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Cunard Celebrates Three New Stars

January 31, 2011

We Are Cunard

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As Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria head towards the Hawaiian Islands, Queen Mary 2 is on her way across the South Atlantic to Cape Town, South Africa.

It’s always a pleasure to feature Cunard’s Stars of the Month, which as regular readers will know is the title awarded to just one crew member per ship each month. The award is a result of guest and crew feedback, and then consideration by our on board White Star Committees. To date we have alternated between Cunard’s three Queens, to feature their latest star. However we felt that it’s such an important programme to all of us on board that we really wanted to feature each ship’s star every month.

So in the first of a monthly feature Blog we are doing just that, and have asked each ship to tell us about their star.


The latest star on Cunard’s flagship is Marco Alexis Payen, who is a Junior Waiter from the beautiful island of Mauritius:

Although Marco has experience at sea he is fairly new to Cunard, having joined Queen Mary 2 in August last year. During that time he has received numerous commendations for his hard work and dedication in looking after our guests. Recently when the French Hostess had to leave unexpectedly, Marco stepped in and assisted with the French Daily Programme and other duties normally carried out by the French Hostess. Everyone was so impressed with Marco’s true White Star spirit that he received many nominations to become Star of the Month. Here he is receiving his award from Captain Paul Wright with Hotel Manager, John Duffy and Senior Maitre D’Hotel, Osman Pinaolglu


The January Star of the Month on Queen Victoria is Senior Security Patrolman Am Chongbang Limbu. Hailing from Nepal, Am is married with two children and joined his first Cunard ship, Queen Mary 2 in 2006

Am spent 16 years in the Indian Army, of which two were spent as a private security guard in Baghdad. Queen Victoria’s Security Officer Glenn Cairns, told me that that although Am is a very quiet member of the security team, he doesn’t just go the extra mile, but more like an extra ten, to ensure the safety of the ship and all on board. After numerous compliments from guests and fellow crew, he was chosen as Queen Victoria’s latest Star. Here he is collecting his well deserved award from Captain Inger Olsen with Hotel Manager , David Hamilton, Deputy Captain, Andrew Hall and Security Officer, Glenn Cairns


Our latest Cunarder’s third star is Benigno Pedroso, the ship’s Chief Carpenter. Known as Bennie, he is married to Cynthia and has three children, Vaughn, Harold & Kate.

Bennie and his family live in Baguio City, Philippines and his father is also a carpenter. Bennie followed in his footsteps first at home, then on a couple of ships before joining Queen Victoria in November 2007 as an Assistant Carpenter. He was then promoted to the position of Chief Carpenter and told me he was honoured to be selected as the Chief Carpenter for the inaugural season of Queen Elizabeth. Being involved from the very start of a new ship was a challenge, but one Bennie met with a wonderful spirit.

He has had numerous positive comments from guests and well as his colleagues who felt he should be recognised for his tremendous commitment to White Star Service. Here is Bennie receiving his award from Captain Julian Burgess, with Hotel Manager, Jacqui Hodgson and Ship’s Services Engineer Michael Robertshaw.

I’ll bring you next month’s stars in a few weeks time, following the various awards ceremonies coming up soon.

Meanwhile as Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary 2 continue their World Voyages and Queen Victoria begins her season in American waters, I’ll have news from all three ships very soon starting on Thursday with another report from Queen Elizabeth. We’ll also return to the Panama Canal with some unique pictures taken by our on board professional photographers along with a very special video as well. Thank you again for logging on and all your great comments. Cheers for now, Alastair

  1. Chris & Margaret Rose says:

    Hi Alistair,
    As always a great blog, especially as it features members of the crew, who passengers don’t always see.
    It re-inforces the pride and dedication of all the crews involved on the three Queens, which we saw for ourselves first hand on Queen Elizabeth.
    Thanks again and as always very best regards

  2. Kenneth Eden says:

    Ah, putting a name to the face. It is not always possible to remember the names of the great crew and staff members on board the Cunard ships. Each month I see familiar faces, and many crew and staff members that I indeed do remember from my sailings. Don’t forget the hard working and smiling entertainment staff, as they do a tremendous amount of work to ensure the evenings showtime, with classy elegance, they make every dance step seem easy! And the officers, so very professional.

    I would like to give a shout out for Senior Maitre D’hotel Osman Pinaoglglu, who commands the Queens Grill aboard the Queen Mary 2, and has been with the Mary from day one. He is so professional and smooth, and very caring to his passengers needs, as well as the dining staff.

    I have noticed, and experienced it for myself, that the crew and staff do move around, from Cunarder to Cunarder. This makes things interesting, since you may find crew or staff member that you remember from a previous cruise. This holds true for the shopkeepers as well. I have delighted in finding dining stewards and sommeliers from other cruise lines that I have sailed on in years past, happily at home on the new Queens, from cruises on Royal Viking Line and Home Lines, to be particular. It is nice to know they remember me, and I remember them.

    I can not wait to see the next round of videos. I’m sailing in just over two weeks on the Hawaiian cruise,. and I am just itching to board Queen Victoria!

  3. Chris Frame says:

    Hi Alastair,

    Very much looking forward to catching up aboard Queen Elizabeth soon!

    Thanks for keeping us all so well informed via the blog!


  4. Kate Oldershaw says:


    I have a very dear friend, Lottie Timmans, travelling on the Queen Elizabeth and I’m hugely envious. But I am thoroughly enjoying the updates as I sit at my desk in London. Just a shame that the bridge webcams only seem to provide a still.

  5. Vivienne Percy says:

    Hello Alastair,
    I love reading your blog and especially love seeing the photo’s of the stars of the month. I just love the time I spend on the “Queens”.
    Best wishes from Vivienne

  6. Bill Bradbury says:

    It is good to see Cunard choose people we never see who work behind the scenes but all contribute to our well being on Cunard.The video on the passage through the canal was great speeded up.Serious saving will mean we will be joining the Elizabeth next year-just waiting for the brochure to come out in April. Meanwhile the Cunarders on the Cruise line web-site have fun promoting Cunard, the latest being if there was white glove service on the Mayflower or Golden Hind.You will need to read what set that off!

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