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Queen Mary 2 Refit – An Update from the Shipyard

November 27, 2011

We Are Cunard

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Guest Blog: Lisa Page, New Media Executive, Cunard Line

In the early hours of Saturday morning I found myself at a very cold and windy quayside at the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg. Complete with hard hat and safety shoes – camera at the ready, we were awaiting the arrival of our flagship – all in the name of our blog! Queen Mary 2 peered around the corner at around 4am and the wait was over:

This is where we filmed our first shot for the upcoming video blog of the refit, our cameraman Peter ran up and down to get the perfect shot and set the scene:

Once the ropes were secured the dock gate was tugged back into place and the water began to drain, something which took many hours to do, she was on blocks the following morning, and the shipyard workforce were in full swing clearing out the dock and cleaning the hull. Unfortunately it was too busy to have a camera crew down underneath the hull but we’re hoping to get some shots at the end of the refit next week. If you look closely at the photo below you can see how small one of the workers looks at the bottom of the dock:

There were hundreds of contractors on board; carpenters, electricians and decorators – all working their magic for the next 10 days in refit. We headed straight to the Golden Lion Pub – one of the main rooms to be renovated. All of the old carpets were already gone, as well as the seating areas, this is how she currently looks:

Next we headed up to the Grills Restaurants for a quick catch up with Senior Maitre D’ Beniamino Acler, all around us people were busy sowing and fitting seat covers and various soft furnishings. During the refit both Grills Restaurants will have new carpets throughout, here’s Beniamino and Entertainment Director Paul O’Loughlin during their interview:

The Canyon Ranch Spa is my favourite area on board Queen Mary 2, especially the aquatherapy pool, with the water jets and bubbles in the centre! We met with Assistant Manager Richard Araujo, who explained that amongst the changes in the spa area, the teak wooden areas were being redone, there will also be new machines in the gym, including some very fancy sounding bikes!  This is where I saw the pool as I’ve never seen it before…completely empty. Paul and Richard climbed in to take a closer look:

The floor outside of the Britannia Restaurant was a little ‘bumpy’ in parts, as this is such a high traffic area it was unable to fix whilst we had guests on board. The carpet has been pulled up and the problem areas are being repaired as you can see below:

Usually one of the busiest venues on board, the Commodore Club looked deserted, you can see the new chairs in the picture below, the carpets will also be replaced.

We have two children’s areas on board Queen Mary 2, the Play Zone and the Zone, usually full of colourful toys and the latest computer games, both areas are having a revamp and were completely bare when we went inside to film, you’ll notice a big difference at the end of the refit next week.

That’s all from me for the moment, we’ll be filming in the shipyard again next week, keep an eye on our facebook and twitter pages for live updates. I hope this blog has given you all an idea of what’s happening during the dry dock and how we produce the videos you see here on wearecunard.com. The footage is currently being edited to make part 1 of our refit video blogs, make sure you check back here at the end of the week or use the subscribe button at the top and we’ll email you!


  1. Rob Holloway says:

    Thank you Lisa and Peter for your coverage and being up at such an early hour to start the recording of this refit.
    I know many people will appreciate your efforts as the pictures and videos becomeavailablee.
    I for one have already shared some of your pictures on Facebook.

    When you look at the interest cruisers have shown to the latest RCL and Princess refit videos on the Internet, you can understand that those who love Cunard and its ships will be checking out all the information , photos and videos you supply on the Queen Mary 2 refit.
    We all love to see what is behind the scenes and underneath our feet.
    Cheers /Rob

  2. Sheila Hedderick says:

    Thanks Lisa for the update, Still have the burning question will there be a (short mat lawn bowls area)on QM2 after the refit? …. regards sheila

  3. Anthony jr says:

    Awesome pictures, I am anxiously awaiting the Queen’s new look this december :D

  4. wow, they really take care about the “bumpy”-floor promlems… good to see. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. Fred says:

    I’d be grateful if you could post pictures or descriptions of what you are doing to the Q1 suites. I will be in the Balmoral Suite commencing December 19, and am curious to see the changes. Thanks.

  6. Kenneth Eden says:

    I was so pleased with the results from the QUEEN VICTORIAS refit, and it look as though the major task underway on the QUEEN MARY 2 will be as astounding a job with wonderful results.

    A fine job of preenting the daunting and rewarding task to us all.

    I am looking forward to the next installment.

  7. John & Joan Smith says:

    Thanks for a very interesting blog Lisa. Good to see the heavy traffic areas on the Mary getting a facelift.Those on the upcoming world cruise & Australian circumnavigation sector have a lot to look forward to onboard. We also look forward to the next set of photos of the refit.

  8. Hello Sheila, no significant structural changes are planned for Queen Mary 2′s refit. Queen Elizabeth, as you may know, offers short mat lawn bowls as part of her games deck.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I can hardly wait to sail on her.

  10. John says:

    I am on the Australian circumnavigation sector and I can’t wait for February!

  11. nigel lewis says:

    Thank you peter and lisa , looking forward to get back on Qm2 , you are very kind to all cunarders


  12. Judith Sayers says:

    Great blog and pictures, bye bye lumpy carpets!! Lots of hard work going on, looking forward to our trips next year. Keep up the good work.

  13. Ken Seward says:

    I’m sure she is going to look better than ever, both inside and out. Can’t wait until the 12th December (a week on Monday) when she will become our festive home for the next month. Ken

  14. Kay Fall says:

    Well I was worried about being on the final voyage before refit, thinking that care would not be taken in looking after her before the refit, how wrong I was, there was continual cleaning and polishing, our cabin was still spotless. I know that a lot of comment are made about cut backs, but glad to see that everything is still so well kept.
    By the way we had a fantastic double transatlantic crossing although shame that certain entertainment is repeated, but how lovely it is with the formal nights kept formal
    Thanks for great trip

  15. Wendy says:

    This is so exciting! We are sailing out of Southampton to Cape Town on 10 January, and can’t wait!

  16. Peter Bates says:

    Thanks for an excellant tour. We are looking forward to yet another Transatlantic crossing on 3.1.12.It will be nice to see all the alterations. Will they have the Queen Elizabeth beds?

  17. Alan Bruce Smith says:

    It is amazing what can be done in dry dock so quickly… That is a lot of work for two weeks. Imagine trying to get all that work done in, say a small business.

    It has now been 2 years since we sailed on the QM2 out of NYC for a Caribbean cruise… I hope to sail on her again sometime!

    Bruce Smith
    Columbus, OH

  18. Beryl Moss says:

    What a great blog and fantastic pictures. Looking forward to the next update and videos as the refit progresses.

  19. Many thanks Lisa, all the workmen and the supervising crew.

    Wow, things are progressing well, just over a week to go to experience and enjoy the improvements during the 8th of December mini-cruise!

    “Lancashire Cunarders”

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