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October 5, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Well we took delivery of Queen Elizabeth last Thursday in Trieste and she is now on her way to Southampton. It is going to be a wonderful time for all concerned as she is named by Her Majesty The Queen and then sets off on her Maiden Voyage on Columbus Day next week. We will be sharing the build-up and the events on our Blog and I will do what I can to share the events with you.The first thing I wanted to share is a very moving video – the first to show her at sea and show her in full splendour. I play it as a tribute to our Friends at Fincantieri who – with a great deal of love and attention – built our beautiful new Queen Elizabeth. So please do take a few minutes of your time – turn up the volume – and enjoy the first remarkable pictures of Queen Elizabeth.

Best Regards

Peter Shanks

President and Managing Director (And Very Proud!)


  1. Alex Barbara Craig says:

    Alastair what more can be said “You Are Cunard” great video

  2. Ronald J. Wolniewicz says:

    Beautiful Ship, Great Video, I want to be on the ship, Do you have lifetime cabin rates

  3. Nicola Jennings says:

    Yes. Truly moving.
    May the wind always be behind her.

  4. Irene Coventry says:

    What a beautiful video and the music goes perfectly with it. Can’t wait to join you on the 25th. Am getting very excited.

  5. Gary& Tina Cottrell says:

    Amazing video,wish my father was still with us to see this,we will be on board next year in the baltics,
    for our 25th wedding Aniversary.So much more than just a ship.

  6. Roger Hallett says:

    Great video – and what is that music. Fantastic! As is MS Queen Elizabeth.

  7. Ellen K. says:

    Beautiful! Congratulations!

  8. Carol kane says:

    Wow Alastair, What a wonderful sight, what a beautiful ship, I love the colour of blue and gold in the theatre, infact everywere is beautiful. I found the vidio quite moving, Cant wait to see her come into Sydney harbour it will be a truly magnificent sight.
    Cunard are the very best as are you Alastair. well done all

  9. Brian Hudd says:

    We are really excited now, what wonderful footage of the latest Qunard Queen, she is truly MAGNIFICANT!!!!!! Brian and Ann

  10. Norman Davis says:

    Wonderful ship – wonderful video – wonderful music, See you onboard on the 12th – Norman and Veronica

  11. Steve Bass says:

    Brilliant video Peter. Thanks for sharing it with us. We will be in Southampton on Friday to see her arrive.

    Steve Bass

  12. Chris & Margaret Rose says:

    Hi Alistair,
    What an awesome video…thanks so very much.
    She looks absolutely majestic!
    Chris & Margaret Rose

  13. Lou Anne Busdieker says:

    This is so exciting. We have only 96 days before we board for the World. Can’t wait!!

  14. John and maureen Percival says:

    Tears were falling down my cheeks just watching her on video, heaven knows what state I will be in when we depart on the Maiden Voyage. Thank you Alistair for that fabulously moving video. The vessel Queen Elizabeth, well what can I say She is already a legend!!

  15. Freda & Bill Cureton says:

    Well done Alistair and great comments from Peter Shanks. Queen Elizabeth is a splendid ship introduced by a superb video – I loved her twirls on the high seas. Her beautiful interior shots are stunning. Will be joining her for the Agean Introduction in November.

    Freda & Bill Cureton

  16. Stewart Nicol says:

    A noble vessel worthy of the royal name. She looks a stately ship
    inside and out.

  17. Preston says:

    What a wonderful video..so moving and the music matches perfectly…I really loved the ending..Not Just a Ship..that says it all. Cannot wait to sail on her in July

  18. Gloria Bullen says:

    Glad to know that other people are getting as exicted as we are about joining her on the 25th. I cried watching that video knowing that 3 weeks today I will be sailing and can’t wait to explore all the rooms. I do share a comment made yesterday if we could take a peek in the state rooms that would be great. On the other hand perhaps we leave a little bit of the magic til the day….

  19. Brierley Markland says:

    A truly wonderful video which shows Queen Elizabeth in all her glory. I cannot wait to embark on the 8th November for 18 days of heaven. May she ride the waves as a true Cunarder and enjoy a sepectacular entry in to Southampton.

  20. Richard says:

    Yes, a very good video! The frontside of the Ship is realy beautiful, but …! The aft! That’s not Cunard like! It looks like American megaliner! But I will be inside the ship on the second voyage on Oct. 25th., so I won’t see it!
    Best wishes from Vienna/Austria.

  21. mary murdoch says:

    only one word WONDERFUL. Congratulations to all involved. mary & Bob

  22. Steve says:

    What a fantastic video Alastair. It was truly moving, full of pride. I can not wait until this weekend to watch her safely arrive at home in Southampton.

  23. Robert Hofmann says:

    Amazingly beautiful video! One week and counting until I’m on board for the maiden voyage. I’m very excited about this cruise!

  24. Anita & Moe Krakower says:

    Magnificent…..Excited & thrilled to be joining you again in JAN FOR THE 2011 WORLD CRUISE! 2008 on The Victoria was wonderful…. this one surely will be another outstanding Cunard adventure…Cunard is like our traveling family!!! Thanks for the great video!!!

  25. Anita & Moe Krakower says:

    Absolutely breathtaking…..The excitement continues as we wait to join you in Jan for the 2011 World Cruise…..another fabulous adventure with Cunard.
    Photos are terrific!

  26. michael newe says:

    Gratulation, tolles schiff, freuen uns die jungfernreise ab 12.10. Weleben zu dürfen
    Beste grüsse M.Newe

  27. Chris Lewis says:

    Can the public attend the naming ceremony by HM Queen Elizabeth?

  28. Anthony Jr says:

    In the words of Her Majesty the Queen,”Look, isn’t she beautiful?”- HM QE II, naming ceremony for QE2

  29. Barb says:

    The ship is beautiful. I wish I could be there for the Christening.
    What a glorious memory that would make.

  30. Gavin Tippet says:

    Great Video
    I wait with anticipation for her first visit to Sydney on the 22 feb 2011, when I will join her on part of her maiden world cruise.

  31. Gail Parr says:

    I got goosebumps watching it, how very exciting. I will be on the 25th October cruise and the anticipation is mounting.

  32. John Wadsworth says:

    Cunard has out done themselves again. I will always be proud to have been part of the Cunard family. May all that sail on the Queens be blessed with clear weather and calm seas.

    John Wadsworth
    Assistant to The Vice President -Port Operations Worldwide
    Cunard Line Ltd/ Seabourn Cruise Line
    1995 to 2005

  33. John Wilson says:

    We are sooooo excited. This is a beautiful ship and we can’t wait to join her for the world cruise next year. Wonderful video !!

  34. Pam Towart says:

    Wonderful video! – really gives you a sense of the glory of this vessel & how it all came together. As a ‘true Brit’ ex-patriot I will look forward to seeing footage of H.M. The Queen christen the new Queen very soon. Godspeed.

  35. John McIntyre says:

    Wonderful video! I was booked on her maiden voyage to the Mediterranean but had to cancel because of health reasons. Now I’ll be looking for the next possible opportunity to sail on this magnificent ship!

  36. Paul & Di Wolf says:

    Sensational and gives us Goose Bumps! Looking forward to joining you on 13Jan in New York

    Paul & Di

  37. Sheila Hedderick says:

    Yes Yes Yes, can’t wait for next year…..sheila

  38. Mark Banks (NZ) says:

    A great video, the ship looks fantastic. Looking forward to sailing on her in February from Australia/NZ for the 2011 World Cruise.

  39. Pat Hill says:

    what a fabulous video. it makes me proud to be a Cunard fan. Can’t wait for next may when we sail on her. great blog too, keep up the good work.

  40. Sheila Way says:

    We broke our hearts on the final crossing of QE2, but now we can see why it was necessary – what a fabulous new ship, and video to introduce it to us.

  41. Brogan Swan says:

    As a QE2 passenger/fanatic i am very excited about joining the QE from Sydney for her world cruise taking my father with me, cant wait. Little bits of QE2 will i am sure be aboard and make us feel like being on the QE2 all over again. Well done again Cunard on another fine vessel.

  42. Helen Kershaw says:

    This superb video certainly whets the appetite! My husband, eleven year old daughter and I are really looking forward to our Med cruise next August. I will be celebrating my 50th birthday. My 7th birthday was spent on the original Queen Elizabeth back in 1968. My father used to work for Cunard and we were fortunate enough to sail on her before she went out of service. It was a truly wonderful experience. We will be taking my father (who is now 86) down to Southampton this weekend to enjoy the celebrations and see the new Queen Elizabeth – what a stunning ship. We are all sooooo excited!!!!! Congratulations.

  43. Michael Gordon says:

    Yes, a’lot of money and effort has gone into this steamer however she and the rest of the new Cunarder’s still do not have the panache and classic lines of the old queen’s. I realize that times do change but must she look like a gian shoe box or a knocked over modern office tower?

    Sorry, her interior’s look like plastic, as they are on the Victoria and Q.M.2.

    If I ever cross on a ship I want to know I’m on a ship, and not to have it look like an American shopping mall.

    Michael Gordon/Toronto Canada

  44. Nathan Dixon says:

    Amazing Video – Shows what Cunard is all about!

    Looks very similar to Queen Victoria indeed, but a beautiful cruise liner.

    Nathan Dixon, South Wales, UK

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