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Robert Powell On Board Queen Victoria

September 30, 2011

We Are Cunard

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Guest Blog – Robert Powell – The Prince’s Trust Ambassador

In 2007 my wife Babs and I, as Ambassadors of The Prince’s Trust, were invited to Southampton to the Naming Ceremony of Queen Victoria, staying overnight in one of the staterooms, so when 4 years later I was invited to give a couple of talks on board, as far as I was concerned it was only a question of which voyage.

It turned out that ‘Pearls of the Black Sea’ was the voyage mutually convenient for both Cunard and ourselves. We had the most fabulous trip!

From Venice to the ancient site of Olympia, the temple of Poseidon in Athens, a cruise down the Bosporus in Istanbul, visits to palaces and cathedrals in Yalta, climbing the Potemkin Steps and discovering the ‘Champagne’ making techniques of Odessa (don’t ask), the extraordinary archaeological site of Ephesus and the glories of the Amalfi coast.

All that in just 12 days and still managing to eat some spectacular cuisine on board, a couple of times as the guests of the completely charming Captain Ian Hutley and Chief Engineer Ronnie Keir, not to mention the delightful Entertainment Director Sally Sagoe. I could go on and on, the crew were all charming. The only problem was finding time to sleep as every evening the Royal Court Theatre put on shows that would grace any West End theatre. The young dancers and singers were particularly brilliant.

I’ve just read back what I’ve written so far and it reads like something from out of a Cunard brochure! Well, I promise you I’ve not been paid to write this blog. I sailed with Cunard for the first time in 2000 on QE2 when Jasper Carrott and I did a couple of talks as a double act. Mayhem ensued, enormous fun. It’s taken 11 years to be invited back for my second voyage. All I can say is, I hope I don’t have to wait so long for the next.

On behalf of the Prince’s Trust Charity – Entertainment Director Sally auctioned off the Navigational Chart depicting the route taken during this voyage including Dardanelles and Bosporus.The auction involved  “giving away kisses”  all of which helped raise $840. This very well attended auction was a joyful and humorous event helping an excellent cause.

  1. Peter Shanks says:

    Robert – thank you so much for your kind blog. I remember meeting you around the time of the launch of Queen Mary 2 in 2004 when we held a spectacular event on board for one of the other charities you support – The Lords Taverners which raised a very significant sum. I think I am right in saying that at the time Babs was preparing to go the North Pole and we were all very pleased when she returned. Pleased you enjoyed your time on Queen Victoria and thank your for helping us to support The Prince’s Trust – a pleasure to have you both on board. Best Regards. Peter Shanks.

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