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Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth………….

October 11, 2011

We Are Cunard

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Hello all.

It is hard to believe that today we celebrate the first birthday of our new liner Queen Elizabeth – and celebrate it we will.  This time last year there was enormous anticipation for the new ship amongst all of our valued Cunarders and she was generating very significant interest in many parts of the world.

At precisely 1530 a year ago today, I was standing at the forward gangway waiting for Her Majesty to arrive. To my right – Queen Elizabeth. To my left – 2,000 guests, a Symphony Orchestra and Marching Bands – and around us – the world’s media.  Exactly to time the burgundy Rolls Royce turned the corner and I could see Her Majesty. From the moment she arrived she put everybody at ease and we were blessed with a marvellous event and launch. The sun shone, Her Majesty smiled, the bottle broke and we all felt proud to be British.

This was just the launch that Queen Elizabeth deserved and the start of a very eventful first year. I thought you might find it interesting to hear my own perspective on how her first year has gone. But first, take a look at this short video of highlights from that wonderful day a year ago and her first year in the fleet:

Let’s look at where she has been.  After a series of inaugural voyages and her Maiden Christmas voyage, she set off on her Maiden Round the World voyage.  That was a magnificent experience for those who came with us as she was given a marvellous welcome in many famous ports – big and small – around the world.  Since returning to Southampton she has spent her first summer sailing from Southampton on a series of Northern and Mediterranean voyages.  She had a terrific Maiden Round Britain voyage with a very special event in Liverpool, followed by a crossing to North America and Maiden visits to Boston and Halifax. She has carried over 50,000 guests and travelled over 125,000 nautical miles.

Quite rightly, all of our guests had very high expectations prior to joining Queen Elizabeth.  That has meant that our primary focus at Cunard has been in ensuring we work closely with the ship’s company to meet or exceed those expectations and to ensure that the ship ends her first year with a fine reputation.

Queen Elizabeth introduced a number of new features to Cunard Line – some have been successful right from the start and others we have had to tweak and further develop to make sure our guests enjoy their experience.  Here is a flavour of how she is doing:

Britannia Restaurant

The main Britannia dining room has been a great hit.  The design, look and feel of this awesome room recreates the golden days of ocean liner travel.  It creates a wonderful ambience for dinner.  With quite a few new members to the ship’s company, there has been a real team effort to make sure we get the consistency of our service right in the main dining room.  We used our White Star Academy and White Star Training programme to make sure all those new to the team were given as much support as possible. We also supported those who had been promoted into supervisory and management positions to help them develop their leadership skills. The team performed right from the very first voyage and today we are receiving very positive feedback from our guests. The menus and quality of food have been very well appreciated by our guests and up to the expected high standard.  Whether guests are having breakfast, lunch or dinner we are now getting excellent feedback and can safely say that the main dining room experience in the Britannia is really up to scratch.

Britannia Club

Well, let me bring you into a little secret – Britannia Club is fast becoming one of the most popular features of Cunard Line.  The ability to have your own private dining room and eat whenever you wish, whilst staying in one of the Premium Balcony staterooms in the current tough economy is proving to be the best value for money that Cunard offer.  We have a very successful Britannia Club on Queen Mary 2 – but on Queen Elizabeth we took the extra step of creating a distinctly separate and beautiful dining room.  Yes – Britannia Club is an absolute success and is selling extremely well.


Well, if I am honest this was seen by some commentators as quite a risk for Cunard Line.  Many other lines in the cruise industry feature external well known chefs to front their alternative dining venues.  In fact we too, through Todd English have such a relationship on both Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria.  However, our plan was to deliver something very special, unique and very Cunard through the Verandah.  It has turned out to be one of the most successful features of Queen Elizabeth.  Having dinner in the Verandah is, in fact, an event all in itself.  Through our wonderful Maitre D’, the beautiful French “farm to plate” dishes designed by our culinary ambassador Jean-Marie Zimmerman, have proved to be a real hit.  It is interesting for Cunard in looking at our alternative dining venues.  One of the challenges we have is that we pride ourselves on a very high level of cuisine in every restaurant on board our ships.  Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult for us to tempt our guests to try something different.  For example, if you are lucky enough to have 7 nights dining in the Queens Grill – why would you forsake a night of absolute excellence to go to a different dining venue?  Well of course our guests have the choice and they really do see Verandah as a ‘night out’

The Lido

We have managed to give a softer tone to the Lido on Queen Elizabeth, such that in the evening when we turn it into various alternative dining venues it becomes a very comfortable and relaxing venue.  The alternative dining options in the evening are proving to be very popular.  When we introduced the $10 charge for the alternative restaurants in the Lido we came under a little bit of scrutiny and criticism from our guests and industry commentators.  We were in fact accused of being a bit sharp in terms of asking people to pay extra.  However our experience on both Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria had shown that these venues were becoming so popular that it was proving very difficult for guests to get a reservation.  Those guests that discovered the venues were going time and time again and we needed to introduce a level of democracy to the situation.  We therefore decided to put a nominal $10 charge for eating at our alternative venues on all three ships.  This has been well accepted by our guests – not least when they consider the quality of the experience that $10 buys them – and as people do not go time and time again, it has meant that the venues have been more available to more people.  In these days of formality – which remains a real Cunard strength – it has also proved a venue which can be more relaxing for guests who, particularly on longer voyages, want to try a more relaxed evening than our main dining rooms.

We continue to learn and adapt to the changing nature of Lido dining on board our ships.  You know as people become more conscious of health and wellbeing, the amount of food being consumed in the Lido is declining and I personally think will decline further in years to come.  I often think it strange that on some cruise lines people tend to “eat for England” a number of times during the day.  In many other fine hotel venues around the world you simply do not have the ability to have a substantial meal partway through the afternoon, in advance of a beautiful dinner.  And therefore whilst we do and will continue to offer the full breakfast, lunch and evening service in the Lido, we are working hard to adapt to our changing guests’ needs during the day.  One little secret which is going really well on board Queen Elizabeth is the pizza and pasta station within the Lido.  Do try it if you have not already. You can pop up to the counter and choose your own fresh pasta as well as your own sauce and they will make it there fresh for you.  If you like a pizza – and I have to admit I have a liking for a pizza whilst travelling on board our ships – then you can order your own pizza, leave your name and our wonderful staff will ask you to come back in 7 minutes.  Yes – it’s the 7 minute pizza and if you go up in 6 minutes it won’t be ready and if you leave it more than 7 minutes they will come and find you.  But the pizzas are excellent on board Queen Elizabeth.

Queens Grill and Princess Grill

Well this on Queen Elizabeth, like Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2, is simply cuisine at its best.  On both Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria the position of the two Grill restaurants at the top of the ship is in fact a real wow. Not only do our guests enjoy the very best in cuisine at sea, but the views from these restaurants are quite stunning.  There is also a tremendous sense of privacy as the two restaurants have both an outdoor grill terrace and of course are adjacent to the Queens Grill Lounge, which is a wonderfully quiet and relaxing venue, both during the day and for pre and post dinner drinks.  On Queen Elizabeth both Princess Grill and Queens Grill, from a cuisine and service perspective, are receiving great accolades from our guests.

Generally around the ship the reaction to the main public rooms has been terrific.  I was recently in Santa Clarita in California where our designer Teresa Anderson is based.  I was able to congratulate her almost a year on as to the reaction our guests have given us over the overall designs of Queen Elizabeth.  I have a sneaking suspicion that of all the many ships Teresa has so ably designed in her long and illustrious career– Queen Elizabeth is her favourite.  I was really pleased to be able to introduce her personally to Her Majesty the Queen at the time of the ship’s naming and Teresa I know is very proud of her achievements.  Credit too must go to Giacomo Mortola, who partnered Teresa on the design of Queen Elizabeth. Some of the areas that have been well received include:

Royal Court Theatre – it is difficult for your jaw not to drop when you see this room on Queen Elizabeth for the first time.  It is quite a magnificent room and the private boxes are proving to be very, very popular. As you may know we have introduced something quite different on Queen Elizabeth with the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Company.  The approach here was to be able to offer a far more varied entertainment programme to our guests.  As well as offering traditional production shows we introduced a range of different entertainments, including some Shakespeare plays and some Neil Simon plays.

Commodore Club – this signature Cunard room has a wonderful location right at the top and front of Queen Elizabeth.  What makes the Commodore Club on Queen Elizabeth special are the beautiful murals of our ships.  Guests love to just sit and relax in the Commodore Club either during the day or during the evening.

Queens Room – this has proved to be just as successful as it is on our other two ships.  We did change the design slightly over Queen Victoria in moving the main entrance once you are in the Queens Room to the centre of the room.  On Queen Victoria the entrance was at the beginning of the room and that led to some congestion particularly on the formal nights where so many guests would like to meet with the Captain.  By moving it to the centre of the room, it has opened the room up and the guest flow is much more comfortable.  Listening to the wonderful band and watching so many of our guests enjoying their dancing, is a sight to behold in the Queens Room.  And of course this is the venue for the Afternoon Tea which continues to be a real hit (and yes it is fine to have Cunard jam and cream with your scones every now and then – why not).

Cafe Carinthia – those of you who know our ship designs well will know that in creating the Britannia Club on Queen Elizabeth, it meant we had to forsake the popular Chart Room Bar that we have in the same area on Queen Victoria.  We were a little bit worried at the time as to whether this would create a lack of available bar space, particularly for pre-dinner drinks.  So in order to alleviate that, we created more space in Cafe Carinthia. Cafe Carinthia on Queen Elizabeth is a beautiful room.  We also introduced a new way of serving our coffee.  Coffee has become much more popular now for all of us in our everyday lives.  The difference on Queen Elizabeth is that when you order a coffee – be it a cappuccino, a latte or a macchiato – it arrives on a small silver tray with a glass of chilled water and a little biscotti.  This has created an experience out of having a cup of coffee and with the beautifully comfortable sofas and chairs the Cafe Carinthia has become a place where guests simply love to dwell.  And in the evenings, either before or after dinner, Cafe Carinthia continues to be a lovely meeting place for our guests.

Midships Bar – the fascination of this little bar is that it is surrounded with wonderful memorabilia.  If you do travel with us then make sure you look at the detail of the memorabilia we have in this area.  My favourite – and I have seen many guests stop and look with interest – is we have an invoice from John Brown Shipyard for the construction of the first Queen Elizabeth.  If only the charges for building this Queen Elizabeth were the same as they were in those days.  Guests are also fascinated by the first class white telephone that we have that originally sat in one of the staterooms on the first Queen Elizabeth.

Royal Spa – We have had very favourable feedback for the Royal Spa.  All modern ships have such extensive space these days for guests, either for those people who are really into their fitness or those who are just looking to relax with a massage or indeed use the facilities of the salon.  The Royal Spa on Queen Elizabeth has proved to be very popular – especially the Spa pool.

Garden Lounge – This room is working very nicely. In the afternoon we serve our new ‘Champagne Tea Service’. We are also using the room for Jazz evenings and other events. The bar here is also proving to be a popular meeting place both during the day and in the evenings. The Garden Lounge is becoming a room where we are able to introduce more variety of entertainment. 

Outdoor areas – we have a hit on our hands with our games court.  You may know that up there we have Short Mat Garden Bowls, Croquet and of course our famous Paddle Tennis court.  It was always going to be fun watching our British guests teach our American guests how to play English garden bowls.  And fun it has turned out to be.  It is quirky and it is something different and very British.  I was also a little concerned as to how you keep a Garden Bowl level on the 12th deck of a ship at sea.  But overall this area has proved to be tremendously popular and very relaxing for our guests either if they want to partake in the quirky English sports or simply sit, relax and watch others perform.  The deck space on board Queen Elizabeth is more than sufficient for our guests.

There was a lot of chatter about whether you could promenade right the way around the ship.  Well, to those who have been on board Queen Elizabeth – you certainly can on this ship – you can go right the way around 360 degrees and it is proving to be a very popular pastime.  One of the things that Cunard do best is to provide a wonderful ambience for guests who like to promenade around the ship – particularly first thing in the morning – and you simply cannot beat the experience – it is very Cunard.  The Queens Grill and Princess Grill private deck space has proved to be popular and there is ample space and chairs for all.  The aft deck is considerably bigger on Queen Elizabeth than on Queen Victoria as we extended more cabins aft on Queen Elizabeth.  As we approached the final stages of the building of Queen Elizabeth, I did think that we had missed a trick in not building a substantial canopy on the main aft deck.  I think these days more and more people are keen to find shaded areas – particularly as we have such an extensive deck.  Hands up – I personally think I made a mistake here and we will look at whether we can install a canopy when Queen Elizabeth comes in for her first refit.  I think this would also further enhance the ability for people to relax and have lunch or even dinner outside under that canopy area.

I have been on the ship many times and often to listen to guests as they walk around for the first time.  I can honestly say that in Queen Elizabeth we have a beautiful ship that is being very well received by our guests.  She is very homely and has a lot of memories of QE2 and of our special links to the Royal Family.  It is more than anything a beautiful ship and one where our guests feel right at home from the minute they arrive. She has also become a wonderful younger sister to Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria.

So proud of our Ship’s Company - I can’t speak highly enough of the people who work on board Queen Elizabeth.  In particular there are many who joined the ship at the early stage of the ship’s construction.  I can assure you that building a ship is not easy and does not come without challenges.  Our Senior Officers, led by Captain Chris Wells, showed enormous leadership to every member of the ship’s company right through the build process, whilst the ship came into service, and every single day over the last ten months.  It is their passion and the passion of every member of the ship’s company that has really been the success of Queen Elizabeth.  Right from the moment when you walk on board and see our wonderful staff in their crisp Cunard uniforms, you can sense White Star Service and you can sense that each and every one of them knows the passion of “We Are Cunard”.  In the early days it was quite challenging for many of our staff.  Challenging for those who were with Cunard for the first time and challenging for those of our loyal and more senior staff who had to support and nurture those newcomers into the Cunard White Star Service.  And they have done magnificently well.

On a recent 14 day voyage – through the customer service questionnaires – our guests scored the overall voyage above 93%.  They scored the dining room service at 97%.  They scored the service they received in their staterooms at 95%.  When asked “Would you recommend Cunard Line to a friend?”  98.5% said “Yes”.  When asked if they would sail with Cunard and Queen Elizabeth again – over 97% said “Yes”.  These are some of the highest scores we have seen on a Cunard ship for some time.  And those scores simply reflect the pride and passion of every member of the ship’s company.  Importantly, they also reflect the feelings of our guests.

So on the first birthday of Queen Elizabeth we have real a sense of achievement, but at the same time a realism that we have to continue to work our socks off to deliver to the expectations of our guests.

We have ourselves a wonderful ship, a fine sister to Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria and one that we are proud to have in the Cunard fleet.

I hope you have enjoyed my own personal reflections of Queen Elizabeth – and I hope you are able to sail on her soon.  In particular – if it was down to me – I would be choosing to sail on her during her Maiden Mediterranean season in 2012.  There won’t be a finer ship in the Mediterranean.

I hope you are all keeping well and Best Regards.


  1. Philomena Walbert says:

    Dear Peter:
    I have been a loyal cruiser on QM2. The crew and staff, and entertainers (especially the pianists), on the QM2 are the best and the main reason she has been my liner of choice. However, your beautifully written descriptions of Queen Elizabeth’s elegant venues have convinced me that it may be time to acquaint myself with her. But, and most assuredly, I will return to my friends on the QM2.
    Your blogs have introduced me to many interesting people and sites. Thank you.
    Philomena Walbert

  2. Jon Mower says:

    It was great to be part of the maiden voyage, a very special experience, in fact we loved it so much we booked to go back on her for her third voyage, we only just had enough time to get off form the Maiden and get sorted before we got back on. We are also back on the Elizabeth in a couple of weeks, and we have already booked for next year, she is a great ship and a credit to all that work within her vast hull.

  3. Geoff & Nancy Palmer says:

    G’Day Peter from “Down Under”. My wife and I congratulate Cunard on the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth.
    We were fortunate enough to sail with her from Singapore all the way to Southampton in April May this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. We loved it so much we have booked on the Queen Victoria in May 2012 on the Balkans cruise. We just can’t wait! Anyway congratulations again from a couple of Aussie “Gold Members” who would only ever cruise with the best shipping line in the world CUNARD!
    PS – We just love your dog – We had one exactly the same called Bazza – Wer’e starting to really believe in re-incarnation! See you in May 2010! Geoff & Nancy Palmer

  4. Roger Waterfall says:

    Good to have you back doing your own blog.
    A very full appraisal of the last 12 months and thank you for the composite video.
    Agree with many of your comments.

    As my doctor has told me to keep out of direct sunlight whenever possible, I would be in favour of a canopy over the main aft deck.
    If you receive much more support from sun worshipers than shade worshipers, I would have to bow to a large majority. If the resulting feedback you receive is close, follow Universal medical advice and install a canopy anyway.

    Looking forward to sailing on Queen Elizabeth again, though as our main criteria is an itinerary with new ports of call, not sure when that will be.

  5. David says:

    Well said Peter. A friend of mine is a member of staff on the ship and if he hears about all of the praise then I am going to hear about it forever but I believe it is well deserved.Happy Birthday.

  6. Chris & Margaret Rose says:

    Hi Peter,
    What an excellent Blog.
    We were lucky and priveleged enough to join Queen Elizabeth on part of her Maiden World Cruise in Fort Lauderdale and sail around to Los Angeles via the Panama Canal.
    Our abiding memory was sitting in the Commodore Club for a part of the transition through the Panama Canal.
    We had a wonderful experience on the ship including many of the marvellous crew.
    Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth.
    Very best regards

  7. Timothy Rogers says:

    Good afternoon Peter, Another excellent Blog and I sincere with all of the comments already typed by the above guests on their computers. Appreciate the film on ‘You Tube.”, however do you possess a higher quality version of the film as it is slightly blurred on my computer screen? Thank you for your Blogs. Timothy Rogers.

  8. Brogan Swan says:

    Hi there Peter,

    Congratulations on the Queen Elizabeth’s first year in service and what a marvellous year it has been so far. I had the pleasure of joining her on the maiden world cruise with my father earlier this year and it was one of the best trips i have ever had. I had the great experience of travelling on the QE2 also and firmly believe the the QE’s career will be as long and exciting as her predecessor.

    I am only 23 and and have always had a love for the Cunard ships and i have just booked two world cruise segments for next year and taking 3 other family members with me on those trips and have also booked around the British Isles for July 27th with my uncle in Scotland, a very exciting year ahead on Queen Elizabeth.

    I would very much like to one day write about my Cunard experiences on your blog f the possibility arises. I have a picture that was taken with you and i near the Queens room in Sydney that i would like to forward to you.

    Congratulations again and thank you Cunard for bringing all your avid Cunard followers joy in what you do.

    Your loyal aussie Cunarder, Brogan

    (Melbourne, Australia.)

  9. Patrick Carter says:

    Hello Mr. Shanks

    Thanks for your comments. I for one would very much appreciate some sort of canopy on the aft deck because the sun can be so harsh. I am very much looking forward to my first sailing on the Queen Elizabeth this January from New York to San Francisco. Take care…


  10. Stewart & Christine Hague says:

    Good afternoon, Peter and all the staff on QE.

    Many Happy Returns.
    Congratulations on your 1st of many Anniversaries.
    We sailed on QE on her repeat Maiden Voyage to the Canaries & Funchal last December. Absolutely fabulous even if it got a little windy at times.
    It was really good to get away from the heavy snow in England.

    We will be coming back on board on 28th of this month for a trip to the Holy Land. We cannot wait.

    We love all 3 Cunard ships and I would agree about a canopy on the aft deck. I prefer to sit in the shadier areas as I am not a full time sun worshipper, only if playing cricket.

    We look foreward to meeting our many friends and staff in just over 2 weeks.

    Stewart & Christine Hague.

  11. Andy says:

    Hi Peter, thanks for reminding us what a great ship Queen Elizabeth is, having been on the Maiden Voyage and again before Christmas last year, we are really looking forward to rejoining her on the 28th for what I am sure will be a fantastic and relaxing voyage

  12. Tom Morgan and Ken Youngert says:

    It is hard to believe that one year ago yesterday we were at the naming ceremony and today we were sailing on the first day of the maiden voyage. What great days they were and what fond memories we have. We were truly lucky to have been onboard. We also greatly enjoyed the first transatlantic TA from SOTON to Fort Lauderdale.

    Our hands go up over the idea of a shade canopy on the aft deck. As Grills devotees, hwever, we would also suggest a similar shade effort for one of the Grills terraces. I am sure it would be much appreciated.

    Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth!!

  13. Wow! It really is a year since the Maiden Voyage. What a fabulous time we all had. It really has been a year since we sailed Cunard but we are back on QM2 this weekend with a vengeance!

    Happy 1st Birthday Queen Elizabeth.

    Darren Coleman & Nicholas Heald

  14. Judith Sayers says:

    WE sailed on Queen Elizabeth to the Baltic in July, it was lovely. The canopy would be a good idea, sometimes it is too hot (and unhealthy)to sit out for long without some shade. we loved being able to walk right round the deck. Could the Victoria be modified sometime? The service was superb, and everyone so friendly and happy. We are off again on the Queen Mary2 end of October, a last bit of sunshine to the Canaries. Looking forward to trips already booked for next year.We love all 3 ships, each offers something a bit different, the main thing for us is going out of Southampton and back, and being so comfortable on board. Well done everyone.

  15. I sailed, as a child of 6, with my parents on the Queen Elizabeth in December 1946 (Southampton to New York) after the end of World War II. It was a very memorable experience for a child who had lived in Scotland during the war. I can remember bringing an orange to our cabin each night and delighting in the smell and taste of it. Peach Melba is the sweet that I remember most. I loved the velvet ropes around the ship that you could hold if the seas got rough. I am sure the new Queen Elizabeth gives today’s passengers as memorable an experience as the majestic Queen Elizabeth of 1946 gave me. Thank you, Cunard.

  16. Roger and Ellie Hallett says:

    Congratulations on your First Birthday, MV Queen Elizabeth. We sailed on the Maiden World Voyage from Southampton to Sydney – with wonderful memories of the New York sail-away with her sisters, the Panama Canal and arrival in Sydney Harbour and meeting QM2 once more after travelling the globe in opposite directions from New Your. Brilliant, Cunard. (But we love QM2 the best!!)

  17. Morris Middleton says:

    Dear Peter, When, in 2007, I learned the QE2 would in the next year be taken out of service, I promptly booked a Mediterranean voyage aboard her and it more than met my expectations. My dining service in The Queen’s Grill was superior, I enjoyed a beautiful cabin, and the swath of shipboard activities was lavish. I met some very lovely friends during those 14 days aboard the lady, and was delighted to have had the opportunity to sail aboard her in her last year in service to Cunard. A few years later my travels found me in Dubai and I made a special walk to Port Rashid to see my old friend, her stack still painted Cunard orange and her engines still turning over to keep her alive. It was a sweet reunion, this American man from Alabama with his British ship in the United Arab Emirates. I value the Cunard experience and look forward to soon sailing again aboard the new Queen Elizabeth or one of her sisters. God save all the Queens! Most sincerely, Morris Middleton, Birmingham, Alabama, United States

  18. Morris Middleton says:

    PS: a public link to a captioned Facebook photograph album of my 2007 voyage aboard Queen Elizabeth’s predecessor, Queen Elizabeth 2, follows. I welcome all visitors to leave their comments:


  19. Brian Turp says:

    Lovely Video and can’t wait to join the ship in October. What was the music that accompanied the video it was just fantastic and sums up the excitement of going on a Cunard Cruise!

  20. Beryl Moss says:

    Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth. It doesn’t seem a year ago when we were down in Southampton watching the naming ceremony which was a magnificent occasion. We have since sailed on her with my grandaughters and we all had a most enjoyable cruise experience. She is a truly magnificent ship and compliments her sisters favourably. Looking forward to our cruises next year on both Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria.

  21. Paul Cunane says:

    Hello Peter, With ref to the Lido/Kings Court ‘Evening alternative dining venues’. whilst we all agree that those (of us) on longer voyages prefer the option for an’occasional’ relaxed dining evening/venue. Is it really necessary to state in the daily programme (QM2) ‘Jackets not Required’ (in these venues).
    Are you aware of the impact this dress code has throughout the other public rooms/bars & theatre, particularly on formal/semi formal evenings? Come on Cunard keep to your Three dress codes …. at least rectify it to Elegant Casual. Alternative dining (waiter service) should not be confused with a self service buffet,otherwise you would not have provided your crew members with a change of uniform (for evenings) in these venues. Paul.

  22. Kenneth Eden says:

    How popular the above post, and rightfully so. Cunard has the most enviable fleet, and enviable heritage, and to have so many laud the benefits of a Cunarder are certainly to repected.

    When polling passengers in the critical areas of passenger pleasure, the scores in the 90′s is hard to beat. I for one would have rated with answeres of 100% all the way ’round.

    Happy and merry, to the QUEEN ELIZABETH, and many happy returns to the QUEEN VICTORIA, and the only luxury liner at sea, QUEEN MARY 2.

  23. Ian Chorley says:

    Having been fortunate enough to have secured a place on QE’s Maiden Voyage,I became a devoted fan.I shall be joining you for my third voyage on QE on 28th October. Really loking forward to it…

  24. Anna Mills says:

    Our cruise in April this year was our first ever cruise; we choose Cunard as we wanted the opportunity to dress up in the evenings and we weren’t disappointed! Our balcony stateroom was lovely and I’m sure we would have loved spending time on deck – sadly the weather had other very unseasonal ideas..

    The ship is beautiful and we very much enjoyed several evenings in the Verandah restaurant, which we considered excellent value for money.

    One negative comment we have is about the evening dancing; there is only the choice of ballroom dancing in the Queens room (we weren’t able to join in not knowing the steps) or a very small dance area in the Yacht Club – where the volume was at an ear-bleeding pitch! Thanks goodness for the Commodore Club and the great cocktail waiters!

  25. Patrick says:

    HM The Queen´s car is a Bentley, not a RR ;-)

  26. Peter L says:

    Peter- Quite right about the pasta & pizza station on the Queen Elizabeth. We were on the QE this summer for the August Baltic Cruise after crossing from New York on the QM2 on 27 July. The pizza was fabulous! Also Jamie, Maitre’D for the Princess Grill is outstanding. He spent quite a bit of time giving my two young boys attention during the two weeks we were on board. We had a lovely crossing on the QM2 returning from Southampton to New York on 29 August, but missed the “true” pizza ovens you have onboard the QE! Please consider adding these during QM2′s next dry dock.

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