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Queen Mary 2 at Hamburg’s Harbour Party

May 18, 2011

We Are Cunard

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Hello All

Cunard are enjoying a love affair with the city and people of Hamburg. Germany has always been important to us and we have been sailing there for many years. Of course Hamburg also has a wonderful maritime tradition – and there is something very special when you can take a ship right into the heart and soul of a city. Each year the city has their famous Harbour Party – an opportunity to celebrate all things of a maritime nature. For the last few years we have made sure that Queen Mary 2 is present on the river as part of those celebrations. I was on Queen Mary 2 with the team from our Hamburg office to launch our 2012 brochure for our valued German guests. I was not able to stay for the sailaway and celebrations – but Anja Tabarelli, who heads up all of our activities in Germany certainly was. So today she is our ‘guest blogger’ and I hope you enjoy reading about another marvellous experience for Queen Mary 2 on the river in Hamburg;


Guest Blog

Anja Tabarelli

Cunard Line


On 4 May Queen Mary 2 had her ‘Season Opening Call’ into Hamburg for 2011. As with every time our Cunard Queens visit the city of Hamburg she was welcomed by many people, cheering her for the arrival and as well for her sailaway. She was leaving Hamburg at 6pm, making her way up the River Elbe for a short voyage to Oslo with 1900 German guests on board.

Photo: Michael Zapf

On 4 May the new 2012 programme with all German departures from Hamburg and Kiel was launched during a Press conference on board Queen Mary 2. Everyone was very excited as, during 2012 all three Queens will visit the city of Hamburg. Altogether our Queens will call into Hamburg 12 times and Queen Elizabeth will call into Kiel for the first time. An absolute highlight will be the World Premiere: 15 July Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth will be together in Hamburg. This will be the first ever meeting of 2 Cunard Queens in Hamburg and the Cunard Hamburg office is planning a big event around this!

The 822nd Hamburg Harbour Birthday took place from 6-8 May. The Hamburg Harbour Birthday Festival features a magnificent programme of entertainment on the water, in the air and on dry land. The ‘Harbour Mile’ hosts a vast array of stalls and stages offering local culinary specialities, shows and entertainment. The festival this year was officially opened by Prince Haakon of Norway.

With1.5 million visitors this year it was the most frequented Harbour Birthday in history.

Queen Mary 2 was a very special guest for the visitors of the Hamburg Harbour Birthday on 8 May, who came from all over the world. She was the star of the big Sailaway parade and was accompanied by 330 boats and ships of all sizes, coming from all over the world. The thousands of people standing at the banks of the River Elbe were cheering and shouting at her, waving with everything they had, including big bed sheets. So it was a very special moment as well for the guests sailing on board out of Hamburg to New York.

Photo: Michael Zapf

Hamburg is now waiting for Queen Mary 2’s next call on 26 May; she will be welcomed – as always – by people from all over Germany. The 20th call of Queen Mary 2 into Hamburg on 13 August will definitely be another very special event for the city of Hamburg.

We are looking to grow our activities in Germany and that will add to the special cosmopolitan mix of nationalities that sail on board Cunard ships. I always enjoy meeting so many different international guests on board – over dinner it is wonderful to see many guests from different parts of the world putting the very same world to rights. If you have not experienced Hamburg on Queen Mary 2 – I would encourage you to do so – there is something so special about sailing up the river and arriving in the beautiful city of Hamburg. For our North American guests – you can alas take a Transatlantic Crossing from New York to Hamburg and then stay on for a Northern Europe voyage – what could be better.

That is all for now. Next up I will be writing about a very emotional moment that happened to us at the Savoy Hotel earlier this week – not a blog you will want to miss…….

Best Regards

Peter Shanks

PS – Last week I teased on the blog as to ‘Who’ we had with us on Queen Mary 2 this week.  Well the secret is out on facebook and twitter – yes it was the one and only Roger Daltrey from ‘The Who’. He was a guest on our first ‘Songwriting Crossing’. It was magical – with a very special moment for our crew – and we will be telling you all about that here on Peter’s Blog in a few days.

  1. Manfred Müller says:

    Thank you Anja and Peter for this Hafengeburtstags blog, well done. I missed the party this time but I will be on board on the 26 of May, hope to see you then. The 2012 Queen´s schedule sounds fantastic.
    Best wishes, Manfred

  2. Roger Lester says:

    My wife and I were on this voyage from Southampton with our friends we met on Queen Victoria 3 years ago. We had a great time. The sailaway from Hamburg on 8 May was quite emotional with thousands of people cheering QM2 for two and a quarter hours down the Elbe, especially the hotel where they were waving sheets and playing Land of Hope and Glory. We had a balcony on the starboard side so watched it all with our friends, enjoying a few drinks before dinner. Something we’ll never forget. A voyage we will definitely do again, soon.

  3. this hamburg show bought back memories of our 1st ever cruise, which was also queen mary 2 first visit to hamburg in her maiden year. the cameras never stopped snapping in the early dark hours coming all the way up to dock.there was a fantastic turnout all day & a massive firework display on our leaving port that evening. the whole cruise up to norway etc. was greeted at every port by thousands of people. what an emotional trip it was. since then we have been on both new queens & 2 memorable trips on QE2 in her last year. cunard have now got such wonderful ships to see the world, long may it carry on.

  4. Matt says:

    these pictures are amazing! really hope to sail up into Hamburg one day, looks like a highlight of any voyage :)

  5. Kenneth Eden says:

    I had a wonderful experience on the Queen Mary 2 three years ago during the Hamburg crossing from New York, with a stop in Southampton, with the termination in Hamburg.

    Not one word was mentioned about the Harbor Party, and I only found out from my own experience. About 6:00am the horns, yells, cheering and merriment began, and from our balcony hundreds of boats of all sizes and types were everywhere in allignment and along side the Mary. It was a wonderful, wonderful time.

  6. judith sayers says:

    Wonderful pictures, we will be going into Hamburg twice on Queen Elizabeth in July, really looking forward to the experience.

  7. Peter Thomas says:

    Dear Peter,
    My wife and me are due to cruise on the Queen Elizabeth in June and although we are Platinum members and should know better we are very concerned about the latest reviews appearing on CRUISECO website they are scathing of most things on board,food,entertainment etc.We do hope that you will look into these problems.
    kind regards
    Peter Thomas

  8. Mark Rosenfeld says:

    agree with 7. wearecunard, luxury cruises?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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