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A Reunion of Passengers of Past

June 1, 2011

We Are Cunard

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Guest Blog

Ed Moffat

Assistant Entertainment Director



Those of you who are regular readers of the blog will know that we often have meetings on board for guests who have travelled on previous Cunarders through the years to share stories and memories of their voyages. On a recent crossing on board Queen Mary 2 we had a special reunion for past guests of the original Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary. The most enjoyable part of attending these reunions is collecting the information. Gathering the smallest part of just one personal memory and sparking a conversation containing individual unique reflections.

I had the pleasure of meeting some of our previous guests, who brought some wonderful photos and memorabilia with them:

Patricia Rudkin (Nee Brown) and her best friend at the time were handed their green card and immediately immigrated to the US in 1963 sailing to their new home on board Queen Elizabeth. “It was the first time I sailed and was such a big adventure for me.” “I recall the salt water in the swimming pool and bath especially having to use the special soap with the salt water”.  Patricia also remembers her and her best friend being such a ‘big hit’ one of the bands took them to one of the First Class lounges on a few occasions.

Linda Davie sailed to Southampton, June 1964 and returned back to the US August 1964. The trip of a life time to and from the UK and 2 months in Europe was a graduation present.  Linda was 18 years of age when she sailed first class on the Transatlantic Crossing. Because the Queens where registered in UK the drinking age once out of US waters was no longer 21 as in the US but 18, the same as the UK. “I would often sneak into the disco in cabin class, where I had my first glass of sherry”.

Jeannie O’Brian sailed on board Queen Mary with her mother in 1966. They where visiting relatives in Hull, England where her mother originally came from.  Jeannie’s husband, Forest O’Brian remembers thinking to himself as he watched Jeannie sailing away into the distance on Queen Elizabeth” “I’m going to marry that girl one day”. And they have been together ever since.

Murray Edwards from Victoria, British Columbia sailed on Queen Mary in 1943 as a serviceman after his tour finished in England. Mr. Edwards served in the Royal Canadian Army, Princess Patricious Company, Light Infantry. He remembers sailing on an almost empty ship with only 500 other service personnel on board. He also recalls the first Cunard ship he sailed on, Berengaria. Mr. Edwards also met his wife on the Scythia.

Eunice Palmer’s Father, Henry Moore was on the maiden voyage of Queen Mary. “He worked for Moyse and Stevens of Berkley Square, London and delivered the wreaths for her first voyage“.

Anthony Greenwood travelled on board Queen Mary when at the age of nine in 1965. He was the eldest of three children when his family immigrated to a new life in Canada. ”I remember watching my first 18 rated movie which was Cincinnati Kid”. Also travelling on board was TV’s Arthur Haines

Sadie Berbelowitz was only 16 when she sailed on board Queen Elizabeth in 1948. “The ship looked so clean and so new”. She had only been in peacetime service a short while after being refitted from being a troop carrier. “The officers would always be in the ballroom waiting to dance”




On a final note to close this Blog take a look at the segment of a guest list from Queen Mary below. Can you spot the celebrity and his family who sailed? Incidentally I am uncertain of the date or year of this particular guest list, but what a great souvenir to have had for all those years. Thank you to Miss Maria DeLoure for donating this marvellous piece of Cunard History. We will ensure that it makes it to its intended recipient.

  1. Eddie Marshall says:

    Thanks for sharing this. It is always fascinating to hear about travels on the old Cunard liners. Such history that is being kept alive.

  2. Cecile Suchal says:

    Mr Shanks:

    I’m surprised to read that you published passenger lists without regard for privacy issues. As I’m travelling with Cunard on 2 transatlantic crossings this fall, I’m wondering if you plan to publish, and I mean e-publish, passenger lists with my name on them? In my career as a federal public servant (now retired) in Canada, it was one of my responsibilities to ensure privacy legislation was respected in relation to media relations activities in particular.

    Cecile Suchal
    Ottawa Ontario Canada

  3. Kenneth Eden says:

    I have read accounts of the crossing with Walt Disney, and there it is, his and family members names, right on the pasenger list.

    I have several passenger lists, although non bear such famous a name as Disney, from my own personal sailings, be it Cunard Line, or on other lines. I suppose privacy dictated the riddance of the passenger list, and with todays technology, it is a relic of the past.

  4. tony mac says:

    I have some lists my self ,all the celebs sailed on the two Queens over the years.

  5. Grant Thomas says:

    Mr Walt Disney I spot in that list. A long, long way from Hollywood!

  6. Lisa (We Are Cunard) says:

    Hello Cecile

    The passenger list is from Queen Mary (1936-1967)when guests were presented with a passenger list for their voyage, people were given the choice as to whether they appeared on the list.
    This is not something that is practiced on board our ships today.

  7. Len Harvey says:

    For the last few days I have been trying to follow the voyages of the Queen Elizabeth via the webcam, but all I can get is a message that due to weak signal strength no pictures are available and that normal service will be resumed shortly. Is the webcam down as both other ships do not seem to have a problem? Regards, Len Harvey

  8. Chris & Margaret Rose says:

    Hi Peter,
    Yes I agree with Len Harvey regarding the Bridge Web Cams.
    I have read so many comments about the Queen Elizabeth Bridge Cam,
    most of which seem a little obscure as you can always see where
    she is on the map and the itinerary but in the last couple of days the
    QM2 Bridge Cam seems to have been the same view and on QV the view does
    not match the itinerary?

    Great Guest Blog from Ed Moffat.
    It is fascinating to read about previous transatlantic passengers
    and their experiences and as always Cunard seems to hold a very special
    affection for so many people, my wife and I included.
    Many thanks and very best regards

  9. David says:

    Hi. I made a comment last year about Queen Elizabeth and the fact the bridge cam did not show a location. The reply received suggested this was going to be addressed, to have a cam the same as Queen Victoria and others but nothing seems to be any different. The little markers on a map are not really an exact location and I find it far better if the cam can show the location.

  10. Kay Fall says:

    We have been on the maiden voyages of QM2 Queen Victoria & Queen Elizabeth, and each time a list of passengers has been printed, and each time passengers were asked to let the purser know if you did not want you names included on the list.
    Also I do love to see the views from the web cam, it will be lovely when they are up and working again

  11. June says:

    A family member is on the staff of QE and I usually enjoy following the progress of the ship via the webcam and ‘location’ map, but for the past week the webcam has not been in action and today I see that the ‘port location indicators’ are now missing – I shall really get concerned when the ‘ship indicator’ disappears! Looking forward to ‘normal service’ being resumed soon.

  12. We are leaving for Norway june 9 onboard the QM2 and I have noticed that there is no way to know who will be the Captain and cruise director. It used to be mentioned on “Officers aboard” . Thank you.

  13. mandy Martin says:

    I’m trying to track down passenger lists for Queen Mary between may and september 1963 as i believe i was on Queen Mary as a child between these dates. Appreciate any help in finding this list many thanks.

  14. Lisa (Cunard) says:

    Hello Mandy

    We do not keep passenger lists, however the Merseyside Maritime Museum may be able to help you:


  15. Mary Erikson says:

    My brother was born on the Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth on March 14th 1963 Enroute to England, is there a way to get a passenger list? Anyone on this blog recall this?

  16. Shonda says:

    My husbands grandfather, Robert (Bob) Center was on the final voyage of the Queen Mary and was asked by the city of Long Beach (which he was employed by) that at every crossing of a long. and lat. he would throw a “message” in a bottle overboard. I was curious to know if anyone remembered this or if anyone had seen any of these. The family does have a couple of them but I would love to know if there happens to be more of them out there.
    Eagerly waiting!!!!

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