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Transatlantic Crossings On Cunard’s Flagship – Queen Mary 2

November 10, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Queen Elizabeth has just begun her third voyage and is now heading back to the Mediterranean, and I’ll tell you more about what’s been happening on our latest Cunarder tomorrow. Meanwhile Queen Victoria is continuing her Autumn season in the eastern Mediterranean while Queen Mary 2 is back in Southampton today, after a quick trip across the channel to Cherbourg. This afternoon she will be heading west across the Atlantic for the last time this year as she begins a series of Caribbean Voyages before her fourth World Voyage in January.

This last eastbound crossing on Queen Mary 2 was followed closely by a guest blogger, Lisa Page. Lisa is from our marketing team in Southampton, and spent her time on board keeping our facebook followers up to date with life aboard a classic Ocean Liner on a Transatlantic Crossing. She has also written some Guest Blogs, with the first today looking at a Cunard classic feature; afternoon tea.

We also have a Guest Blog coming up from Queen Mary 2’s Entertainment Director Paul O’Loughlin, but first here’s Lisa:

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I was delighted to be invited to look at the impressive bakery on Queen Mary 2, as preparations were being made for Cunard’s legendary white glove service of afternoon tea. It’s a daily event and one for which Cunard is rightly famous. Chief Baker Chester talked me through the process of preparing an essential part of the classic tea, the traditional scone.



Once the special dough is prepared and ready, Chester uses a cutter to get the right shape before putting the scones on a baking tray and then into one of the ship’s many huge ovens.

And it’s not long before there they are, hot fresh and ready to serve. This may seem straight forward until you hear about the numbers involved. They told me they make 880 scones every day, and are served with traditional strawberry preserve and cream. Here is Executive Chef Mark Oldroyd making sure they match the exacting Cunard Standards; which of course they do!

Of course the Scone is not the only part of the traditional Cunard Tea. Literally hundreds of cakes and pastries are made by the Chief Pastry Chef and his team, and here are two trays ready to go to the Queens Room for our guests to enjoy.

Thank you Lisa; I’m sure we are all feeling rather hungry after that report! Lisa will be back on Friday with the second of her Guest Blogs. Now here’s Paul O’Loughlin with news of another Star aboard Queen Mary 2:

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The Cunard Insights Programme welcomed Celebrity Lecturer, Actor, Comedian and Film Producer, John Cleese to Queen Mary 2 on a recent Transatlantic Crossing from New York to Southampton.  John presented three talks that filled the Royal Court Theatre. It was standing room only!


The first event was a Question and Answer session with me where we discussed his amazing career from the Cambridge Footlights, his start in the West End & Broadway, his early days with the BBC, At Last the 1948 Show with Marty Feldmen, and writing the Frost Report.


He recalled some hilarious stories and anecdotes that had the audience roaring with laughter, and we had not even reached the Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Fawlty Towers era which raised the roof even more.  Python films, A Fish Called Wanda and his work on Harry Potter, the Shrek series and playing “Q” in the Bond franchise revealed some great behind the scenes moments that were very special. The creativity and writing process of the Python Team was a high point for the audience who loved the genius and madness of the Pythonesque world starring Cleese, Chapman, Idle, Palin and Jones for 45 episodes and 4 series. John was not a part of the final series.

The second presentation we concentrated on Fawlty Towers and we opened with a showing on the big screen of The Psychiatrist episode. This was voted as the audience favourite and closely beat the Rat episode which is actually John’s favourite. This was the first time we had witnessed Fawlty Towers presented as a movie theatre screening, and the laughs as a collective audience were massive.  A Question and Answer session with the audience followed, and as always our discerning guests came up with some great questions for John.


The final presentation was taken from John’s one man show that he is about to tour with in Norway and Sweden and the UK later in the Year.  The Alimony Tour as he quoted. This included how he writes creatively, some clips from his films and television work and where the ideas came from for his most loved sketches.

What a joy it was to have this Comedy Icon on board who was a pleasure to work with and his lecture series really encompassed the magic of the Cunard Insights Programme where our guests can enjoy the finest speakers in our beautiful theatres. 

Thank you Paul for a great Blog. What an amazing opportunity to meet such a legendary name in show business.

I’ll be back tomorrow with news from Queen Elizabeth and her second voyage, and her meeting with Queen Mary 2 for the first time in Southampton on Monday. We’ll then have more news from our flagship on Friday. Cheers for now, Alastair

  1. Denise MacKinnon says:

    How good to those scones look! but does the chef make Gluten Free scones?

  2. Albert Galaburda says:

    Those pastries look luscious. I hope you have something for those guests who are gluten intolerant. Can we have a piece on cuisine for special diets on board?

  3. ZANNIS says:

    Alastair, I know you ‘ve been busy, but I think the introduction of the blog must be changed.

  4. Chris & Margaret Rose says:

    Hi Alistair,
    Thanks for another great blog.
    Listening to John Cleese must have been fantastic and VERY funny!
    Looking forward to seeing some pictures of Queen Elizabeth meeting Queen Mary in Southampton.

  5. Alan Yorker says:

    Hello Alistair,
    My wife Janie and I just returned home to Georgia from our 5th Anniversary crossing on QM2, and it was a perfect trip especially getting to see Commodore Warner again, as he was Captain aboard on our honeymoon crossing back in 2005, and we were fortunate enough to have dinner at his table which certainly made the journey truly memorable.
    I want to ask what evants may be planned for the Royal Queens triple rendezvous in New York on Jan. 13th, 2011. Are there any details that can be shared at this time? We might try to fly to NYC for the event, as it was during our first date back in 2004 that we first saw the QM2 and QE2 side by side from the top of the Empire State Building. Little did we realize that day that we’d be having our honeymoon on Queen Mary 2 eighteen months later.

  6. Alex &Barbara Craig says:

    I would have loved to be in the audience for Basils talks, I think each eposide of Fawlty Towers was a favourite as they were all brilliant,look forward to Queen Elizabeth next year, Intro to blog o k


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