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November 5, 2010

We Are Cunard

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It’s always fun to hear about celebrations from around the fleet so I was delighted to receive a guest Blog from Queen Mary 2 describing their Pumpkin Carving Completion last weekend Darran Ridley, Queen Mary 2’s, Executive Sous Chef takes up the story;

 Guest Blog

Darran Ridley

Executive Sous Chef

Queen Mary 2

On the evening of Saturday 30th October here on the Queen Mary 2 a magnificent display of Halloween Pumpkins was arranged in the Grand Lobby. I worked with our galley team under the expert guidance of Mark Oldroyd (Executive Chef), and they excelled themselves in creating this wonderful table.


Fruit and vegetable carving demonstrations have been a long standing tradition on Cunard ships, as our talented chefs show our guests how to create wonderful garnishes and even more elaborate table decorations for dinner parties; all out of fresh fruit and vegetables. This year’s Halloween display was an opportunity for our culinary team to show off their creative talents, as they competed for the most artistically carved pumpkin. Guests were then invited to vote for their favourite; so after counting the vast number of votes, here firstly are the runners up.

In third place is this scary pumpkin by Avel Diamante with the adeptly named Queen Grill Freaky Breakfast.


In second place with a rather gruesome entry was Eugeniano Gajo with Medusa 


But the winner was this incredibly elaborate carving by Anselmo Cachola with Haunted Carriage.


Our congratulations go to Anselmo for creating such an amazing piece of artistry and here are all the chefs being congratulated by Mark Oldroyd, (from left to right Anselmo Cachola, Mark Oldroyd (Executive Chef), Avel Diamante and Eugeniano Gajo).


As well as winning $100 prize money Anselmo was also very lucky to get the whole day off in New York for his efforts. Well done to everyone in the galley team who took part in the competition for putting on such a creative display which was so well received by our guests.

Thank you Darran for this great post, and the superb pictures, and of course congratulations to all the winners.

I’ll be back with more news from Queen Mary 2 on Monday when she will be in Southampton with Queen Elizabeth for the first time before heading over to Cherbourg and then the Caribbean for the winter before her World Voyage in January. On Monday evening Queen Elizabeth will be embarking her guests for her third voyage heading back to join her sister Queen Victoria in the Mediterranean.

Cheers for now,  Alastair

  1. I also witnessed the pumpkin carvings on the Queen Mary 2. I was the art teacher for the previous three weeks, and saw the ship transform into a festive display of Halloween decorations. It was also timely that I took the shore excursion to Salem Massachusetts that week, a wonderful way celebrate this fun holiday. Thanks, Cunard.

  2. Andy says:

    Its great to see all the creative work by the chef’s on QM2, we are looking forward to boarding Queen Elizabeth on Monday, and it will be great to see both Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary 2 in Southampton together.
    As we were on the Maiden voyage on the 12th October will we be the first returning passengers on the Queen Elizabeth?


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