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July 18, 2011

We Are Cunard

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Hello All

We have an exciting personal blog today from none other than Jerry Springer who recently travelled on board Queen Mary 2 – we are very grateful to him for sharing his story – I hope you enjoy it.

In 1949, my parents brought my sister and me to America by way of the ‘Queen Mary’ – a 5 day journey from Southampton – in hopes of finding a new life – having lost most of their family in the Holocaust.

Though I was only 5 years old, I remember the morning we sailed passed the Statue of Liberty into the New York Harbor. Everyone came up on deck to look at ‘Miss Liberty’ – and in later years Mom told me I had asked her “What are we staring at? What does it mean?” She responded in her German “einfach alles”– ‘one day everything’. She was right; America has given us a wonderful life.

We have never forgotten that voyage – the ‘Queen Mary’, and so, for my sister’s birthday I bought 4 tickets for our spouses and us to relive the journey, this time on Queen Mary 2. What a magnificent ship, what a wonderful week – another life memory.

If you get the chance – sail away – call the Queens

Jerry Springer

  1. David A. Walker says:

    Peter, Peter, Peter,

    Getting crew or passengers (even famous ones) to praise the virtues of Cunard on the Cunard website is rather incestuous. We are dedicated already and it borders on self-praise. After all, paid employees
    are not going to go against company policy. You’ve being doing it a lot recently.

    My father always claimed, “self-praise is no recommendation.”

    You have a great ‘product’ Peter, tell others not the already confirmed believers.

    Tell us how Cunard got to be where it is, how they are so safe, give superb service, &c. – OR occasionally print a beef or two and how the company deals with them.



  2. Linda says:

    David, David, David,

    I really think you missed the boat. Thanks to Peter and Jerry nice blog.


  3. Paul Cunane says:

    Put a sock in it David !

  4. Rob Holloway says:

    For myself I can find all kinds of information on Cunard in the library , on the web, interms of its service, history, technical information on how the ships are built but I cannot find information on what makes a person stay with Cunard or what their job entails.
    The recent story of the young woman who is a third engineer was fanstastic as you could tell of her dream, her achievement and talents.
    So,, Peter Shanks keep thse blogs going in the way you have started.
    One day I will be a Cunard passenger but for moment this is one my favourit blogs
    Cheers /Rob

  5. Kenneth Eden says:

    Did somebody miss what this “blog” was about?

    It tells of Jerry Springers background, his first encounter with any ship travel, which happened to be Cunard – by parental choice or by chance – his first encounter with the Statue of Liberty, and freedom?

    Dear god, some people need to get a life – In the above, I see no “self praise”, by Peter of Mr. Springer, and no blowing of ones horn and no praising of cunard or its “virtues”.

    Comments should be posted where appropriate.

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