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News From The Queens’ 2011 World Voyages

February 7, 2011

We Are Cunard

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As we begin another week’s blogging, Queen Victoria will be enjoying the islands of Hawaii, while on their World Voyages Queen Elizabeth is crossing the Equator today on her way to Samoa, and Queen Mary 2 is in Durban South Africa.

The World Voyages on Cunard ships are always very special, not only because we see our World Voyage friends again, but also all the special events, activities and surprises that take place.

For example it was a case of ‘little meets large’ last week off Tristan da Cunha, as the only two ships in the world with Royal Mail status (RMS) met, when RMS Queen Mary 2 sailed past the island and met with RMS St. Helena.


The latter ship was making her final call at the island and has an uncertain future, but both ships exchanged salutes before Queen Mary 2 continued on her way to Cape Town.


And a few days later Cunard’s flagship arrived in the amazing city for a two day visit. Yesterday I was delighted to receive this incredible picture of her leaving this stunning port after her stay.


Meanwhile as Queen Elizabeth headed towards Los Angeles it was time to celebrate again and three of our Australian Crewmembers, Programme Coordinator Lisa Fanning, Captain’s Secretary Nicole Bruce and Assistant Food and Beverage Manager David Lea, were determined that Australia Day was going to be a big party. Here are Lisa and Nicole standing proudly in front of their flag:


And it certainly was quite an event with over 185 Australian guests on board, who gave the rest of us a warm welcome in the Garden Lounge, as we joined in the fun. Captain Julian Burgess also came along as we were all given song sheets to sing along to the great Aussie songs.


And no Australian party would be complete without some good “Tucker” in the form of Vegemite sandwiches, much to the delight of all concerned as we can see from the smile on Will Lee’s face, who is from Thirroul, New South Wales.


And with a bit of sustenance, it was time to dance and needless to say the party went on for much longer than expected, but of course everyone had a fantastic time.

On a World Voyage there are always lots of new and extra features in the Entertainment Programme, and it was great to see another Cunard first, when we tried something completely different. We took guests back to the 1950’s and the era of the great radio adventures with a trip down memory lane and Dick Barton – Special Agent.

A packed Royal Court Theatre came to see if intrepid sleuth Dick Barton could rid the world of evil in the name of decency and patriotism. Dick faced arch enemy Baron Scarheart in an action packed adventure which featured the Actors from The Queen Elizabeth Theatre Company who were joined by four guests in this première performance. Here are the entire cast with Director Richard Emerson, after the performance.

After a great day in Los Angeles when we said farewell to some guests and welcomed others, we set sail across the Pacific to Hawaii. The first port of call was Lahaina on the island of Maui, and what a beautiful island it is as you can see from this photo taken from one of our ship’s tenders:

People always talk about Hawaii being a magical part of the world and seeing views like this you can understand why it’s such a popular destination.

On every turn there’s another great view and of course our new Queen looked majestic in the bay amongst the yachts and small craft.

The following day we visited one of the most famous holiday spots in the world; Honolulu, where guests enjoyed whale watching or a very moving visit to the museum at Pearl Harbour. Again Queen Elizabeth rose above the buildings around her with her iconic red funnel providing another stunning backdrop.

Well that’s it for the moment but I’ll be back later in the week with more pictures from Queen Elizabeth’s Maiden World Voyage as well as other news from around the Cunard Fleet. Thank you as always for your comments and for logging on. Cheers for now, Alastair

  1. Chris & Margaret Rose says:

    Hi Alistair,
    Stunning photograph of QM2 with Table Mountain as the backdrop!
    Queen Elizabeth looks amazing as the backdrop in Hawaii.
    Although our cruise finished in Los Angeles we will continue to follw Queen Elizabeth around the world.
    As always, very best regards

  2. Sarah Nicol says:

    More wonderful photos, Alastair!

    The one of QM2 and Table Mountain brought back childhood memories of leaving Cape Town on board various Union Castle ships in the days when my dad worked out in Africa. My last connection with Africa was through the streamers gradually breaking as the Edinburgh Castle pulled away from the dock at Cape Town in 1973. (Was it really that long ago??!!)

    I also loved the photo of RMS QM2 and RMS St. Helena. Shows you the difference in scale!

    Still following you around the world.


  3. Judith Sayers says:

    Wonderful pictures once again. Any chance of postcards of some of them in the future?

  4. Beryl Moss says:

    What incredible pictures and yes Hawaii looks idyllic. Keep the photographs coming as it is fascinating following both the Queens round the world.

  5. William James Dundas says:

    Hi Alastair

    Good to see Will Lee enjoying his national day. I met him and his charming wife in the Commodore Club. They advised me that they were members of the Q4 club. I did not know such a thing existed: then I realised that I am also a member. My best wishes go to you, them and all aboard.

    William Dundas (Mr Shortbread).

  6. John Lang says:

    Alastair, you missed the oldest Royal Mailship of them all, RMS Segwun. She has sailed since the 1920′s carrying HM mails. For her history http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RMS_Segwun and I quote “The Segwun still maintains its Canada Post ‘R.M.S.’ designation as an official ‘Royal Mail Ship’ Could you perhaps give her, her due. Regards.

  7. Rebecca Miller says:

    Hi Alastair,
    The photos are amazing, unfortunately i have never had the privilege to travel on one of Cunards Liners but it is certainly a dream of mine.
    However, my Mum Jillian Miller is currently on board QM2 and i have been following her since she has left Cape Town via the Bridge-Cam.
    Is there any way you would be able to send a Hello from Myself, my partner Ian and her 2 Grandchildren Benjamin and Lilly.

  8. Geoffrey Palmer says:

    G’Day Alistair
    Am still keeping up to date with your news letters – great pictures of the Queens. Also interesting to read about the Aussie function and hope my wife and I can share an Aussie night whilst on board the QE2 when we travel from Singapore to Southampton. It will help to heal some of the wounds from our 3 recent natural disasters here in Aussie. First the floods, then the “Yasi” cyclone now the bush fires in West Australia. Will nature ever settle down? Looking forward to our trip to get away from it all and spend some time in paradise for a few weeks oin board Cunard’s luxury ship QE2.
    Cheers – Geoff Palmer (From Aussie!)

  9. mark napier says:

    When you get to Dubai will you get the chance to get on QE2 for some pictures of how she looks now?

  10. Kenneth Eden says:

    Dear Alastair,

    I am counting the days, numbers getting less by the day, until we sail from LAX to Hawaii on the Queen Victoria. The pictures from Hawaii are but a tiny taste for me! For Americans,this cruise duplicates the fine cruises that were made back in the 1920′s through the 1960′s, on fabled ships and lines like Matson Lines, and the SS Lurline and Monterey and Mariposa. Again, Cunard keeps a tradition alive!

    RMS St. Helena, what a picture – she does carry the mail from South Africa to the Azores, and takes passengers. How tiny, she is compared to the Queen MAry 2, the bow facing bow picture is a perfect instance. The we site is a nice one, with a video tour, http://www.sthelena.com

    The blog here is wonderful, and your willingness to share so much with us is so nice. Thanks,


  11. Sarah Nicol says:

    Can I join Mark in asking for some views of our beloved QE2 when you visit Dubai?

    If only she could come back to the Clyde!! Captain MacNaught agreed with that sentiment recently.

    Also – just a gentle reminder that the there is no ‘number 2′ on the current Queen Elizabeth travelling round the world.

    Enjoy yourselves on board all three ‘Queens’.


  12. Kenneth Eden says:

    Ref: comment 9, Mark Napier

    I believe QE2 refers to the Queen Elizabeth 2 (II), as stuck in Dubai, not the Queen Elizabeth, the third to bear the name, without suffixed letter or numeral, which would most likely be refered to QE3, and with all due repect to Her Majesty, remains, Queen Elizabeth.

    OHH….. would it be possible for an interior update on the QE2 during the Dubai visit, with pics??????

  13. Paula Moseley says:

    Such amazing photos! My children and I are glued to all 3 webcams as we follow the queens around the world – my 9 year old is desperate to sail on one! He is not pleased that my partner and I sailed on the QM2 in the summer. Happy sailing!

  14. Daryl Cooper says:

    Again I find it amazing!! Logged onto to 3 “Queens” bridge cams at 0540 Queensland time on Thursday Feb 10 and was able to “catch-up” with “QM2 & “Victoria” but yet again no “Queen Elizabeth”. Apology posted ” due to satellite problems”. As I write this it is now 15:30, almost 10 hours later and still the satellite is unavailable, yet the “QV” is probably only a maximum of 500 miles/klms in the opposite direction and working superbly.This of course is not the first time this dis-ruption has occurred so obviously the technology on “QE” is not up to the standard of the other “Queens”.

  15. cynthia renn says:

    Enjoying reading the blogs and have gained a lot of info from them. Now I would like to ask a question please.
    My husband and I are sailing on the QM2 on February 17th leaving Fremantle for Sydney. Could you please tell me the estimated time of departure from Fremantle.
    When we arrive in Sydney we will be transferring to the Queen Elizabeth for the trip back to Fremantle, can you tell me please if anything is arranged to transfer us between the 2 liners.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone on board and having a fabulous time.
    Thank you.

  16. Belinda Lee says:

    My Dad is Will Lee from Thirroul! It is so nice to him having fun eating Vegemite sangas on Australia Day. My Mum Heather is in the next picture of everyone dancing, she is in the pink shirt with the Aussie Flag draped over her shoulders. Cant wait to see them in Sydney. Thanks for posting these pictures :)

  17. Brenda Vessey says:

    We are following your blog on the world cruise of QM2 and are looking forward to boarding her in Singapore on 25 March.

  18. Mark Rosenfeld says:

    where is australia?

  19. Daryl Cooper says:

    Once agin I state that the “Bridge Cam” on THE NEW QUEEN ELIZABETH is not up to the standard of QM2& QV, refer my comments of Feb.10.Why is it that today, Thursday March 3, 2011 in Queensland I can log on, with QM2 enroute to Guam with a time span of 2/3 hours ahead of Qld.Time but Queen Elizabeth is showing the early hours of the morning, e.g. 01.21, when it is only off the coast of Western Australia whose time zone is 2 hours behind Qld. because both states do not embrace Daylight Saving! Similarly QM2 & QV have a caption as to where they are bound for, but no QE. Could be doing circuits of Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne for all we would know.
    Incorrecft information is worse tha no information!

  20. Ben says:

    Great to see Nicole Bruce !!
    How do we contact the crew if we are long lost friends?

  21. Lisa (Cunard) says:

    Hi Ben
    If you email us at wearecunard@cunard.co.uk we can forward a message on for you.
    Thank you
    Lisa (Cunard)

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