradition of excellence as the best of the best. The holder of 13 Blue Riband record runs. A Line apart. Keep it up!

  2. David Good says:

    This week see’s my third journey from Southampton to NewYork aboard this fabulous ship, It is truly the most magical experience that my wife and myself have ever had.The accomodation is first class and the endless food,should you need more, is wonderful. The staff are great and bend over backwards to help .In the evenings there is a plenty of onboard entertainment and this is all to do with the brilliant entertainment director Paul O’Loughlin

  3. After three transatlantic trips on the Queen Mary we adore how completly restful and marvellous it is not to have to actually do anything. There is plenty to keep you happily busy from 6 am until 2 am the next day. But, as a traveller to European conferences from British Columbia, arriving after a 9-10 hour flight, even in first class, plus the other hours at the airport before flying and while awaiting processing and luggage on arrival, takes days and days to recover. So take the ship over or if your trip abroad itself was fatiguing as it often is, take the ship back to the U.S.A.

    Anne Gilmour-Bryson.

  4. kirsten says:

    Is there a video showing the kid’s club? It is wonderful and the nannies are very nice. QM2 has the best kid’s club than another ship I’d been on. The QM2 is the by farthest the best. The fine dining is wonderful! On another ship their food was average American food, their escargot wasn’t nearly as good as yours! I am very much looking forward to our crossing this fall.

  5. Josephine says:

    We are wondering if the planetarium is now operational again. I have seen some passenger reviews that it has been out of action for some time. We are booked for our first QM2 cruise on 4 December and are very much looking forward to enjoying all the ship has to offer.

  6. Bruce says:

    We have just returned from eastbound and westbound transatlantic crossings on our favourite ship with a wonderful week up to Halifax, Nova Scotia wedged inbetween! The highlight of week 1 was The Last Night Of The Cunard Proms, the highlight of week 2 was visiting for the first time Newport, RI, Boston, Bar Harbor, Saint John and Halifax, and the highlight of week 3 was missing Superstorm Sandy in New York by the proverbial skin of our teeth – thanks to Captain Oprey!

    In answer to Josephine’s question, the Planetarium is up and running again.

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