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April 21, 2011

We Are Cunard

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Welcome to the first of Peter’s blogs.  First up I have to pay tribute to Alastair who has so superbly developed our “We are Cunard” blog over the last couple of years.  Whilst I have often written on the blog for Alastair, it is he who has brought the passion and interest that has led to so many people taking an interest in our blog.

I share Alastair’s passion both for Cunard and for the new world of communication in which we live where blogs can bring things to life that other forms of communication simply can’t touch.

So we intend to continue to develop the We are Cunard blog and through it bring a whole range of Cunard experiences to life.  Our blog is read by many thousands of people – many of whom are very loyal and valued Cunarders and others who are new to Cunard and through the blog can continue to understand the personality of Cunard and share in our experiences. Everyone who reads our blog is always welcome and we want to really encourage feedback and comments wherever necessary.

In writing Peter’s blog I will also be helped by Lisa and others in our Marketing departments in Southampton and also in our International offices and of course much of the real excitement and interest will come from our three ships.

So to start things off on our first blog we have put together a little film to explain the plans we have ahead for Peter’s blog and also within that a tribute and thank you to Alastair.

 Alastair will be missed by his fellow crew on board Queen Elizabeth; who presented him with a collage of some of his memorable moments, including the ‘Sand Dance’, which you may remember he performed on board Queen Victoria last year!

Alastair is such a lovely chap and I am sure we will be seeing more of him in the future – either as a successful broadcaster or perhaps coming back to help Cunard again in the future.

Meanwhile, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth have now returned from their World Voyages and along with Queen Victoria and now settling into their busy summer schedules.  Earlier this week we had a very moving day with the retirement of our Commodore, Bernie Warner.  Bernie had been at sea for 46 years and spent the last six years as Commodore of the Cunard Fleet and Master of Queen Mary 2.  A real gentleman, a family man and the most admirable leader.  We filmed the events of the day and will post that as a video blog in the next few days.

I hope all of our bloggers have a happy Easter and a well deserved time with their families.  It looks as though here in England it’s going to be like summer – in fact as I write this, it is 79 degrees in Southampton – warmer perhaps than most other places where you are reading this.

Have a happy Easter and a well deserved break.

Best Regards,


  1. Grant Thomas says:

    Peter, congratulations on taking over the wearecunard blog. As an advocate of Cunard in forums, the person that published the first video of QE meets QM2 and an active member of cruise.co.uk I would be delighted be one of the guest bloggers at wearecunard.

    I wish you every success with this venture and look forward to reading your experiences and muses with Cunard.

    Keep up the great work.

    Grant Thomas

  2. Chris says:

    Good luck, Peter. Looking forwards to see more news from around the fleet. Poor Victoria seems left out recently with all the QE and QM2 news! :)

  3. Sarah Nicol says:

    Peter – we await with interest your blogs – on people and places linked with the three ships.
    You will probably have a queue of folk keen to ‘guest blog’ from onboard!
    All the best for your ‘new chapter’. I like the idea of a ‘President and Managing Director’ taking an interest in communication with those who are ‘customers’.
    We have enjoyed your blogs from Australia and New Zealand, so the future looks interesting!
    All the best!

  4. Rob Holloway says:

    Welcome to the world of being responsible for a blog and its contents. I found your video to be very informative and look forward to your having taken on this responsibility.
    Where you will find the time is the fun part but the fact a ‘President and Managing Director’ wants to take it on , speaks volumes to your character.
    I’m quite sure we will see Alastair as a guest down the road and that picture you posted is something else.
    All the best, well done.
    Rob Holloway

  5. Beryl Moss says:

    The tribute to Alastair on the video I found very moving as like a lot of guests I am sad to see him leave as he is the most friendlist chap you could every wish to meet. He always, however busy he was, found time to stop and talk with guests. I am sure your future blogs will make great reading as this first one has and would like to wish you and your team good luck with the We Are Cunard blog.

  6. Matt says:

    This is really exciting and the plans for the blog sound great.
    is there a minimum age for writing a guest blog? i plan on keeping a diary when we go on QM2 in summer (july 20th) so i could share that on here? i’ll be 16 in july though, perhaps too young? :(
    also i tweeted you one of the pictures i took of QM2 from Calshot, but there are many more, better quality on our camera, not a phone! haha. it was a truly stunning evening and the setting sun reflecting off the massive white superstructure was excellent, they come so close to Calshot spit too! its the first time i’ve been (dragging my mum down there) but certaily worth it :)
    anyway good luck with the future blogging

    Matt Venner

  7. Paul Clayson says:

    Peter, glad to see Alastair has a worthy successor, looking forwaard to your blogs. Glad to hear the weather in England is good, please keep it that way, because we will be on our way over on the QM2 on Tuesday, with 8 days in London before we come home on her.
    Beryl & Paul Clayson, Ontario, Canada

  8. Roger Waterfall says:

    It is great to read that you are now responsible for the Cunard blog, despite all your other commitments.
    We enjoyed watching you meet President Mandela and HRH Queen Elizabeth, now we hope for first hand reports of such experiences as well as a ‘view from the top’ of our favourite Line.
    On our most recent QM2 voyage, Commodore Bernie Warner recounted being invited out to dinner by you.
    We were most impressed that you chose Burger King in preference to McDonalds!
    Now we are looking forward to our first Queen Elizabeth voyage, Baltic explorer 111 on 14th August.
    Hope to meet you again, perhaps when one of our future voyages co-incide.

    Happy Easter,

    Kind Regards,

    Roger Waterfall

  9. Roger Hallett - Australia says:

    Welcome, Peter. The blogs have been great as we watched QE grow from the keel-laying to our own trip on the Maiden World Voyage. I really look forward to the blog about the Commodore’s retirement. He has a special place in our memories aboard QM2.

  10. Chris & Margaret Rose says:

    Welcome Peter,
    We thoroughly enjoyed your interview and as it reported, Alastair
    is a hard act to follow, but nothing is for ever and we will watch
    and comment on Peter’s Blog as we have with Alastair’s.
    You must be so proud of all who work for Cunard and it is a testament
    to your enthusiasm as MD and Chief Exec to take on the Blog in what must
    be a very busy business life.
    Good luck and very best regards

  11. Daryl Cooper says:

    Hello Peter, yet I find it difficult to address a CEO by his \Christian\ name, Perhaps I will now receive some answers to questions that your predeccessor was unable to, or did not want to answer! Since you are the \CEO\ of the the organisation the \buck to stops with you, and you have accepted the responsibilty.

    My previous unanswered questions to Alistair have been, Why is the \Bridge Cam\ on \QE\ not functioning as per the other \Queens\. I can log onto \we are Cunard\ from here in Queensland, Australia and discover where \QM2\ & QV\ are, i,e , \at sea bound for wherever\. But such is not the case with \QE\. More often than not the satelite is not available, yet 2 of the ships maybe only 200 miles apart. Secondly when it possible to obtain a \location\ of QE there is NEVER , repeat NEVER where the ship is, and furthermore there are no location markers and it does not have the same captions as the other 2 \Queens\such as \bound for?????\. Is it my computer only in the world that sustains this problem?:
    I had previously asked, without answer received, obviously Alistair more concerned about the entertainment than questions etc. You have taken on the role so be prepared to accept the \heat from the kitchen\. Question! why are your world voyages departing the same date from Southampton? A previously, amongst others, unswered question. \ If you can’t stand the heat, keep out of the kithcen!!!!!

  12. Peter says:

    Daryl – I will check out why the Queen Elizabeth webcam does not replicate that on Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2 – and see if I can get it fixed for you. Best Regards. Peter

  13. Mark Rosenfeld says:

    Agree in most part with Mr Cooper. How are questions answered. Real time web cam should be possible as I am able to see my favorite beach in real time wherever I am. Oh lose the dog as it is not appropriate in this context.

  14. Jeff Towns says:

    I love the dog. Best of luck and see you in August.


  15. Peter welcome. As a guest artist, teaching on the Cunard Ships the past five years has been a most wonderful experience for me. Last year the transatlantic and subsequent New England voyage was particularly exciting on the Queen Mary 2. This year I have two assignments, one on the Queen Victoria in August and the Queen Elizabeth in Oct/November. I have made many friends in the art classes and musicians as well. I enjoy the blogs, as it makes me feel like I am cruising all year round. Thank you.

  16. Robert Hoerhann says:

    Hello Peter, we are so glad that you are the one who is continuing the blog. As we are back from a 40 days segment of the world voyage on QM2, we will stay connected via your blog until we embark one of the superb Cunard vessels again. As we are also writing our own personal travel blogs when on the seven seas we would like to volunteer for the “guest blog” the next time. We also want to say thank you for the nice chat we had with you on route from Sydney.
    Robert & Rosa Maria from Austria

  17. Daryl Cooper says:

    Happy Easter Peter!

    A previously unanswered question was “Is Cunard ever likely to stagger their World Cruise departures from Southampton in January so that we Aussies, being very selfish, could embark late February in Sydney on one “Queen” and embark on the second “Queen” after the arrival of the 1st. “Queen” back in Southampton? This would allow a full World Cruise on 2 different “Queens”. I acknowledge that it is not possible for 2012 as the schedules have already been published but considered the question worth a try.

    Thankyou for your prompt answers to my April 22 questions.

  18. ju bullen says:

    Hi Peter,
    Firstly love the dog! Would love to hear more about the crew (as they are a very important part of the Cunard Team) and also WHY WHY have QE blocked skype and WHY is the internet SO SO SO bad??????

  19. Mark Rosenfeld says:

    Knew that a comment about a dog would get some response from many dog lovers. Have they ever been bitten by dogs that \doesn’t bite\? Still feel that dog is not appropriate in the blog picture even if I had no bias.

  20. Mark Rosenfeld says:

    I would never have written on this blog if my wife and sister in law had not been on a world cruise. It seems to be a Cunard get together and had a jolly old time on various cruises.

  21. Mark Rosenfeld says:

    my sister in law likes Cunard and has been on all the ships including one parked in Dubai. I like Princess as it seems just as good and cheaper.

  22. Kerry Willacy says:

    Hello Peter,

    It is great to hear that you are taking over the blog. Many thanks to Alastair for all his hard work. Our Cunard voyages are the highlight of my grandmother’s year. We are off to the Fjords in a few weeks time and the excitement has already begun. Your blog will no doubt add to our anticipation as we count the ‘sleeps’ left until we are off. Can’t wait for your next instalment. All the best!

  23. Mark Rosenfeld says:

    Plan to try p and o as well oceania when I pay off a world cruise .Plan itinerary which includes Riga and Gdansk both in the Baltic.

  24. Peter Lockhart says:

    From one Peter from Ayrshire to another, congratulations. Hard act to follow, but only right and proper for you to take over. Looking forward to our Med cruise in Oct on Queen Elizabeth. Also the Queens visit to the Clyde in Sep. Perhaps you’ll have time for a round on Royal Troon!!
    One request, how about British draught lager on Queens such as Carling or Tennants?
    Best of luck with Blog.
    Peter Lockhart

  25. Mark Rosenfeld says:

    Does cunard provide a kennel or dog sitterwhen patron is on a cruise? Cat sitter, fish feeder?

  26. David Thomas says:

    Alistair – what a great job you have done presenting the Blog = good luck and all best for the future. Peter; looking forward to your ‘stewardship’ and what I am sure will be interesting Blogs = best to all Cundarders – Regards David Thomas, London

  27. Jo Birch says:

    Hello Peter

    We wish you every success with this.

    We have just come back from the full World Voyage on QM2 (and Queen Victoria over to New York).

    Words cannot convey what an experience it was – over 100 nights of sheer magic.

    The crew worked so hard, maintaining the Cunard smile throughout. White Star Service indeed.

    Peter – before I disembarked I wrote a poem about QM2 and crew and addressed it to Paul O’Loughlin – it probably is too long to publish but please try to read it – it’s an appreciation of everything we encountered and it may make you smile!

    Thank you and the QM2 crew for a journey we will never forget.

    My very best wishes

    Jo Birch

  28. Steve says:

    Congratulations Peter. We know you’ll look after the WeAreCunard Blog, and develop it into something new and exciting. We’ve been keen readers of the blog as it always keeps us up to date with everything Cunard.

  29. judith sayers says:

    We were sorry to hear Alistair has left. He was such a nice chap, always spared time for a quick chat. We have just returned from QV where the new Commodore was announced. A special occasion for all those present.Keep up the good work with the blog.

  30. Peter Thomas says:

    Dear Peter,
    My wife and me are due to cruise on the Queen Elizabeth in June and although we are Platinum members and should know better we are very concerned about the latest reviews appearing on CRUISECO website they are scathing of most things on board,food,entertainment etc.We do hope that you will look into these problems.
    kind regards
    Peter Thomas

  31. nigel lewis says:

    Hi Peter ,

    going on the queen mary 2 in october , i am hope the matter recently solved bad reports in the daily mail about hygiene , in the past cunard has been fantastic to me

    all the best


  32. Daryl Cooper says:

    I have just read the “teaser” comments from S.Nicol,Nigel Lewis & Beryl Moss re matters in the U.K.press and not having acccess to the particular press comments on “QM2″ here in Australia I decided to “Google Reviews of QM2″ and I must say I am appalled. It would appear thet the ship my wife and I travelled on from Singapore to Southampton during March/April 2009 is no longer the same ship.Yes! the embarkation process in Singapore was an absolute shemozzle and we had to find our own way to our cabin, unlike being guided as we were on the “QE2″ from Manhattan.Cunard in Australia informed us it was to be from Brooklyn but Cunard did refund our cab fare, but the rest of the comments re food, service etc are overwhelming.WE found the service and food varied and tasty.Our first experience in the Brittania Restuarant we were on the upper level and seated at rectangular table for 8 and when we asked to me moved to a circular table our request was granted.We were moved to the lower level and the waiter from the upper level came down to “check on our welfare”.Charming guy, tall African looking whose name I have forgotten.Service in the pub was excellent and we lunched there every day.Yes there are some design matters such as having to pass through “Todd English” to reach the pool and the staired entry to the “Queens Room” etc.Yes! we did have the virus on board but Captain Bates and his crew handled the matter professionaly.Lido food and service was always pleasant as was the whole experience.We enticed friends to go on “QE’s” “Iberian Adventure” and I will now “demand” that they provide me with a genuine critque as I seriously can’t believe that “QM2″ in particular but Cunard’s standard have deteriorated that much and I am keen to know from these friends about “QE” as we are scheduled to travel on her next year as we missed out on her 2010 “Iberian Adventure”voyage.I really at a loss to comprehend that we were passengers on “Queen Mary 2″ after reading these reports.Many of us await your response please Mr.Peter Shanks!

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