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Introducing Queen Victoria’s Entertainment Director

May 12, 2011

We Are Cunard

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Hello everybody – I trust you are keeping well. Greetings from North America – I have been on the West Coast for a few days meeting with our Cunard North America Sales Team. North America remains a very important place for Cunard, where we have many regular and valued guests. It is always good for me to spend time with our Sales Team – they provide me with ideas and feedback both from our guests and Travel Agents in North America. I was encouraging them to read our We Are Cunard Blog as it keeps them in touch with what we are up to and how the ships are doing. Talking of ships – they are all doing well. As I write, Queen Mary 2 is mid-Atlantic – and much excitement on board as we have some exciting and different entertainment on board this week – ‘Who’ I hear you ask – well that’s a clue and you will read about it here next week. Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria are settling nicely into their European season. I will be sailing on Queen Victoria for a couple of days soon – looking forward to that and will let you know what I find.

Today we want to introduce you to our new Entertainment Director on board Queen Victoria. Keith is very much enjoying his first experience with Cunard – and from the feedback we have had from guests so far he has got off to an excellent start. I hope you enjoy reading more about him – and that you are able to meet him personally next time you are on board.

Before that – I have a fun picture to show you. Imagine what it would look like on approach to an airport runway from the bridge of Queen Mary 2 – well let me show you;

How did we do that I hear you ask. Well as Queen Mary 2 sailed up the Elbe River to Hamburg last week, they sailed past the massive Airbus factory – and they have their own runway (I guess if you build planes then you need your own runway). Captain Paul Wright took this picture from the bridge and sent it to me. It was taken from the side window of the bridge on Queen Mary 2 – but the perspective really looks as though Paul is about to land the ship on a runway – now that would have been quite a story.

So – over to Keith;


Keith Maynard

Entertainment Director

Queen Victoria




Congratulations on your permanent appointment as Entertainment Director; how have your first few months gone on board Queen Victoria?

Thank you! Well I must admit it’s been a fantastic roller coaster ride so far – Cunard does things very differently to other companies and it’s been a revelation to become part of such a dedicated and professional team. From my initial awe at first stepping on board Queen Elizabeth in December and then joining Queen Victoria 6 days later in Southampton to the present where I still occasionally pinch myself just to make sure that this isn’t all a dream. Queen Victoria is such a beautiful ship. I am surrounded by reminders of the Golden age of the transatlantic liners, pictures of these amazing Leviathans of the sea and the stars that became synonymous with them! I walk out onto the stage in the Royal Court Theatre and I could be anywhere in the West End or Broadway! But most of all I’ve loved meeting so many wonderful guests – people from all over the world who have had so many stories to tell of their past voyages on the Queens. As you can probably tell – I am very happy!

What did you know about Cunard before you joined Queen Victoria?

Funnily enough in the year leading up to me joining Cunard I had started to read extensively on the history of the great Ocean Liners. I think I had reached that point in my career where I had decided I was going to stay at sea rather than just saying, ‘well I’ll do one more contract and then I’ll move on’. Of course you can’t research or read about Ocean Liners and not be captivated by the wealth of history Cunard enjoys as one of the original pioneers of the industry. Discovering that throughout its 171 year history Cunard has been involved in almost every major world event, from the invention of the first Marconi wireless sets on the Lucania to Churchill’s belief that Queen Mary and Elizabeth singlehandedly shortened WWII by at least a year, I became enthralled with a company that for me represented some much needed national pride.

Having been at sea some years now how does it feel joining the Cunard family?

I feel a little like the prodigal son. Such is the welcome I have received. I feel totally at home now and can honestly not imagine working anywhere else! There really is a genuine team spirit on here and you know that all you need to do is ask and people are almost queuing up to help!

What have been some of the highlights during your career at sea?

Well I started back in 2000 and was lucky enough to be a part of the famous World Cup Cruise where for the first time since 1966 the entire English Football team meet up and spent two weeks aboard the M/S Sundream. I introduced the likes of Jack Charlton and Sir Jeff Hurst onto the stage and chatted at length with Nobby Stiles and Gordon Banks and the lovely Alan Ball. I’ve still got a wonderful picture at home of me holding the world cup surrounded by the team! Of course nothing quite compares with my most recent highlight – sailing out of New York for the first time as part of the historic royal rendezvous of the three Queens! To stand there in the freezing winter night air with Queen Mary 2 ahead, Queen Elizabeth behind, the Empire State Building lit up in Cunard Red and the fireworks exploding all around it was a moment I will truly treasure forever!

Although you are still fairly new to the company, what does “We Are Cunard” mean to you?

If I was to sum it up in one phrase it means ‘we are here for you’. And in saying that I make no distinction between guests and employees. Never have I known a company put so much effort into looking after everyone on board. Cunard is never happy complying with the base line or the bare minimum – we strive to set an example to the rest of the industry about how things should be done.

What would be your favourite golden nugget of advice to guests coming on a voyage for the first time?

Bring two sizes of clothing – one for the start and some slightly larger more comfortable fitting garments for the final few days…the food is incredible and there’s so much of it!

What is your ideal way of relaxing when you are on leave?

I ride my motorbike around the UK visiting friends and family. Currently I own a BMW1200GS which is sitting in my brother’s garage. My mum used to take me to school on a motorbike (much to my horror at the time) and both my brothers ride Motorbikes so you could say it’s a family calling – rather like their vocations –as both my father and two of my brothers are vicars and my sister is a missionary! I suppose you could be forgiven for thinking that I am the black sheep of the family – the one who ran away to sea!

When I am not spending time on the open road relishing Britain’s beautiful countryside I like to travel to some of the more remote areas of the world. I’ve been lucky enough to backpack around India, Thailand & more recently Cambodia where I was awe-struck by the majesty & splendor of Ankor Wat!

I am also a keen Scuba Diver and adore the chance to explore our amazing ports of call from under the water. My last dive was in Bonaire with the Chief Engineer Ronnie Keir. It was right in front of the ship so we had a chance to inspect the hull – I am happy to report that everything looked in good working order!!

In June I have booked to go back out to Thailand with my friend Gun Sukwanna who is the social hostess on Queen Mary 2. Our plan is simple – fly to Bangkok – buy a map of Thailand – and randomly point at a spot on the map (blindfolded) and then well…. who knows!


Do you have any unfulfilled dreams?

I have always wanted to meet the Dalai Lama and in a similar vein travel to Tibet. I would also love to ride an old Enfield Bullet across India and into Nepal – oh and one day I need to dive the Galapagos Islands!

Career wise though I have always wanted to be a TV Presenter – I got very close a couple of years ago when I got down to the last two for the BBC’s search for a new CBBC presenter. In the end the producer of CBBC rang me and told me that it had taken them over a week to decide but that they chose the other chap because he had blond hair which was more of a contrast to the rest of the presenters! It was the first and only time in my life I wished I had been born blond!!!

What is your favourite quote and who said it?

Beauty is in the heart of the beholder’. HG Wells


It is marvellous to read how enthusiastic Keith is – and I am sure he has a bright future with us and hopefully many of you will be able to meet with him in the future. He joins the list of Cunard Entertainment Legends – none more of a legend that the ‘James Bond’ of the Cruise Industry our very own Queen Mary 2 Entertainment Director Ray Rouse.

That’s all for now – back soon with a lovely story about ‘War Brides’ and the answer as to exactly ‘Who’ is travelling on Queen Mary 2 this week. Any guesses?

Best Regards


  1. Chris says:

    Congrats Keith. Does this mean that Amanda Reid is the permanent entertainment director on the QE? I am due on the QE next week for the next two cruises and can’t wait :)

  2. Peter Dutton says:


    Will Keith be onboard Queen Victoria on the June 5th Cruise ? . Sounds like a very nice chap indeed .



  3. Susan Greatorex says:

    It’s wonderful to see your feature interview with Keith. We sailed on Queen Victoria’s “Atlantic Homecoming” from Fort Lauderdale and had a fabulous fortnight. The Royal Court Theater entertaintainment was superb and Keith and the staff made it fun all over the ship. “Catch Up With Keith” the morning show that told us everything we wanted to do was the best. We giggled at the sly pitch notes from astrologer Mystic Mauritania and appreciated Keith’s interview ability to bring out the best of his guests, including that adorable Osprey. It’s all about enthusiasm and Keith has it. Thanks again and be sure to bring back “Harry the Piano” — we thought he was great. Susan and Paul

  4. judith sayers says:

    We met Keith on the Queen Victoria World Voyage.I stopped him and asked a question, and he didn’t know the answer, but rang someone immediately to find out, much to my surprise,and chatted while they in turn made inquiries, from then on we found him a most approachable and friendly person with a very kind manner. His interview technique on the early morning programme was excellent, he listened to the person he was talking to, and brought out the best in them.His interview with Captain Rynd in the theatre was most enjoyable too. He will be a great asset to Cunard, we look forward to meeting him again one day.Good Luck Keith.

  5. judith sayers says:

    P.S. great photo of the runway, we will look out for that when we are on the Queen Elizabeth in July!

  6. Manfred Müller says:

    Peter, please don´t forget a word about the Hamburg Harbour Party and the departure parade on May 8th as promised, remember?
    Rgds, Manfred

  7. Tom Morgan and Ken Youngert says:

    We were on the Atlantic Homecoming voyage as well and thoroughly enjoyed meeting Keith and his staff, all of whom are marvelous. One of the highlights was his “Do you want to be a Cunard dancer” program, which ultimately led me and 8 other either brave or foolhardy passengers to do a brief dance performance of “You Can’t stop the beat” from the musical Hairspray as part of the passenger talent show. It was great fun and, contrary to my professed desire to be an embarrassment to my children, they both thought it was wonderful that I did it. Keith is sure to be a wonderful addition to the Cunard team.

    As for the “Who” who is traveling on the Queen Mary 2, it is none other than Roger Daltry, of that group. I have to confess though, that this information comes from a mole on board, none other than Capnpugwash, a Cruise Critic raconteur of great skill, who always does wonderful write ups of his Cunard voyages, and who is presently on a back-to-back crossing.

    Although sorry to see the departure of Alistair, whom we met on our Queen Elizabeth maiden voyage and maiden transatlantic crossing, I am enjoying the current blog as well and look forward to further articles.

  8. Daryl Cooper says:

    Have been tracking Queen Elizabeth on “Live Ships” after her departure from Santa Margherita heading for Livorno and it appears she performed a complete circle in the Ligurian Sea, continued on her journey and has now performed a complete “u-turn” and is heading @12.6 knots on course 343 degrees and has just passed “Corsica Victoria”. Is there a problem/drama?

  9. Daryl Cooper says:

    Re my comments in item 8.”Live ships map” now has Queen Elizabeth in port at Livino. The meanderings by Queen Elizabeth in my earlier comment are they possible time wasting by Cunard or “man overboard” drill for crew? or is the ship that far ahead of schedule! I doubt if I will receive an answer.

  10. Chris & Maragret Rose says:

    Hi Peter,
    Love the picture of the QM2 landing!!
    Very interesting blog on Keith Maynard.
    Whilst we have travelled on both the QM2 and more recently QE,
    we have not sailed on QV.
    Something for the future, but only if a Brittania Club restaurant is fitted!
    Very best regards


  12. Fred & Shirley Bernard says:

    We heartily agree with you that Ray Rouse is is best Entertainment Director !!. After 10 voyages on Cunard ships,and 20 other cruises on various lines, I speak from experience. He was not on 2 QM2 cruises and was greatly missed. Hope he is on board for our September 27th cruise to Canada.

  13. Gillian says:

    Keith certainly is a great Entertainment Director. We are actually sailing on Queen Victoria at the moment. The entertainment has been wonderful. The only disapoinment is that all the Royal Cunard singers and dancers that people have got to know, and are so good, leave at the end of this voyage, This is why we decided to come on it. They will be very much missed as such good entertainment is hard to find, and it is nice to get on board and see familiar faces, that is what makes a holiday… We are going to look at QM2 because some of the dancers have gone there..Speaking to others, who have booked for July – they were also shicked and disappointed, and are looking to other ships now. It is a shame because we really like Queen Victoria, but to change all the singers and dancers at once, when the shows were fantastic.. I can’t see the point If something is not broken – it does not need fixing.Surely you can see this is a bad idea Peter!!!

  14. S. Nicol says:

    Is there anyone reading this (not staff of Cunard) who can give us an up-to-date ‘review’ of the new Queen Elizabeth?
    We are looking forward to going on board in the summer, but I have come across quite a number of ‘negative reviews’. (new crew, perhaps not yet trained up to Cunard standards, mediocre food – except in the Verandha which is highly praised, queues in the Lido, too cool air-conditioning etc.)
    I know that complainers can make the most noise, but I would love to hear from someone who has recently been on board and found the service up to the good old Cunard standards of the QE2 and QM2. We are going to be ‘Britannia diners’!
    Looking forward to hearing good news!

  15. judith sayers says:

    We are going to the Baltic in July, will let you know! We were under the impression that the crew were made up of people from Qm2 and Victoria, plus some new ones, so are expecting the usual Cunard service.As you say complainers are usually more vocal, and aome do “try it on”.

  16. Lisa (We Are Cunard) says:

    Peter – Keith will be on board Queen Victoria on 5th June
    Chris – Amanda is the Entertainment Director on board Queen Elizabeth

    Enjoy your voyages!

    You can find out where your favourite Senior Officers are here:

  17. S. Nicol says:

    Thanks, Judith, for your response. Hope you have a wonderful journey to the Baltic. I look forward to hearing how you found the ship. Hopefully, some of the problems were teething troubles with a new ship.

  18. Julie says:

    9 of my family (aged 5 – 68) sailed on QV on Canaries Idyll. Keith and his team did an amazing job and we would like to congratulate Jamie on his promotion to social host. His Line Dancing classes were fabulous even with the ship rolling across the Bay of Biscay! The staff in the Zone were excellent with the children and kept them entertained from dawn to dusk. We also had the pleasure of Maureen accompanying us on Madeira to ride the cable car and wicker tobbogans.

  19. Beryl Moss says:

    We have just returned from a very enjoyable cruise to the Med on Queen Victoria and met with Keith several times. He is an amazing chap and extremely good at his job.

  20. Anne Edwards says:

    We are delighted to see Keith is back on board, we will always remember the Crew Concert, QM2 Around Australia, Feb/March 2012, a huge success thanks to Keith’s hard work an enthusiasm. We look forward to meeting Keith again, a true professional, totally committed to ensuring there is something to interest every passenger. Cunard you have a star.

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