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Her Majesty The Queen to name Queen Elizabeth

September 1, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Cunard are both honoured and proud to announce that Her Majesty The Queen will name our new liner Queen Elizabeth in Southampton on the 11th October.

You know it is quite remarkable to think that at the young age of 12, The Queen was present as her mother named our original Queen Elizabeth in 1938. During her marvellous 58 year reign, The Queen has also honoured Cunard Line by naming both the QE2 and Queen Mary 2. We often talk of our history and heritage , but it is our special links to the Royal Family that set us apart from any other travel company or cruise line. I was asked recently how excited we were at the prospect of the Queen Elizabeth naming ceremony to which I answered ‘Well there are ship launches and there are Cunard ship launches’. We have invited over 1,600 people from around the world to be present at the event in Southampton on the 11th October and the scene is set for something very British and very special. The launch of a Cunard Queen is indeed a part of history and we are very aware of our part in ensuring that the tremendous sense of British Maritime History continues for many years to come. It is also remarkable to think that with the arrival of Queen Elizabeth we will have ‘The Youngest Fleet in the World’ and so as well as a sense of history and heritage we look forward to delighting our guests around the world for many, many years to come.

For now we carry on with all the hard work that is needed to bring a new Cunard Queen to life – with a real sense of excitement and anticipation right around the company that we, along with our valued guests, are about to be part of something very special indeed. Below is the first picture of the ship on her her sea trials – I know I am biased but I think she looks fantastic

Best Regards

Peter Shanks

President and Managing Director

Cunard Line

  1. Albert Galaburda says:

    The uncommon reader will grace the uncommon vessel… yeah!

  2. Joanna Armitage says:

    Wonderful news

  3. Mary Elizabeth Murphy says:


    What wonderful news! Since I was expecting an announcement in July, I was beginning to think the Queen would not be naming the new Queen Elizabeth. Just think, in a few weeks, you will be meeting Queen Elizabeth II. Enjoy the moment!

  4. carol Kane says:

    Dear Alastair,
    How fantastic she looks. How wonderful the Queen will be naming her. I am so pleased to hear it.I can’t wait to board her in Sydney

  5. Paul Cunane says:

    It just had to be !! Wouldn’t have been the same with Her.

  6. judith appleton says:

    What an honour and how thrilling for those who will be there.The picture of QE on sea trials looks fantastic but there again I too am biased. WE will have arrived in Southampton on Monday 11th and hope we will feel the excitement. Thanks for all the news
    Judith and Bill Appleton

  7. Louise Hopkins says:

    I am so very excited, honored and blessed to be a part of her first world voyage! What a privilege!

  8. Lou Anne Busdieker says:

    This is so exciting. Will the ceremony be available to stream on our computer?

  9. Jeff Towns says:

    I am so disappointed to have not received an invitation, Carole Marlow promised to try and get me one, when she President and Managing Director. I am on the maiden voyage and this is my 20th Cunard cruise. Is there anything that can be done so sneak in one more person? Thanks Alastair.

  10. Tom Morgan and Ken Youngert says:

    How absolutely thrilling, especially since, thanks to the Prince’s Trust, we are going to be able to participate in the festivities just before embarking on the maiden voyage.

  11. Chris & Margaret Rose says:

    We are so proud to be British.
    What a fantastic start to the life of Queen Elizabeth.
    We trust that all 1600 people you have invited just appreciate the event and what it means to Great Britain and Cunard,
    Good luck, we will be in the USA but will follow all the news and can’t wait to board her in Fort Lauderdale in January.
    Thanks once again for a greaat blog, Alistair.

  12. Gerrie and Mike Lambert says:

    we both thought that there really could only be one choice and it is so exciting that the Queen is going to be there wish we could be there to see it. Oh well have to wait to be on this fab looking ship

  13. Andy says:

    What a great honour to have Her Majesty naming the newest member of the Cunard fleet, and it all adds to the “Britishness” of the whole event, and we are looking forward to the Maiden Voyage

  14. Shirley Lee says:

    Will THE Queen Elizabeth be sailing on the Queen Elizabeth on Oct. 12th as well?
    That would be exciting. The ship looks magnificent! Congrat!

  15. how fitting our wonderful queen will be launching a very spectacular cunard queen. a truly wondferful combination, it makes our forthcoming trip on nov. 8th aboard queen elizabeth that much more exciting. she looks truly wonderful on her sea trials.

  16. Steve says:

    Only her Majesty could name such a fine ship! What wonderful news. I will feel so honored when I step onboard for her maiden World Voyage in January. And what a wonderful photo!

  17. john bramwell says:


    We also are arriving in Southampton on Monday 11th in readiness for the maiden voyage and can not wait to be part of the pomp and ceremony on the day. What expectation !!

    John & Thelma Bramwell

  18. Kurt Viegelmann says:

    We were honored to have sailed on QE2′s Farewell Voyage to the British Isles. We know that
    her majesty is the second Elizabeth these past two centuries, but as far as the Cunard’s
    Ships’ Royal Lineage, be sure to watch out tactfully that her majesty doesn’t “slip of the tongue”
    “Queen Elizabeth III”? On the other hand, QE3 has a nice ring to it as well!

  19. JAMES D. CORBEILLE says:


  20. JAMES D. CORBEILLE says:


  21. Allan Irons says:

    To Alastair and the ‘We are Cunard’Team
    Thank you so much for the wonderful informative Blogs you have posted on the QE and her sister ships I feel that the latest Blog for the QE is the Icing on the cake for me, My experience with Cunard is that I first saw the QE2 when I sailed into Southampton as a trainee on board the Sir Winston Churchill schooner as the QE2 was preparing to sail on her maiden voyage in 1969 and I thought she looked fantastic. When I saw that she was to retire I was fortunate to sail on her from Singapore to Los Angeles on her final world cruise. So as not to miss out on the new Queen Elizabeth unique experience I am looking forward to joining you and the White Star Team on her maiden voyage on the 12 October, Again thank you and your team for all the Great Blogs which you have posted to keep us all informed

  22. Carolyn Boyle says:

    Oh Boy! Does she not look fantastic. We are on her maiden voyage and cannot wait.

  23. Richy says:

    Wow! she is looking fantastic! better than I was expecting to be honest. It’s great to see the 1st photo from her sea trials as I was tracking her during parts of them :)

    Thanks for posting!

  24. Gail Parr says:

    This will be my first cruise in over 35 years, I am getting more excited by the day and although I am on the second cruise it is still wonderful to know that the Queen will be naming the ship. I will be celebrating my 60th birthday at sea and having followed the progress of the building of Queen Elizabeth it is going to be absolutely fabulous.

  25. Gavin Tippet says:

    I agree how wonderful the Queen Elizabeth looks on her sea trials, and I also look forward to board her in Sydney

  26. nathan says:

    WOW!!! the queen elizabeth looks just like the queen victoria. but she is pretty. and i saw her pictures from contruction, float out and now sea trial’s and pretty soon the launch by the queen herself.

  27. Robert - Hunter Valley says:

    For those on the Q.E. World Cruise. Shall see you in Sydney, then the home of the Golden Urn. Though I have dined in the Queen’s presence, my invitation to the Christening may be coming, though becoming, it may not be. dum vita spes

  28. Brogan Swan says:

    A spectacular shot of the vessel and i am over the moon with the news of the Queen naming the ship. I look forward to boarding her in Sydney for our trip with my father, just like the good old days on the QE2. I maybe the only 22 year old passenger onboard?, that would be special to me.

  29. John Wilson says:

    Alastair, I am so excited !! My wife and I are so very lucky to be part of the World Cruise. I was born in Liverpool and Cunard played a big part in my childhood. The news that the Queen will name Queen Elizabeth has made me very proud of my heritage.

  30. Beryl Moss says:

    Our Queen is the only person who could name Queen Elizabeth. Will be in Southampton to watch her arrive and also for the naming ceremony and look forward to sailing on her in 2011. She looks fantastic in the sea trials photograph.

  31. Ann says:

    We will be onboard the QM2 on Monday, Oct 11th. Are there any plans to celebrate the naming on the other Cunard ships? It adds an extra bit of excitement to our third cruise on “our” Queen to know the christening will happen while we are sailing.

    Thanks for the always informative blog.

  32. Cheryl Beckerman says:

    I have a dinner menu from the final westbound voyage of the Queen Elizabeth in 1968 along with newspapers articles. I also have a chief engineers uniform from the first Queen Elizabeth along with documentation that belonged to my uncle in the1940′s. I am trying to sell these items. Does anyone know where to sell them and/or who would be interested in purchasing them?

  33. Alan and Trudy says:

    Alistair, we followed the news on Queen Victoria before boarding Her for the maiden voyage. We have been following the news on Queen Elizebeth we great anticipation and will see you on the 12th October. Hope the jokes get better but we are both pleased your be travelling with us on the maiden voyage.

  34. Mrs Sue Crane says:

    My husband and I feel very privileged to be sailing on the new Queen Elizabeth on her maiden voyage on 12th October and also being able to attend the naming ceremony on Monday 11th October. The ship looks magnificent. We are really looking forward to it all!!

    Susan Crane.

  35. Marie Buesing says:

    I enjoyed watching the christening of Queen Elizabeth…what a beauty! My mother sailed on the QE in 1946 from Southampton to NY to marry my father. I was born in 1948 and sailed twice on the QE across the Atlantic and back to visit family with my mother and father. Other sailings were on the Queen Mary and the Mauritania. Such memories! I would once again love to have the privledge of sailing on the new Queen…Thank you for sharing my most precious of moments in my life.

  36. Marie Buesing says:

    I enjoyed watching the christening of the new Queen Elizabeth…what a beauty! My mother sailed on the QE in 1946 from Southampton to NY to marry my father. I was born in 1948 and sailed twice on the QE across the Atlantic and back to visit family with my mother and father. Other sailings were on the Queen Mary and the Mauritania. Such memories! I would once again love to have the privledge of sailing on the new Queen…Thank you for sharing some of the most precious of moments in my life.

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