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October 25, 2011

We Are Cunard

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In January 2012 Queen Mary 2 will celebrate her 8th birthday. She is recognised in the new 2012 Berlitz Cruise Guide as the top large resort ship in the world. I was looking through our guest questionnaires recently and when we ask our guests to rate ‘Appearance of Stateroom’ and ‘Condition and Cleanliness of Public Rooms’ they have been averaging around 95% which is a good score. We have through every year of her life continued to invest in her upkeep and I have always been especially impressed by how well the Deck Department have looked after the extensive teak decks and outside areas.

Well in late November Queen Mary 2 will be taken out of service, and out of the water, for a planned refit in Hamburg, Germany. She will be out of service for 14 days. I have had a number of questions on the blog as to what we plan to do during that time. We will release that news later this week – but I promised to reveal the news through our blog first so – here goes;

Staterooms – We will refurbish every stateroom on board Queen Mary 2 – all 1,310 of them. Each of the Queen’s Grill Grand Duplex, Master and Penthouse Suites will receive a fresh individual design. All of our Queen’s Grill Suites, Princess Grill and Britannia Staterooms will receive new carpets, curtains, bedcovers, linen and some will also see new soft furnishings. The designs will be very much in keeping with the current designs and with the overall ship – but with a fresh look. I am really pleased with how they will look and our returning loyal guests will I am sure be delighted. I have always recognised just how important it is to feel comfortable in your stateroom – a home from home. The designs on Queen Mary 2 are very enduring and when the ship returns to service in December her staterooms will be more appealing and comfortable than ever.

Golden Lion Pub – our guests have worn the Pub out. The Pub lunches are more popular than ever, the bar area is always busy and sport and musical events are increasingly popular. So we have completely redesigned this room. Below are a couple of shots of how the new Pub will look. It recreates the best of British Pubs as well as the comfortable American Country Club feel. We will achieve more comfortable seats and more of them. We will have new and improved screens for sporting events and we will still be able to have our famous Jazz evenings and daytime activities.

Canyon Ranch – goes from strength to strength on Queen Mary 2. One of the highlights of our Canyon Ranch is the wet area and Spa Pool. Well we are completely refurbishing the teak surrounds of the pool and doing a lot of work in other areas of the spa. We will have a range of new exercise machines in the gym area and some new and improved features in the salon. Canyon ranch are one of our most prized partnerships – when it comes to health, relaxation, exercise and wellness – they are the real thing and I am so pleased we are investing in further improving the facilities.

Commodore Club – one of the most iconic bar locations at sea up on deck 9 forward. No radical changes here – but as you can see form the design layout below we are investing in new carpets and refurbishing and adding to our beautiful white leather furniture.

Children’s Club – one of Cunard’s best keep secrets.  We have excellent facilities – but although they were industry leading in 2004 it is time for us to invest further in the facilities. We will refurbish the area, including the very latest in electronic gaming and entertainment – I am looking forward to trying them out for myself.

Sir Samuel’s – Originally designed when the ship came into service as a venue to offer the very best in classic wines. The advent of Cappuccinos, Lattes and Espresso has changed our approach and the room is very busy day and night. So time for new carpets and some new chair covers which will give the room a real lift.

Grill Restaurants – We will lay down a new carpet design for both the Queen’s Grill and Princess Grill Restaurants. These will be very much in keeping with the overall design but I think will give a lighter feel to both restaurants – which remain amongst the best restaurants at sea or on land.


Carpets – We will be refreshing the carpets in many areas of decks 2 and 3 both in public rooms and through our wonderful central walkways and landings. In one or two areas – and our guests have mentioned this on the blog – we have some wear and tear of the flooring under the carpet. We refurbished much of this in the last refit and will complete the work this time round.

What are we not doing – One area that I have received questions on is Kings Court – the equivalent to The Lido area on Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria. Given its location, and the fact that it covers such a large area with many sections – some of our guests have in the past found the area can be quite confusing – especially the first time you visit it. To make significant changes to the actual structure of this area would be very difficult and prohibitively expensive given its scale. So we have been tackling this in different ways. We have been looking carefully at customer flow, our food and beverage offering and in particular how we best manage the service in Kings Court. We have plans to increase the alternative dining opportunities and themed evenings, and removing possible confusion by not having too many different serving stations at breakfast. This has significantly improved the situation and we will continue to focus here and make sure we create the appropriate experience for our guests.

By the way and a small tip – when I travel on our ships I always choose to have breakfast in the Britannia Restaurant. It is a lovely place to eat, the service is impeccable, you have a wide choice, you don’t help yourself so the portions are smaller and better for you, you sit up straight, you can converse with our wonderful staff and the whole experience is a lot more relaxing. I normally have Grapefruit Juice, Bircher Muesli (nobody does it like Cunard), Scrambled Egg with American Bacon (yes some of us Brits do prefer the crispy American bacon) and a toasted English muffin (worth asking for it to go through the toaster twice) and fresh coffee. Marvelous.

Down Below – as ever we will take the opportunity to complete the regulatory and necessary checks and works below deck and that program is in place. Interestingly part of the technical work will be to add a Skycon to the ship. What is a Skycon I hear you say? You may have seen them on other ships but surprisingly Queen Mary 2 did not have this feature. It is a small rail that goes round the higher decks of the ship, to which you add a cage for the deck crew to clean and maintain many of the external railings and windows. When in port you will often see Cherry Pickers around Queen Mary 2 – tall extended cage like cranes to reach those parts that man simply cannot reach. With the addition of a Skycon we will be better able to maintain these areas of the ship and not have the expense of Cherry Pickers in port, so there you have it – some inside knowledge on what we have to do to make the ship look as she does.

To make this happen we will be adding enough carpet to cover 10 football pitches. We will be adding 18 miles of fabric – and we will have a team of thousands of workers to make it happen.

In these tough economic times it remains very important for us to continue to invest in both the technical and hotel areas of our ships. With Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth we are fortunate to have two very young ships that provide a fabulous experience for our guests. In Queen Mary 2 we have something very special, the most famous ocean liner in the world and a ship that still turns heads everywhere she goes – she is unquestionably the pride of our fleet. And that is why we will be investing in the ship and in our future guests experience through the upcoming refit.

I hope this exclusive sneak peak at some of the things we will be doing has been of interest. We will be announcing some new on board experiences nearer the time for when she comes back into service and during the refit we have plans to keep you up to speed with the refit through a series of videos and blogs.

I trust you are keeping well.

Best Regards


  1. Kenneth Eden says:

    I have quietly awaited the review of the QM2′s refit, and I like what I have read and see, especially the richness of the pubs refereshed look, and of course, my favotites, the Grills. I do however think, that, in keeping with the confusion that can and often does result in the Kings Court, taking a cautious approach and not risking the ships superstructure, and seeking out \sensible\ corrective measures is the way to go.

    I do hope a more assuring statement will be made for something as trite as decent pizza, and having a more welcoming presence in the Winter Garden, to mimic or try to copy some of the the QUEEN ELIZABETHS popular venue, which is lively, whereas the QM2′s seems less attended and lackluster, save for art auctions, it is way under used.

    Bravo to the QUEEN MARY 2 and her new look. Carpets, and fabrics and drapes Oh my!

    I love it all!

  2. Grant Thomas says:

    I was on my favourite Ocean Liner a couple of weeks ago and surprised how well she is holding up. There were a couple of topsy turvey carpet moments underfoot in Britannia and the main approach to Britannia on deck 3.

    Very exiting to see a preview of the ‘refreshed’ spaces but alas it’s a long wait until my next trip on her for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

    Keep up the great work and flying the flag!

  3. Matt Chapman says:

    The changes all sound good. Any chance of a new coffee machine in Sir Samuel’s? The lattes and flat whites I had recently were a little disappointing compared to Costa, Starbucks etc.

  4. Alex &Barbara Craig says:

    My wife and I tavelled on QM2 on the cruise to Cherbourg, we booked Princess Grill,as on previos voyages we have been in the Britannia staterooms,, loved the stateroom Princess Grill restaurant , ,did not live up to the hype very rude steward attended our table not what I expected but what we got, have dined in better, these areas are not very special, Briannia restaraunt has better atmosphere, as on Queen Elizebeth and the QE2

  5. AndyF says:

    Most impressive Peter & thanks for the update. I’m sure she will look great but unfortunately what you failed to mention is that when she does finally emerge, it will likely be with be Hamilton on her stern :-(

  6. Paulo says:

    Hi Peter,

    There is something I would like to ask which I never seem to see on the Cunard ships is the On Demand TV?


  7. Rob Holloway says:

    Thank you for the breakdown and the information.
    Perhaps one day when one of your ships is on the West Coast of North America and due for a refit our local yards in Victoria , Vancouver Island Canada will have the honour of winninbg a contract for on e of your refits.
    They have done Holland America, Princess, RCl and others and have met the tight schedules required down to the minute.

    On another subject Peter, how did you do in the Prince’s Trust bike ride.
    Cheers /Rob

  8. dear peter, we travelled on QM2 in her 1st summer, the cruise took in passing scarborough where jimmy saville stood, whilst doing this we had a full scale air sea rescue helicopter landing rescuers on the bow deck, quite a spectacle.from there we took in edinburgh & then onto bergen etc. at all ports we had memorable welcomes & leavings but hamburgh was a sight to savour over half a million people flooding banks port area plus hundreds of leisure craft all surrounding us.on leaving hamburgh a massive firework display erupted. all in all a lifetime memory of our 1st trip on QM2. since we went on the 1st trip around cape horn & south america after the ill fated crunch at fort lauderdale.our arr. in rio de janerio was greeted with a mass of world tv news crews seeking to gain exactly the atmosphere on board……… not one of cunards best pr exercises. it was difficult for capt. warwick. our 3rd trip took in east coast of usa, nova scotia, new foundland & up to quebec, thankfully without problems other than fog. QM2 has such happy memories as it started us cruising, since we have done other queens incl. QE2 SUCH A LOVELY GRAND LADY. jay & martin haywood. p.s we board QUEEN ELIZABETH on 20th dec. for her xmas cruise, oh the joy !!!!

  9. Annette says:

    Hi Peter, as a frequent QM2 traveller and Fan I am very pleased to read about the upcoming change of the Queens look. As I stay in Hamburg I look forward to be able to have a look at parts of “my” Queen Mary 2, which are normally hided by the water :-) As my last trip in September is still very positive in my memories I try hard to join the ship in December again – so that the changes can be examined closely by myself. Congrats to your convincing concepts. Happy to be kept informed about the ongoing progress. Best regards from Germany / Hamburg – the QM2 fan-city

  10. Rev. Bruce Smith says:


    Susan and I thoroughly enjoyed our 10 cruise in December 2009 from NYC down to the Caribbean and back, and we look forward to returning to the QM2 before too long. Wonderful ship… The refit changes look great… One tip. Don’t have apint of Guiness in the Golden Lion before going to the Planetarium show… you’ll sleep through most of it.

    If you ever need an (Episcopal) Anglican priest onboard, let me know.

    Bruce Smith+
    Columbus, OH.

  11. Bill Bradbury says:

    Peter, It will certainly look like a new ship. We both have similar tastes for breakfast with differing companions each morning. I have a penchant for american bacon-pity we can’t buy it over here. You fail to mention that we would expect that all the “mechanical” bits that have been failing will have a good service. Our favourite spot was the Commodore plus cocktails which on a 3 week cruise we managed up and down and up again! Not happy about Hamilton on the stern but neither was I happy with the interloper Southampton, living near Liverpool-nostalgia rules!!?? The day Cunard disposes of the “Red Duster” will have me splttering into my cornflakes with a stiff letter to The Times. On Cruise Line a recent review, the shortest one we have read, wrote in 3 lines that he had good food, friendly staff and a comfortable cabin. What more could we ask?

  12. Daryl Cooper says:

    I could not agree more with Keith Eden’s comment re “Wintergarden” on QM2 lack of use and wasted space. Due to its proximity to “Kings Court”, if there is confusion therein why not extend to the area of the “Wintergarden” or convert to a “Verandah” type restuarant and do away with “Todd English”.

  13. Anthony jr says:

    These look absolutely fabulous, I liked the design before aswell, but I think the new design after this refit will give her an extra boos tof glamor that perhaps wasn’t there before. For example on the QV and QE interiors, I noticed that the decor covers walls floor and even ceilings. THe QM2 sometimes had no unique flourishes on her ceilings, but now she will, I am anctious to see her as of December when she returns to service, pictures galore please!

  14. Daryl Cooper says:

    Sorry Kenneth I addressed you as Keith. My apologies

  15. Keith Davey says:

    Golden Lion looks better and I think the rest of the other spaces will look very nice.
    I just hope the problems down below in the engine room get sorted out so she doesn’t keep stalling mid Atlantic.
    I hope the British Dart board has been kept now the ship is no longer British

  16. Peter Shanks says:

    Hello All – thatnks for all the positive comments on the planned Queen Mary 2 refit – over 2,000 of you have read the blog since we posted it yesterday. To answer some of the questions above – in no particular order. Yes we are replacing the coffee machine in Sir Samuels. Yes we will have a new Pizza oven in Kings Court(within the galley) and will be able to offer the same wonderful pizzas as we do on Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria. We will not be looking at ‘On Demand TV’ – what we have been been doing and will continue to do is improve the TV content. ‘On Demand TV’ systems are very expensive and if I am honest – from a revenue perspective – the only success comes from the sort of films that would just not be appropriate for us to show. And finally to Rob – we have not looked at the refit yards in Victoria as we are very rarely if ever in that part of the world and we have a very good relationship with the yard in Hamburg where we have been a number of times. And thanks for asking about the Bike Ride Rob – it was a great success in two ways. Firstly our team, with the help of so many kind donations,raised over £10,000 for The Princes Trust. Secondly, and just as important, the padded shorts I purchased did exactly what they were designed to do. Best Regards. Peter

  17. Keith Davey says:

    Faster internet service would be good.

  18. Margaret Tayler says:

    Refit looks interesting. My only trip on QM2 has been when she did her Maiden Med. voyage back in 2004. At the time I thought the decor bland. However, when voyaging next January from Cape Town to Sydney, I am looking forward to seeing the changes which have been made over the years and during the latest refit. I am sure my 7 year old granddaughter who is travelling with me will enjoy the Childrens Club if all the facilities are up to the standard of those on QV and QE.


  19. Pete Compton says:

    Hello Peter,

    I have read the blog with interest and a tinge of excitement. Having had the pleasure of sailing twice on the QM2 and again next year, I look forward to seeing the changes. I am especially pleased that you are introDucing pizza in the Kings Court, it was one of the dining options I thoroughly enjoyed when I sailed on board the Queen Victoria.

    It did interest me to read other individuals comments regarding the Winter Garden. I have to say that I agree. During both of my previous voyages I never used it and the only time that I ever saw it full of people was during disembarkation and maybe a few people reading on a quiet sea day. It does seem like a shamefully underused area. Maybe the introduction of another resturant for fine dining like the Verandah would be a good idea?

    Additionally, I agree with Keith Davey’s comment. In this modern age of communication I have found the speed of the internet on board to be “lacking” to say the least even to do some online banking. I’m sure many people would argue that guests embark on voyages to relax and forget about the “real world”, however there are guests like me that like relaxation to include use of the internet, blogging and twitter etc. Considering that other Lines offer faster internet I am surprised that Cunard doesn’t, considering it is the best of the best (IMO). Inmarsat offers a Fleet Broadband service to it’s subscribers why do Cunard not subscribe? If not for the guests, i’m sure the crew would find it incredibly benefical from a moreale and welfare perspective with the likes of Skype to keep in touch with home?

    These two things aside though, having sailed with P&O and Cunard there is something about the QM2 that is different and special; that “something” that you cannot quite put your finger on. Whatever changes are afoot i’m sure will be wondeful and only of benefit. I eagerly await my 2012 voyage to the USA!

  20. Kay Fall says:

    Hi Peter
    I notice you have answered most of the queries but not the one ‘when do we loose ‘Southampton’. I was really upset when I heard about the lose of Southampton on these ships. I think I understand the reason why this is being done, but surely just for Great Britain’s sake you could have left ‘Southampton’ on one of your GREAT CUNARD SHIPS.

    We will be on QM2 for the double transatlantic departing Southampton on 10th November, as this will most probably be the last,or nearly (not looked up if there are any other journeys) before refit, I hope that there will not be any feelings of not bothering about the state of our grand lady on this voyage.
    We did see her in her glory having been on the maiden voyage, and subsequent voyages, so lets hope we will not be dissappointed.

  21. Beryl Moss says:

    A very interesting and informative blog. My feelings when we last sailed on her was that some of the decor was very dated and needed an uplift. Hopefully when she returns to service her refit will reflect a more modern look without loosing her unique charm.

  22. Anthony Calabrese says:

    Hello Peter,

    It’s wonderful to see this blog and considering your mention of page views, many others have been awaiting it too. Cunard should be overly happy of reintroducing the upgraded ship. I sailed on QM2 back in August (10th crossing) and it is always like returning home. I do understand about the Kings Court, but here’s hoping that there will be upgrade furnishings and more tasteful decor fitting a Queen.

    I have an easy, cost effective suggestion for you to consider that would take care of an issue I’ve seen over the years. Perhaps you could place some seating (couches, accent chairs or whatnot) outside the Stairwell C entrances to the Britannia Restaurant as it always becomes a bit of a cattle corral around meal times and us guests could have a bit of an interim space anyway throughout the day. Its better to sit and wait than stand and wait for anything from dinner to passport inspection.

  23. John and Maureen Percival says:

    We have just sailed on QM2 to New England and back to Southampton. Fabulous trip, especially wonderful having Antony Inglis and the orchestra onboard, amazing concert. We were sad to see how the ship had deteriorated in the 2 years since we last sailed on her.The floors were quite scary, so glad she is having a refit. Kings Court we find VERY confusing. Would it not help if the different seating areas could be furnished and carpeted in different colours, then passengers would have at least some clue as to were their table may be located!!We are joining the QE in February to sail down to Australia and have already booked to go through the Panama canal 2013, cannot wait. Thank you Cunard, but please keep the tradition alive.

  24. Judith Sayers says:

    Very interesting blog. We are off again on Sunday to the Canaries with QM2. Will look out for the wobbly floors! We nearly always have breakfast in our cabin, except for the last morning, and always eat in the restaurant at lunch and evening,except for the first day, (portion control does help!). We were impressed by the new carpets on the Victoria after her refit. Looking forward to our trips next year on QM2 so we will see the difference. Keep us posted, it is all very interesting. The blog on the refit of the Victoria was very good. (Especially the picture of the pneumatic drill in the grandlobby!!)

  25. Charles Neham says:

    Peter, I can appreciate your suggestion on taking breakfast in the Britannia dining room. I know there are many passengers content to only visit there at dinner preferring to “eat and run” during the day. I for one do not go on vacation to serve myself–given the opportunity to receive White Star service four times a day, I gladly do so. However, the turnout at Britannia for the open seating breakfast and lunch was far greater than the allocated staff could manage on my TA in August. The service is just far too leisurely–it took longer for each persons coffee, tea and/or juice to arrive than it did for the first two courses to be served at dinner. If one has a plaaned activity at 10:00 am or 2:00 pm it is necessary to be in the queue before the doors open to have any chance of finishing on time–and usually will still have to skip the last course anyway. Opening Britannia at least a half-hour earlier at breakfast and lunch is already necessary, even more so if wishing to recruit more buffet-goers to migrate there.

  26. Kevin Clark says:

    Dear Peter,

    Am really pleased to hear and see some of the changes that are taking place – seems to be an improvement on the style and decor that we already loved. We have only been sailing for the last 2 years and love the QM2 hence clocking up the many of hundreds of miles in that time. With 3 more trips booked in the next 8 months, especially as we are on-board immediately after the refit, we are really looking forward to exploring her ‘anew’ again.

  27. Peter Shanks says:

    Hello All – great to see so many positive comments on our plans for Queen Mary 2, thank you. A few outstanding answers for you as follows. We are unable to place sofas or chairs by Stairwell C outside Britannia Restaurant as we have to keep that area clear for safety regulations. Winter Garden – we are not planning refurbishments in this area at the moment. We have removed the Art Auctions in total – and replaced auctions with our far more popular Clarendon Art Galllery down on deck 2. We used to conduct the Art Auctions in the Winter Garden which sometimes restricted the area for other use. We are now using the area for more creative functions and events – and we are making more use of the extensive bar. The Winter garden is on my list for the next refit – and in the interim we may well replace some of the furniture. It remains a very nice area to relax with a good book, a cup of tea or something a little stronger. Lastly – the Dart Board in the Golden Lion Pub – will it stay ? – Well of course it will – a Pub would not be the same without a dart board ! Exciting times for our flagship and looking forward to showing her off in December- as I write she is on her way across the Atlantic and due in Southampton tomorrow – Sunday. I was just watching thr qualifying for tomorrow’s Formula One Grand Prix in India (yes I am a big fan) when I received an email from Queen Mary 2 telling me how popular Murray Walker has been on this crossing (to those who don’t know he is a much loved ex-TV Sports Commentator) – so I have asked if he would like to write a blog for us……. Have a good weekend wherever you are. Best Regards. Peter

  28. Paul Weighill says:

    Hi Peter
    The refurb sounds great but does the change of Cunards port of register mean more trips to Bermuda?
    QE2 would sail there on a regular basis.

  29. Ann Harvey says:

    Dear Peter

    We are really looking forward to sailing on the Queen Mary for the first time next year, on the day of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, but we are shocked and disappointed that another British Icon has fallen-registered in Bermuda! We were proud to see “Southampton” on the stern of Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria during our previous cruises. No Red Ensign?! The end of 170 years in Britain-how sad!

  30. Kenneth Eden says:


    I am so glad to see the art auctions gone, I must admit, and with all due respect, that the art auctioned on the Cunard ships was not as nice as the quality presented on say, ships that used Park West Galleries out of Detroit. The art gallery on the QUEEN VICTORIA is unviting, and no doubt will be on the QUEEN MARY 2 and QUEEN ELIZABETH.

    Best regards, Kenneth

  31. Gary Dickinson says:

    Thanks for the blog Peter. I am a Diamond member and love the QM2. I was sorry to see, and this may seem like a small point, but it is the small attention to detail that makes Cunard Cunard. The QM2 has drifted away from the cobalt blue cocktail drink stirer with the Cunard Royal Crest and went to a cheaper clear plastic stick that blends in with the glass and ice. Can you return back to the blue “swizzle sticks”? It is very classy and is in keeping with the Cunard Tradition. I will be on board 10 NOV for WB. I brought it to the attention of Hotel Manager John Duffy and he was working on it. I hope to see them added back. Cheers

  32. julie says:

    Dear Peter,
    Thank you for the latest blogg. I was looking forward to my return visit to QM2 to Cherbourg. Having travelled quite a lot on QV and once for 3 weeks on QE my favourite place was the Commadore Club. I found QM2 quite small and dark, and not as I thought. I love the large area on the other 2 ships. I am interested in the new idea for QM2 Commadore Club those white chairs should cheer the place up quite a bit. We return to the QM2 next June….but back to QV next November.
    Julie x

  33. Keith Davey says:

    Many thanks glad to see the dart board is staying.
    Peter one other thing i have been asked by many people is that we understand the new rules regarding smoking on ships but dont understand how the electronic ones that many people now use can be classed as the same as there is no smoke and zero harm to the user or anyone else,but they are now expected to use areas that people use to smoke real ones.
    Could this be re looked at.
    Thanks again and look forward to our 19 day voyage next June.
    Best Regards

  34. James Bruce says:

    Dear Peter

    Just back from a transatlantic roundtrip and have never seen the Golden Lion so busy, so good news about it’s rufurbishment. I’ve been one of these people lost in the King’s Court but now on my third trip on QM2 I have learned the system. Commodore still looks great but more white leather seats are welcome. Staff aboard still excellent and nice to meet a few familiar faces.
    If I can mention the Britannia class cabin carpet. The original carpet was tasteful and suited the rest of the cabin decor.The new carpet which was fitted when we were aboard is frankly awful. Horrible chocolate brown which shows up every speck of white but manages to hide anything dropped on it. Absolutely out of keeping with the beautiful carpets throughout the public areas of the ship.
    Also have to mention the food on the ship. King’s court food great,but Britannia and Golden Lion food not a patch on the Queen Victoria which we sailed on in May this year.
    Despite thes little moans, had a great trip and still love the QM2.



  35. Raj Thoopul says:

    Hello Peter
    It is very nice to see you pose with a dog but let me tell you about my hardship with Cunard. I (seems just like you) have a dog who we consider as a part of the family. What that means is we will never fly our George on cargo. My wife has an emergency situation and we had to move to England with our dog asap and I have been trying for several days to get my dog on 3 Jan 2012 NYC – SOU trip. I was shocked to hear that there is no emergency steps that we can take and we have to wait for months if not years to be able to get our dog over to UK. I would like to know how this will excite new and up and comer cruise lovers like our family..
    Raj Thoopul

  36. Sheila Hedderick says:

    Dear Peter, We have been away for a while and have just caught up with the re-fit on QM2 it will look stunning. We have one question, with all the extra space on board QM2 surely you could find room for a (Short Bowls, Lawn Bowing Green)QM2 is doing a trip next year that i would so like to be involved in but my husband prefers QE as she has the bowling green! Any chance? ‘Hopefully’ Yours…….Sheila

  37. Alan Bennett says:

    Cant wait to see this next year.
    Can the internet service be a little faster.

  38. Frank Novacco says:

    Hello Peter

    Thanks for providing the notification of the refurbishment. We are booked for 2 sectors of the ’2012 World Voyage’, a total of 48 days. As first time with Cunard, you have installed additional excitement in being amongst the early group of passengers to experience the new QM2 interiors.

    I have read your comments on the many items that are included in the staterooms refurbishment, but there is no mention of new mattresses. 8 years = 2920 nights. There is also no mention of the cost of the refurbishment.

    As the Commodore Club is on the same level as our stateroom, I am looking forward to regularly patronizing and enjoying the while furniture followed by a short walk back to the stateroom. This is not to say that every venue on board (Golden Lion Pub etc) will be well patronised and I am sure enjoyed.

    Peter, is there a video being prepared of the refurbishment? A time lapse photography of the thousands of people at work, would be interesting viewing.

    On reading the many comments in this blog, its pleasing that you and Cunard are reading and acting on the comments and experiences of your passengers. An excellent source of feedback.

    Looking forward to an exiting voyage and to join the list of the many other worldwide passengers that have experienced Cunard.

  39. nigel lewis says:

    Peter ,

    may i thank you for the superb service that i got from the QM2 , i am honoured to have traveled on a superb vessel , it is the pride of life , ray rouse is fantastic person , giving so much information on the tv channel , every thing for embarking to diembarking was superb
    kind thanks
    nigel lewis

  40. kirsten says:

    The ship will look shiny and new on our next voyage!

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