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September 9, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 33 days

Welcome to another week of Blogging which sees Queen Mary 2 completing her Canada and New England voyage in New York this weekend, before coming across to the Mediterranean. Queen Victoria is already in the Mediterranean where she will stay for the autumn, ending her current voyage in Venice this weekend. I’m sure you’ll get some great views from her Bridgecam. Meanwhile just up the coast in Monfalcone, Queen Elizabeth has just returned from her successful second set of sea trials and in just over a month’s time will be arriving in her homeport of Southampton.

Thank you again for all your comments and questions, its been great to be so inundated and as usual I’ll try and cover as much as I can in this Blog about Queen Elizabeth’s second set of sea trials after this week in Cunard’s history for the week of the 3rd to the 9th of September

September 4 1995 QE2 makes maiden Call at Invergordon, Scotland
September 4 2005 QE2 becomes longest serving Cunarder surpassing Scythia 36 Years 4 months 2 days – (1921 – 1957)
September 8 1907 At Noon a crowd of 20,000 come to see the Lusitania leave liverpool on her maiden voyage under the command of Captain J.B. Watt. She had 192 furnaces and burned 1,000 tons of coal a day, achieving a speed of 26 knots. Passengers unfamiliar with the name – after a Roman Province called her the Lucy. At 33,000 tons she was the first liner to cross the Atlantic in under five days, making the crossing in four days, 19hours and 52 minutes. This meant she was able to claim the Blue Ribband from the Deutschland.
September 9 1840 Cunard’s third Ship, Caledonia begins her maiden voyage

Firstly Paul, I’m afraid Queen Elizabeth has now left Trieste and won’t be returning as she was there in between sea trials to use the dry dock for her final painting. Her second set of sea trials presented the first opportunity for the Master Designate, Captain Chris Wells, to see his new command and I’m delighted that he has taken some time out of his very hectic schedule to tell us a bit about it:

Guest Blog

Captain Chris Wells

Master Designate – Queen Elizabeth






I was delighted to be welcomed aboard Cunard’s latest Queen, by the Deputy Director of Monfalcone shipyard, Giorgio Gomiero, as I was invited to be present and witness the ship being put through her paces.

Queen Elizabeth had been in dry dock in Trieste from 17th to 26th August, where her final hull coating, antifouling and boot topping were applied and I have to say she was already resplendent in her new paint.

She departed the dry dock in the morning of 27th August for her second sea trials.


Sporting her shiny new paint, the opportunity was taken for a photo shoot just outside Trieste harbour, and off Castello Miramare, with two helicopters shadowing the ship as she maneuvered, and was swung for compass adjustment.

Over the following hours and days Queen Elizabeth was put through a series of tests, to confirm operation of propulsion, electrical, ventilation and other systems. She conducted manoeuvring trials, tests of joystick control, and speed trials.

With the final tests of her second sea trials completed successfully, it was time for Queen Elizabeth to head back to Monfalcone.

She returned alongside during the evening of 30th August, where outfitting will continue for the final few weeks before delivery.

My thanks again to Captain Wells for keeping us fully informed, and I look forward to seeing him and other colleagues who are already in Monfalcone, on Monday when I’ll arrive and join the set up team.

Following the successful completion of all the sea trials, Peter Shanks, Cunard’s President and Managing Director, told me:

“Queen Elizabeth performed extremely well during her recent sea trials and exceeded all the required tests comfortably. She is shaping up to be a magnificent ship and will be a very worthy sister to our flagship Queen Mary 2 and to Queen Victoria. Together they will comprise the youngest fleet on the oceans.”

Well that’s it for this post but I’ll be back as usual on Monday with news from the Cunard world and on Thursday I’ll post some new pictures from Queen Elizabeth’s interior as the World awaits our new Queen.

Cheers for now, Alastair

  1. Ronald Wolniewicz says:

    It looks like one BEAUTIFUL LADY

  2. Anthony Jr says:

    Ok that is the most beautiful ship (since Queen Mary 2 was launched) I have ever seen!!!!! She actually took my breath away when I saw these pictures, that’s how pristine and beautiful and gorgeous she is! There are not good enough or strong enough adjectives to say how well of a job Cunard designers and Italian ship builders have done in my oppinion!!!!!

  3. nathan says:

    these photos are great. the second sea trial’s look spectacular. and i can’t wait to see more of the ship before her launch. i meant i am in love with this ship and her identical ( well almost similar sister). the queen victoria.

  4. Brogan Swan says:

    She looks spectacular. Excellent photographs.

  5. who said new cruise ships don’t have any style !! queen elizabeth oozes class, oh the joy of being so lucky to travel around the med with her on nov. 8th. it sounds like we will catch up with some crew from our trips on queen victoria, thats what’s so lovely about cunard, its like a big family. from a vry excited martin & jay haywood

  6. Chris & Margaret Rose says:

    Hi Alistair,
    Thanks again for such marvellous pictures of Queen Elizabeth.These are the first pictures of her starboard side and we can now clearly see where our cabin will be when we board her at Fort Lauderdale in January.
    Never mind” The World Awaits” so do we!
    She looks absolutely awesome.
    Chris & Margaret

  7. judith appleton says:

    Magnificent pictures! How regal she looks. She will be a truly wonderful sight to behold as she enters Southampton waters.I’m sure she will get a truly deserved reception.

  8. Christian says:

    Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth and to Captain Wells and the team and Fincantieri. I am so thrilled that Her Majesty the Queen has graciously agreed to name the ship next month and will mark a further milestone in Cunard history and the history of the Royal family.

    I would like to take the opportuntity to wish Queen Elizabeth a safe and pleasent voyage to Southampton prior to being launched.

    P.S Will the ship’s whistle sound simillar to that of the much loved QE2 or will she have her own unique ‘voice’?

  9. Brierley Markland says:

    Alistair well the ship looks truly magnificent and I cannot wait to embark on the voyage 8 November 2010, 18 nights of pure indulgence and luxury. many thanks for your excellent blogs.

  10. I’m glad its all going to plan but she’s not a sister to Queen Mary 2! In the Cunard fleet, she is only a sister ship to Queen Victoria. “Sister” has a precise meaning in terms of ships. She is a fleet-mate and thats all.

  11. John Evans says:


    She looks so fantastic. Majestic.


  12. Carol Turner says:

    Where can I find the enrichment programmes for Queen Elizabeth? There is a section on the Cunard website, but when I enter the date of my cruise (25th Oct) … nothing happens!! Where are the details to be found?

  13. Enrique L. says:

    She’s very beautiful, amazing.

  14. Steve says:

    Amazing photos Alastair. Thanx so much. We are off to Venice now for the weekend before joining the Queen Victoria for our two weeks in the Med, the Bospherous and the Black Sea.

  15. Freddie Paynter says:

    Thanks for these stunning photos, Alastair. I look forward to seeing her and her sisters meet in New York for the first time in January.


  16. this post is very usefull thx!

  17. Anthony Jr says:

    Mr. Greener,

    I have a question about the new Queen Elizabeth. What will her horn sound like? Will it be like Queen Victoria’s awesome horn or will QE hava unique one aswell?

  18. Wes Pippenger says:

    These are just great shots. We can’t wait to see some of the interior; and better yet, can’t wait to sail on the maiden voyage in October. We’re counting the hours!! Wes Pippenger, Arlington, VA

  19. Robert Hofmann says:

    I guess I am the only one that sees partial beauty in the new Queen Elizabeth. To me she is a cookie cutter ship looking remarkably like P&O and Holland America ships. Although the interiors will be stunning, to me it’s a Holland America ship in a Cunard dress. The stern looks like tiered parking at a mall. She has a stubby bow unlike the QM 2. Sad when so much more could have been done with the exterior of this ship.

  20. deborah ward says:

    i can not wait to board queen elizabeth for her maiden voyage

  21. Charles D'Alessandro says:

    I agree with you Robert, the new Queen Elizabeth as well as the Queen Victoria resemble floating apartment houses. They incorporate none of the sleek design of the Queen Mary 2 and the past Queens. What a shame!

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