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Queen Elizabeth’s Inaugural Highlights Video

October 11, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Today marked the exciting culmination of more than two years planning and building, as our newest Cunarder was named by Her Majesty The Queen in a spectacular ceremony in Southampton’s Ocean Terminal.

Take a look at this wonderful video of highlights from the inaugural weekend, including her arrival into Southampton:

  1. Carol kane says:

    The launching was great, how loverly the Queen looks, only cunard deserves her to name a ship.
    Well done everone. she is a beauty

  2. Ronald J. Wolniewicz says:

    What a wonderful ship. May she serve all who sail on her with the proud tradition of her name.

  3. Pam Towart says:

    That was spectacular! I caught a brief segment on BBC America World News but Alistair’s posting was even better, great job! My in-laws sailed on the first Queen Elizabeth, we sailed on the QEII & will be sailing on Queen Victoria from Florida in 2011 (which I understand is an almost identical twin to the new Queen). The Queen MaryII looks wonderful but a little too large for me, I prefer the smaller vessels….

  4. Richard Vratil says:

    Yes, you all did a perfect job! What a wonderful day, not only for Cunard, of course for us here in Vienna! We are “Cunarders” from our 1st. voyage on board the Vistafjord, then Caronia and now the new Queen Elizabeth. See you in 12 days on the 2nd cruise! We count the hours! Best wishes for the maiden voyage!


  5. Heather Lee says:

    This video brought tears to my eyes as the new Queen was named by the Queen.
    I can’t wait to join the ship in New York in January for the world cruise.
    Well done Alister on the blog.
    I have been following it right throughout the entire building of the new ship.

  6. Janet Rendle says:

    Looking forward to sailing on QE very soon. We’ll be on QM2 next month for our 4th time heading transatlantic acroos to NY,

  7. Sheila Hedderick says:

    Very nice indeed, i wish i could have been there in the crowd but have to wait until March 2011, 22 weeks, it’s going to be here before we know it. CONGRATULATIONS CUNARD, best wishes from (Sheila Elizabeth)!!

  8. Patricia says:

    Well done! I so wish I could be there. I’ve promised myself a trip on the maiden voyage of the next Cunarder!

  9. Kelly Spirit says:

    A-Hoy matey – great pieces to camera Alaister. I felt sooo proud to see you on the video and the new launching of the Queen Elizabeth – She looks beautiful. I can’t wait to see her first hand??
    Kelly & Martin

  10. John & Pat Jones says:

    What a wonderful video. we have been following the blog from Australia from the beginning and this was indeed the highlight. Well done Alastair, We look forward to meeting you when we sail on her soon on her third voyage on 8th November.

  11. Gloria Bullen says:

    Well done Cunnard. A wonderful and moving moment in this great nations history and by the look on Her Majesty’s face she was thrilled to have played her part at all three ceromonys. May this new Queen have as long and a gracious reign as her namesake.

  12. John & Sheila Laurence says:

    We’re so excited, hardly slept a wink!!!
    Really looking forward to setting foot on the beautiful new Queen Elizabeth and seeing the Art Deco interior at first hand.
    It would be great to meet Alistair and chat to him about how much his blogs have meant to us in the run up to the Maiden Voyage.
    We still can’t believe we’re going to be part of this wonderful part of Cunard history.
    Yours very excitedly,
    John & Sheila Laurence.

  13. Susan Tunge says:

    A ceremony to remember for years to come. Well done Cunard, you will be in the history books forever.

  14. Christina Goozee says:

    Well done everyone, a great day for our great Queens.

  15. Chris & Margaret Rose says:

    Hi Alistair,
    What a marvellous video.
    We were lucky enough to watch the ceremony live on the internet whilst in Florida!!
    It made us very proud to be British.
    It must also have been very proud for all of you working for Cunard and in particular on the Queen Elizabeth.
    Many congratulations and have a wonderful maiden voyage.
    See you in january.

  16. Mary Elizabeth Murphy says:

    What an exciting day it must have been for all of you! The ship is absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait until she arrives in New York.

  17. Anthony Jr says:

    Three cheers for the new QE!!!!!!!
    Absolutely stunning and a tremendous and splendid addition to the fleet! What is this I hear about QE being the last (at least for a while) ship built for the Uk cruise market, is that really true? :(

  18. Kenneth Eden says:

    Just spectacular! Indeed, nobody gets it quite right like the Brits do, pomp and circumstance, with all the right touches, and Her Majesty to cap off the party.

    I believe Anthony Jr’s inquery about last ship built for the UK cruise market did indeed reference the QE, however, the Azura, for P&O, is being fitted out now, and is still under contruction. I would love to see Cunard build two smaller ships, say about 45,000 GRT, with names such as Coronia, Mauretania 3, or Countess/Princess.

    Thank you Cunard for three wonderful ships,and Alastair for presenting this wonderful blog.

    Kenneth Eden

  19. Mark III says:

    Nicely done, Bravo!!
    Had the honor of taking the innagural QM2 transatlantic and can’t wait to book the QE.
    Cunard does it right and I hope for many years to come.

  20. Freda & Bill Cureton says:

    What a truly magnificent naming ceremony for Queen Elizabeth, by the Queen! Congratulations to all concerned at Cunard.

  21. Patricia Watts says:

    I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to visit the Queen Elizabeth on Sunday. Truly superb.Great to see some of the pieces from QE2 on display. The whole day was fantastic !!!!!.

  22. Cary and Donna Preston says:

    Thank you for the wonderful video. We look forward to sailing on her some day. The Cunard experience is magnificent.

  23. Rob Holloway says:

    Wonderful, not all the time one gets to see the Queen name a new Cunard Ship as ‘Queen Elizabeth’.
    What a moment for the Queen and Cunard.

    Just got our Cunard brochure today and looking at a cruise in May 2011 on QE..

  24. Mark Wood says:

    Travelled from harwich just to see the naming ceremony. What a fantastic and special day. The Queen Elizabeth is stunning and beautiful. I am looking forward to sailing on her in May next year. Is it possible to see the whole naming ceremony being streamed online?

  25. Thank you for sharing this beautiful event. The visual presentation was spectacular. She is a gorgeous ship and a perfect size. Cunard is in a class of her own. Kuddos to all the men and women from around the world who made the dream of building the Queen Elizabeth a reality. Looking forward to being served by Cunard’s latest family!

  26. Kevan Buller says:

    I watched the naming ceremony live at Guild Hall Square. What a spectacular event to remember.I cannot wait to sail on her in May 2011. Cunard you are the Best.

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