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Inside Liverpool Cathedral – Video Blog Part 2

September 21, 2011

We Are Cunard

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Hello all
Today we have the second part of our video blog from Queen Elizabeth’s maiden call to Liverpool, broadcasting rights mean that we are unable to share the wonderful music that was provided by the orchestra and by Lesley Garrett – but the video will give you a sense of just how special the occasion was for those of our guests from Queen Elizabeth who attended:

  1. Paul Ballard says:

    It’s very disappointing that Cunard could not find a way to share the music from their own event.

  2. sheila hedderick says:

    When will Cunard Queen Elizabeth visit Japan and Vietnam, does anyone know?

  3. Roger Waterfall says:

    I have enjoyed the Liverpool blogs, especially the fact that you were in Cunard House (I was there for an interview in the 60′s) There were magnificent Cunard models there, are they now in Southampton?
    How did you get on last Sunday? Will there be a Princes Trust Blog?

  4. Chris (Cunard) says:

    Hello Sheila,

    Queen Elizabeth will be calling into Chan May and Phu My, Vietnam on 17 and 19 March 2012, as part of her World Voyage.

    Queen Mary 2 will be calling into Osaka, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan on 18, 20 and 21 March 2012 and calling into Phu My, Vietnam on the 29 March 2012 as part for her World Voyage.

    Chris (Cunard)

  5. Malcolm ranson says:

    Brilliant !

    Thank you

    Roll on 2015 when hopefully all 3 Queens will be in the Mersey for the 175 Aniversary ?!?!?!

  6. David says:

    Shame about the broadcasting rights – all part of modern life I suppose.

  7. Kenneth Eden says:

    Brilliantly done, albeit, tooting ones own horn, so as to speak. HOWEVER, there is not one cruise line or passenger company today that can lay claim to the heritage that Cunard Line has to offer, and that is a good thng. And, that is why I sail Cunard , the heritage, the very essence of the liner voyage, on ships with tradition that stand the test of time.

  8. Peter Shanks says:

    Roger – thanks for asking, all went very well with the Princes Trust Bike Ride and Lisa will be posting a blog on how we got on later this week. Best Regards. Peter

  9. Roger Hallett says:

    Very disappointed with part 2.

  10. Peter Shanks says:

    Paul – in reply to your question on sharing the music. At the concert we had the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra along with other performers. When you put events like this together – if you choose to broadcast all or part of the concert then it becomes prohibitively expensive as you have to abide by strict broadcast and performing rights. If we were to do that then it would render the event too expensive in the first place. This is the approach we take with all the events we create – you may see short news coverage clips of performances – as with the Queen Elizabeth naming – but we do not broadcast the whole event. So those that attend our events as guests during the voyage get to experience the whole event – we can only share highlights through our blog and other media. I hope that answers your question. Best Regards. Peter

  11. Bill Bradbury says:

    Paul, I thought the video captured the essence of the Cathedral,of which I am one of its “Friends” supporting it and have sung there many times. Pity some do not understand the intricasies of the performing rights. (the Musicians Union is very powerful)This site gives all the postives of Cunard which is a little relief from a few of Cunard’s regulars defending it on the “Cruise” site where we read some different views of Cunard. However we manage to put the record straight! Keep up the blogs. We still await two questions to be answered raised by myself and a few others. What will happen to the QM2 refit and are there plans afoot to get all 3 Cunards into Liverpool on its 150th.Aniversary.When can we book or is it “watch this space?”

  12. sheila hedderick says:

    Big Thank You to Chris (Cunard) for replying to my question on QE visiting Japan and Vietnam. We have spent 12 weeks on board QM2 and yes she is doing the trip we wish to do in 2012, However we have had 31 days on QE and she has a “lawn bowling green” so is our ship of choice, IF only QM2 had a lawn bowling green!

  13. judith sayers says:

    Your excellent descriptions in the first blog plus the pictures in the second made up in part for the lack of music. We all know how well Lesley sings, and the musicians play.Those who were there were the lucky ones, getting it all. Keith as commentator was excellent too. Well done all.

  14. Clive Hanley says:

    The blogs you uploaded for the visit to Liverpool were superb. The quality of the youtube videos is fantastic as was the professionalism of the presenter (whose name escapes me). As a Liverpudlian now living near Stratford on Avon I was really disappointed at not being able to see, hear & photograph both Queen Elizabeth one week then Queen Mary 2 the next as they both made rare visits into the River Mersey and moored at the landing stage. I tracked down an excellent webcam though (http://www.wirralcam.org/home.shtml) and from my office desk was able to dip in every now and again to view Queen Elizabeth across the river. The next week though was outstanding as Queen Mary 2 arrived in a cloudless blue sky at lunchtime and after following progress on the web (http://www.shipais.com/) another of those cameras picked it up as QM2 made its majestic arrival into the river and I was also able to watch as it turned outside The Cunard Building to take its place on the landing stage. It was truly an awesome sight. I will most definately be looking to make my arrival into Liverpool in 2015 on one of these vessels to join the celebration of Cunard’s 175th Anniversary.
    Meanwhile I have my first trip on a Cunarder already booked next June when the 3 Queen’s are in Southampton together. It cannot come quickly enough!

  15. Claire Moody says:

    Another great blog. After the fantastic job Keith has done on both of these blogs, can we look forward to more from him in the future?
    He is an absolute credit to Cunard.

  16. Beryl Moss says:

    What a fantastic blog. Although the video was short whilst watching and listening to it it gave me the feeling of being there and witnessing the celebrations first hand. I found the sailaway very emotional as if I was actually on Queen Elizabeth. Also well done Keith and I reiterate the coment made by Claire Moody that he is a credit to Cunard having met him on our last cruise on Queen Elizabeth recently where he went out of his way to make the cruise special for my twin grandaughters who were on board to celebrate their 18th birthday.

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