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December 23, 2010

We Are Cunard

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 xxxxxPeter Shanks

 xxxxxPresident & Managing Director






I write this a couple of days before Christmas from a very cold Southampton, England – where it seems that Santa’s Sleigh is the only the way to get around. Our little Island has been brought to a standstill by a cold snap and a rather embarrassing inability for Heathrow Airport to clear a few inches of snow.

Our three ships are full to the gunnels  and off on their Christmas Voyages with Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth in the Caribbean and Queen Victoria in The Canaries. So on board we are preparing to give over 6,000 of our valued guests a wonderful Cunard Christmas.

This morning I sent a message to every member of our Ship’s Company and I thought our bloggers may find that interesting so I have inserted it below:

I really mean it when I say that the success of Cunard Line is down to those wonderful people who work so hard on our ships. But of course I must give equal recognition to our loyal guests. The last year has been the most successful in our long history with the introduction of Queen Elizabeth. All of us at Cunard have enjoyed seeing so many of our loyal guests on board but have also enjoyed many thousands of guests to Cunard Line for the first time.

So as we head towards Christmas – very warm season’s greetings from all of us at Cunard both to our valued guests and to the readers of our award winning blog.  It has been a vintage year with lot’s of exciting happenings across the fleet and I will share my highlights with you in our New Year blog next week.

For now – wrap up warm wherever you are and enjoy a well deserved rest with your friends and family over the festive period. I shall be at home with my wife, daughters and trusty black Labrador Pepper.

Best Regards


  1. carol kane says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Peter.
    I hope the cold snap will be gone by the time I get to Southampton in april, untill then have a Gin and tonic to help. I will toast your health here in sunny Australia.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL THOSE WONDERFUL FRIENDS I HAVE MADE ON CUNARD OVER THE YEARS, Looking forward to us all meeting again in Feb. Have a safe New Year to all.

  2. judith appleton says:

    Thank you at Cunard for 2 wonderful cruises this year. Looking forward to cruises next year.
    Judith and Bill Appleton

  3. jeremy sayles says:

    Dear Mr. Shanks,

    PLEASE help me. Alastair Greener’s blog is fabulous. But, with every submission he asks us to contact him with comments or questions, but does not tell us how to do this. There is nothing for me to click on in order to write to him. Nothing. And what does “RSS” stand for. I have some questions that I think would interest many lovers of the Cunard Line, but I don’t know how to contact him. How are people contacting Greener when there are NO instruction in the blog?

    Please advise.

  4. mary murdoch says:

    Merry Christmas and A Happy new year to all the wonderful staff at Cunard and on Queen Elizabeth they made our holiday, especialy the Britania resturant staff and Marvil and Joan in the Golden Lion excellant service. Thanks again

  5. Geoffrey Palmer says:

    Alistair not sure if you got my last message.
    Here I am in sunny Queensland Australia thinking of you in cold Southampton.
    My wife & I board the QE2 in Singapore in March and can’t wait to experience the trip to Southampton – hope the cold has gone by then.
    It will be my wifes birthday whils’t on board and we will be also celebrating our 48th wedding anniversary. Hoping Cunard can do something special for my wife.
    Keep up the news letters I read them every time they come through – feel like we are all part of the Cunard family.
    Go the Aussies – we will retain the ashes! All the very best, Geoff & Nancy Palmer – (Gold Coast Queensland Australia)

  6. Beryl Moss says:

    I would like to wish all at Cunard a very Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

  7. Fred & Shirley Bernard says:

    No further comments needed. You’ve summed up the year that was and we look forward to 3rd January when we embark on our 9th or 10th Cunard voyage which started on the original Queen Elizabeth, then QE2, and our home away from home QM2. (9th or 10th – You know there are 3 things that happen as you get old: The first is that you lose your memory, and I can’t remember the other two!)

  8. Denise MacKinnon says:

    Christmas Blessings to all Cunard Staff. Have I missed the photos of the Christmas Decorations on board Queen Elizabeth.

  9. Robert - Hunter Valley says:

    To the Chairman and his family.
    From the sunny lands of the Hunter Valley, our family sends joyous greetings on Noel – Christmas.

    Boxing Day – Melbourne – the eternal struggle is in the home stretch. If I lose, then the wine – Cullens – shall be with me on the 22nd February.

    Until then – Puer Natus Dominus.

  10. Gloria Bullen says:

    Oh Dear
    Not just the airort that was embaressed I am sad to say. We saw our beautiful Queen Elizabeth unable to get into Maderia (17th December) on a very stormy sea while we were safely tucked into the harbour on board The Balmoral and able to enjoy a wonderful if not wet day ashore. Still we were able to tell other passengers how beatiful she is and found someone else who had also been on her Mediterranean.

  11. Mary Elizabeth Murphy says:


    Thank you for another year of wonderful blogs and vlogs. It has been a pleasure reading and watching them. I’m looking forward to seeing you and all of the bloggers on the World Voyage. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  12. Robert - Hunter Valley says:

    From the warmth of the Hunter Valley, the Home of the Penfolds red-bloodied RED. From the warmth of the beaches of Newcastle and from the Home of the Horse Industry, a very Joyous Christmas Greeting to Alastair and his staff. It is now 1.40 p.m. Christmas Day in the Hunter Valley – warm, blue-skyed – drifting breeze – invigorating reds, Hahn Lights and Vasse Felix Whites. Why not join us here in the Valley

  13. Brenda Vessey says:

    I have just looked at Alistair’s Christmas blog on 27 December so I am a little late for Christmas greetings but I wish Alistair, Peter and all the staff at Cunard a very happy and prosperous New Year.

  14. Nev Cooper says:

    Hi Alastair,

    Any good reason WHY the QE Bridge Webcam always is set to some wiered time?

    Looks to me like permenenly on BST (UTC + 1)


    Nev (UK Worldwide Weather Maritime Mobile Radio Net)

  15. Thank you all excellent guides from your blog and wish that you bring more and more lovely contents to everybody. Thank you so much.

  16. Daryl Cooper says:

    Why! Oh! Why! do you still continue to consider that the “Bridge Cam” on Queen Elizabeth is functioning as are the the other 2 ” Queens”. As an example logged on @ 15:45 this afternoon Queensland time an the “QM2″ was showing her position in the Tasman Sea@ 2 hours forward of Queensland time, as it should be. Logged onto Queen Elizabeth and caption shows it @ 01:000. If the flagship of the fleet can publish thc correct time, notwithsatnding that the Commodore of the fleet is in charge, why can’t the Queen Elizabeth? The ” Q E” is scheduled to depart OWSP @ 18:00 this afternoon, 25/02/11 but no doubt your website will show the vessel still in port on Saturday morning. Either correct the bridge cam or scrap it until it is brought up to the standard of the”Mother Ship”. Mis-information is worse than no information.
    I will be intruiged if you publish this “negative” comment.

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