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Fond memories of QE2 in Southampton…..

September 5, 2011

We Are Cunard

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Hello All

Last week I attended a lovely little ceremony in Southampton. Following the retirement of the QE2 in 2008 – along with our friends in Dubai we donated one of the famous ship’s anchors to the city of Southampton. The city kindly decided to rename one of the roads leading into the town centre ‘QE2 Mile’. And along the mile they have created a nice location to place the anchor. It stands proud, surrounded by a very smart polished stone surround and a very appropriate plaque.

So one evening last week we assembled next to the new anchor to mark our donation to the city. The Mayor of Southampton and the Leader of the Council said a few words – as did I. I referred to the important relationship that both QE2 and Cunard Line have with the city of Southampton. I also said it was very good of them to create the QE2 mile – in fact the QE2 sailed over 5.8 million miles from Southampton and she will rightly be warmly remembered by all in the city. Here are some pictures from the event;

The next morning Queen Elizabeth was in town and ready for her maiden voyage around the British Isles departing that evening. Of course it is our new Elizabeth that is carrying the name ‘Southampton’ around the world. Whilst I was walking round the ship that morning I could not help notice just how many wonderful plaques we have from the many places Queen Elizabeth has visited in her first year. Here is a selection of some of them located outside the entrance to the Commodore Club:

Quite a few blogs to follow over the next couple of weeks as Queen Elizabeth goes right around Britain- including a very special event in Liverpool. We will also be sharing some views as to how the ship is faring in her first year – with my own personal thoughts. This is all by way of building up to her 1st birthday on 11 October where we rightly plan to remember that special day last year and reflect on her first year in service.

I am writing this on Sunday afternoon. This morning I completed my ‘wet weather training’ for our forthcoming Prince’s Trust Palace to Palace Bike Ride. By ‘wet weather training’ I mean that I cycled 15 miles in the pouring rain – yes the English Summer just carries on. I mention this in case any of you feel any sympathy for my Sunday morning efforts on behalf of the Prince’s Trust – and may be moved to moving the curser to the top right hand corner of the blog and clicking on the ‘Just Giving’ site to safely sponsor me and the Prince’s Trust. A big thank you to those of you who have already supported us already.

That is all for now – back soon with some news on the Queen Elizabeth Round Britain voyage….

Best Regards


  1. Nigel Barton and Sue Lee says:

    Peter having just disembarked QE after the 5 night Late Summer Getaway cruise, “up and down the Channel” as Capt Wells quaintly remarked to us, and our second voyage on her in 10 months (the first being her second voyage and Maiden ports on the Western Med) we can report QE proudly represents her two predecessors and Capt Wells commands a fine ship with an Excellent crew rating !! Having also taken QV to LAX in January and therefore in tandem with QE across the Atlantic and down to the Caribbean, we have calculated our 30 nights on or watching QE amounts to 10% of her 300 or so sailing days over the 10 months; not bad for two professionals having to earn thir crust with the daily grind of salaried employment and a limited vacation day allowance from our employers !! Keep it up the Cunard team and Capt Wells as QE almost amounts to our second home. Nigel and Sue

  2. Patricia Anderson says:

    About two weeks ago you wrote that you would be giving information about the QM2′s refit. I have looked every day since but haven’t seen anything. Will it be coming soon?

  3. judith sayers says:

    Nice blog Peter. Pleased to see Southampton doing its bit. The memorobilia in all the ships relating to their ports of call is very interesting, and in some cases quite beautiful. We always enjoy browsing to see where they have all been when we are on board. Looking forward to the Jubilee sail out, we will be on QM2.

  4. julie says:

    We will be on the QM2 too Judith, so looking forward to getting back on her. QV has been our main ship for a good few voyages xx

  5. Peter Shanks says:

    Dear Patricia – Sorry to keep you waiting to update on the forthcoming Queen Mary 2 refift – I want to make sure that when we tell the story we include the refurbishment plans as well as some of the enhancements we have planned foe the onboard experience as well. Rest assured we will tell the story first on the blog and will do so before the end of the month. Kind Regards. Peter

  6. Bill Bradbury says:

    Re Patricia’s comment above I also asked for details about the refit as its time is drawing close. Any Chance Peter? Hope you enjoyed your stay in my local port Liverpool. If and when Peel Holdings gets its act together we may see Cunard once more departing from Liverpool. As a port of call there are now so many attractions within walking distance from the berth especially the new Museum plus two magnificent Cathedrals and St.Georges hall and Liverpool One’s shopping centre.Pity I missed it as I was in Henley on Thames having a lovely river cruise and doing some misionary work converting Southerners to our Northern sense of humour which you need to live here!!??.

  7. Beryl Moss says:

    We also disembarked from Queen Elizabeth on the 5 night Late Summer Getaway with my twin grandaughters who were on board to celebrate their 18th Birthday. It was a first Cunard cruise for them and what a fantastic ship to do it on. They were enthralled by her and the crew were amazing especially our 2 waiters in the Britannia Restaurant who were extremely attentive and made the girls feel very special. They have both said they will be saving for a return cruise on one of the Queens. Their mother, my daughter will be sailing with me on her first Cunard voyage on none other than Queen Elizabeth next June to experience for herself the amazing atmosphere and service. My own thoughts on Queen Elizabeth are that she is a truly magnificent ship and follows in the footsteps of her sister Queen Victoria.

  8. Trisha says:

    Looking forward to the refit, we will be on QM2 on Dec 8th sailing. Can’t wait!!!

  9. tony mac says:

    More great membrabilia in Southamton at The Bargate Shopping Centre, Tony Mac;s collection,

  10. Here’s some more shots from the unveiling ceremony:




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