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Queen Elizabeth’s Maiden Call to Liverpool – Video Part 1

September 14, 2011

We Are Cunard

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Hello All

Thank you to so many for making such positive comments on my report of our visit to Liverpool last week. Often people ask me ‘What is a blog – what does it do?’ Well I think those that read our blog on the visit and those that made such warm remarks about their own experiences in return demonstrate just what blogs are for – a way of us conversing with our loyal and future guests and bringing to life some of the many experiences of Cunard.

Well – as promised – we have two videos to help share the remarkable day in Liverpool. The first one paints a picture of the day and why Liverpool is our spiritual home – and I do hope you enjoy it. The second will follow later in the week – and that will share with you just what we got up to in the Cathedral – not one to miss.

I am also pleased that in both videos you will meet our new Entertainment Director on Queen Elizabeth – Keith Maynard. Here we go……

Back soon with the second half of the story. That’s all for now.

Best regards


  1. LeAnne Zaske says:

    What a wonderful experience it was to part of this voyage. There were so many memories made that I will never forget! Thank you Cunard!!

  2. Claire Moody says:

    Lovely to see Keith again on his new home Queen Elizabeth. Looking forward to the next blog.

  3. Beryl Moss says:

    It was great to meet Keith again when we sailed recently on the Late Summer Getaway. The video is a great watch and look forward to the second part.

  4. judith sayers says:

    Has Keith transferred permanently from the Victoria, where we met him? Where is Amanda? looking forward to the next blog.

  5. Claire Moody says:

    Judith – Keith is currently covering for Amanda as she takes a well earned rest. I believe he is back on Victoria in October.

  6. Bill Bradbury says:

    Excellent video which covered all the places I mentioned in my blog. Off to see the QM2′s arrival which judging by its current position will be around 11-12am Peter it can’t be far off its refit. Any newson this? It was exactly a year ago when we were on it on the NY-Quebec-NY-Southampton cruise. A wonderful time which went too quickly.

  7. Malcolm Ranson says:

    Brilliant Video and a Brilliant visit to Liverpool last week which my wife and I were on, where I live – just wandered down from our appartment to see QM2 which arrived this morning.

    Thank You

  8. Bill Bradbury says:

    QM2 arrival was greeted with 1000′s lining the River-5 deep behind me and many other advantage points and that was only the North side of the River. What a pirouette in the Mersey!!-inch perfect. Is it true that plans are afoot to get all three Cunards into the Mersey on its 150th Anniversary 2015 I think? Must book that trip.

  9. Paul Cunane says:

    Brilliant Peter and well done to Keith, who appears to have settled down in the Cunard family !
    As a former Liverpool lad these Cunard visits make me feel proud.
    Many thanks Cunard for the new Cunard year book thats on the way .

  10. Kay Fall says:

    Well we have been on three ‘Queens’ maiden voyages also the penultimate cuise of QE2, but oh how I wish we had been on the trip into Liverpool and the visit to the Cathedral, it seems that it was a very emotional time. Glad to hear that QM2 got a good welcome too, was anything special done for that trip

  11. Steven Trembath says:

    Peter, do check out this superb video of the fireworks on You Tube: http://youtu.be/Iqik5kymS_I

    Regards, Steve Trembath

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