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Queen Elizabeth hosts a Special Celebration.

August 19, 2011

We Are Cunard

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Many people choose to sail with us for special occasions including renewing wedding vows, birthdays and anniversaries. We would like to share with you Mr and Mrs Sydney Logan’s recent celebration on board Queen Elizabeth and are very grateful to the Logan’s for sharing their story with us.

During the Mediterranean Gems Voyage just completed, we were pleased to be able to help one couple to celebrate their Diamond Anniversary. Prior to departing Southampton, the Captain was handed a Special Envelope, and instructed to present it to the couple on the relevant day.

Accordingly, Mr and Mrs Sydney Logan were invited to The Admiral’s Lounge on 8 August, after departure from Civitavecchia, for a celebratory glass of champagne with the Captain. Also waiting in the Admiral’s Lounge were the couple’s son, David, and his partner Peter, together with the Hotel Manager, Chief Engineer and Deputy Captain. Once the champagne had been poured, and glasses raised, the envelope was duly presented.

It is not often that we are able to witness and celebrate a Diamond Anniversary on board, and even rarer to have the honour to present the congratulatory card from Buckingham Palace, but this was one of those moments.


In conversation it transpired that Sydney Logan had started his career as an apprentice butcher on a merchant ship in 1945, and actually spent three years at sea before settling down in Cumbria. Phyllis was very happy as this celebration culminated another special day for her; as this had been her first ever visit to Rome.

 Pictured, Sydney and Phyllis Logan, with their son David, Deputy Captain Hamish Sunter, Captain Chris Wells, Hotel Manager Jacqui Hodgson and Chief Engineer Colin Black

  1. Kenneth Eden says:

    Such a nice story, and where better than a cruise to celebarte. I wish Mr and Mrs Logan many more happy years together, and pleasant cruises.

  2. judith sayers says:

    What a thoughtful son to arrange that for them. We have a long way to go to catch them, we celebrated out 40th on the Queen Mary 2 in the Caribbean,in December, which was lovely. We are saving for the 50th now!Congratulations to the Logans.

  3. Stewart Nicol says:

    Just to let you know Peter we thoroughly enjoyed or Mediterranean gems voyage. Even though it was in reverse order.

  4. anthony jr says:

    Mr. Shanks,

    I was looking at most recent pictures of QM2 in Hamburg last week and I noticed that the ventilation pipes on the stern are not all black anymore, just a wondering Cunard enthusiast.

  5. Peter Shanks says:

    Dear Anthony Jr – with reference to your question on the two main aft ventilation pipes. To the best of my knowledge these have always been white with a black tip. We have recently refurbished them – so they are looking a little brighter. I will check with the team – but I think they are still as they have always been. We always try to keep things as they are – at the risk of being a little controversial , one of my predecessors decided to paint the QE2 light grey – and for that we rightly got some flak – don’t worry we have no plans to do the same to Queen Mary 2. Best Regards. Peter

  6. Beryl Moss says:

    Congratulations to the happy couple and what a wonderful way to celebrate such a milestone in their married lifes.

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