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Queen Victoria lends a helping hand

August 4, 2011

We Are Cunard

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We thought we would share this little blog with you from David Stephenson, Hotel Manager on board Queen Victoria.

On Queen Victoria’s recent overnight call in St Petersburg, the Hotel Team on Queen Victoria received a request from Hans Dernision Hotel Manager and Agnello D’ Souza Executive Housekeeper of Holland America Line, ms Rotterdam for assistance with their laundry  following a temporary failure of one of their main laundry washing machines.

Always happy to assist the Queen Victoria team arranged to wash and dry 720 kilos of pool towels and stateroom towels while processing the linen change for their own guests.

The Deputy Captain arranged the necessary Gangway clearances so that the transfer of the dirty linen could be expedited quickly and efficiently between the two vessels. The whole process went seamlessly and the clean linen was transferred back to the ms Rotterdam with ample time to spare before Queen Victoria’s departure for Tallinn. It was perhaps ironic that the most complicated part of the process was arranging the customs authorisation to make the transfer possible.


Pictures below show ms Rotterdam’s Laundry Staff working alongside Queen Victoria’s onboard Laundry Team

  1. tony mac says:

    Can you send me one of each please to complete a set.

  2. Roger Hallett says:

    I am glad the process was seamless.

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