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Help me ride 47 Miles … and raise a ‘shed load’ of money for a good cause….

July 29, 2011

We Are Cunard

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Hello all

Many of you will know that Cunard and many of our guests support the Prince’s Trust. The Prince’s Trust is a well known charity in the UK headed up by Prince Charles and we are a Gold Patron having helped to raise over half a million pounds since 2007. The Prince’s Trust helps young people all round the UK and is a very worthwhile cause. We recentlyreceived a letter from Prince Charles thanking all of our guests for their kind contributions to Prince’s Trust.  Here is a quote from his letter to us:

“I did just want to write and thank you and everyone at Cunard Line for your most generous ongoing support of my Trust and your commitment to join our group of dedicated supporters in becoming Gold Patrons of my Trust.

Cunard Line has made, and is continuing to make, the most enormous difference to our work across the United Kingdom. Your donations are used to transform the lives of a great many disadvantaged young people and help them into self-employment, work, education or training.”

So here’s the deal. It’s not like me to ask our valued bloggers and guests for money, but on this occasion I am going to. There are of course two options for you. The first option is to wake up on the 18th September, dust down your bike, get yourself to Buckingham Palace and cycle on what is bound to be a very hot day just 47 miles from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle. It’s known as the ‘Palace to Palace’ Prince’s Trust Bike Ride and is one of their regular fundraising activities. The second option you have is to let me do the hard work for you on my bike. So I have committed to get “on my bike” and do the ride on behalf of all of our loyal Cunarders and bloggers wherever you are right around the world. Your task is to sponsor me to do the ride and by doing so raise monies for the Prince’s Trust. Any amount of sponsorship would be welcome – but let me give you an example as to the power of what we could do together. If just 5,000 of our valued bloggers or Cunarders were to donate just £10 or $15 we would raise £50,000 or $75,000. That would be pretty cool – that would be what I refer to as a ‘shed load’ of money. But I think we could do a lot better than that. I have also written to our loyal Cunarders through the Cunarder magazine to ask for their assistance. Attached below is a link which will take both our UK, North American and International guests direct to a fundraising website called “justgiving.com”. It’s a very well used site by many people these days and totally secure. Now like you, I am sure, I have been asked to make charitable donations many times in the past and it can be a hassle. Trust me – so long as you have your credit card to hand – just a few minutes on the justgiving.com website could make the difference to the Prince’s Trust and to some very deserving young people in the UK.

Please forgive me for my blatant fundraising appeal, but I am determined to make the most out of my 47 miles. If you do find it within you to support us, then thank you very much in advance and we will of course be letting you know the amount of money we are able to raise and of course we will follow through on letting you know what good causes and which young people we are then able to support by your generosity.

So there you have it – two options. Either come and join me with your bike and cycle 47 miles on Sunday 18th September or enjoy whatever you are doing, wherever in the world on that particular Sunday, and let us have £10, $15 or perhaps more and I’ll do all the hard work on your behalf – and I will do so with great pride.

Best regards – off to do some training.


  1. Roger Waterfall says:

    Sorry that I can’t join you in person Peter.
    Perhaps most Cunarders can do a little better than £10.
    I realise that it might be a little embarrassing for you to sugest more, perhaps I can help.
    How about £1 (or multiples there of) a mile Cunarders?

  2. S. Nicol says:

    Well done, Peter, for ‘getting on your bike’! It’s good to see an ‘MD / President’ doing something like that for charity. Wish I could join you, but being a minister up in Scotland means I will be otherwise occupied. Glad to join in the fundraising, though, from a distance.

  3. Rob Holloway says:

    Your justgiving site is looking good and as you say everybody will give what they decide as every bit helps regardless.

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