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Sydney Royal Rendezvous Part Four – Farewell

March 7, 2011

We Are Cunard

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Welcome to the final part of our special Blogs celebrating the first Rendezvous of Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary 2 in Sydney. Thank you as always for all your great comments; it was an incredible two days but reading Peter’s Blog on Friday, and your comments, certainly brought a new and very moving perspective to our Rendezvous.

It’s always great to read your comments and to hear from Cunard enthusiasts from around the world. On Queen Elizabeth we enjoy celebrating the previous Queen Elizabeths, and it’s lovely to hear about memories guests have from both ships. For fans of QE2 you may be interested in Martha Hufford’s blog which takes a nostalgic look at the longest serving Cunarder. You can find her QE2 Blog at www.linerlady.com.

Back down under and while the Remembrance Service was taking place on Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth let go of her lines and eased back out of her berth at Circular Quay. It was fantastic to see how many people in Sydney spent their lunch hour coming out to bid us farewell from the dockside and from the steps of the Sydney Opera House.  As we backed out waving at the crowds, we could see our Flagship ready to salute us as we sailed out of this beautiful harbour.

As we played some great Australian music Captain Burgess expertly turned Queen Elizabeth so that she had the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge behind her as she headed out of the harbour.


The decks were lined with guests and crew admiring the view and soaking up the wonderful atmosphere. It’s not often you get to be able to take a photo like this:

As we passed Fort Denison there was another tremendous photo opportunity with one of Sydney’s many ferries alongside us, putting our enormous size in to perspective:

And then Queen Mary 2 came in to view and the two sisters started exchanging whistles, much to the delight of guests on both ships and the many locals on craft around us as well as on the shore line.

Meanwhile I was delighted to receive some photos from Queen Mary 2, and of course they had a wonderful view of the latest Cunarder heading on her way that afternoon.

And here she is again coming in to full view as the horns and whistles blew:

And then as Queen Elizabeth headed out of the harbour, there was an opportunity for one last glimpse of Queen Mary 2, still making a beautiful impression on the Sydney skyline. It was the last time the sisters were in port together until they meet again in Civitavecchia (the port for Rome) on 13April near the end of their World Voyages.

Later that afternoon Queen Mary 2 headed south to New Zealand by which time Queen Elizabeth was already well on her way to Melbourne. After a day at sea she arrived in the capital of the state of Victoria, and we were lucky that James Morgan, who had taken so many fantastic photos of the Rendezvous in Sydney, was there to capture Queen Elizabeth’s arrival.

What a beautiful picture of our Queen. Here is another great photo as Queen Elizabeth came along side her berth for the day’s visit, and despite the early arrival, you can see there were plenty of guests enjoying the moment on their balconies.

Well, that’s it for this Blog but I’ll be back soon with news of Cunard’s Star of the Year as well as a guest Blog from Queen Victoria’s meeting with Queen Mary, and lots of other news from around the fleet including the 2011 World Voyages. Cheers for now, Alastair

  1. Chris & Margaret Rose says:

    Hi Alistair,
    Once again some marvellous photographs of the two Queens in Sydney Harbour.
    They really look so iconic and the whole of Cunard should be so proud.
    Many thanks

  2. Rachel Treadgold says:

    Thank you Alastair for the wonderful pictures and stories of Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Sydney. It brought back great memories of our trip “down-under” in 1995 – we were in Sydney when QE2 docked in Circular Quay and we sailed past her every day as we travelled on the ferry from Cremorne Point into the quayside. Rachel & Alan

  3. Beryl Moss says:

    Another interesting blog with great pictures of the two Queens. The pictures of Queen Elizabeths arrival into Melbourne are incredible. Well done to all who continue to bring us such amazing photographs.

  4. Brenda Vessey says:

    Hi Alistair, thank you for the lovely photos of the 2 Queens in Sydney Harbour. Just over two weeks now before we join the Queen Mary 2 in Singapore. Did not realise that the 2 queens will be together in Civitavechia while we are on board, that will be something to look forward to.

  5. John McMichan says:

    Hello Alastair,
    Thanks for the Rendezvous Blogs. It was great to be able to re-live the few days I was on Queen Elizabeth and to enjoy the superb photos. Keep up with the good work. Cheers, John.

  6. Pauline Cameron says:

    What great photo’s and the story has been a great reminder, although, it was only a short while ago I was on the Queen Mary 2′s deck snapping voraciously the beautiful and graceful Queen Elizabeth coming through the heads and then passing us to Circular Quay – I will never forget the sight. Now my husband, sister and I have decided we will be sailing on the QE in 2013. Well done.

  7. Carole Lane says:

    Beautiful pictures! We were sad to leave Queen Elizabeth in Sydney after a wonderful voyage from Los Angeles. The views over the deck and swimming pools bring back such great memories of our vacation. We hope to sail again with one of the Queens another year.

  8. Judith Sayers says:

    Wonderful pictures of Sydney, reminding us of our visit there in 2003. People doing the bridge climb would have had fantastic views of the ships as they departed. Pity no cameras allowed up there, except for the Bridge climb organised ones of course.The photos on the blogs have been superb, will there be a book? or postcards to buy on board in future?

  9. Hi Alistair,
    We enjoyed our cruise between Sydney and Singapore very much.The entertainment was superb.
    Hope your journey further on is continuing equally successfully.
    Pics and comments posted on my blog\Miriam’s Tempting Topical Topics\.
    Thanks to all the crew who made our holiday a memorable one and Ernie’s 80th birthday especially so.
    Best regards,
    Malvina & Ernie Malinek, Melbourne

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