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September 6, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 35 days

Thank you for all your comments and questions along with your great feedback on the progress of Queen Elizabeth. I’ll try and give you as many answers as I can on this Blog, and of course update you with news as it comes my way.

Naturally there is a tremendous amount of excitement about the naming ceremony itself, and I have been told that although Cunard will not be streaming the ceremony live, they will be broadcasting a 10 minute video of the highlights shortly after. I’ll keep you posted with that.

The good news is we hope to have Queen Elizabeth’s BridgeCam ready for her departure from Monfalcone, so you can watch her sailing to Southampton. I’ll give you more details of the best viewing points in Southampton, closer to the time.

I will have another Blog about Queen Elizabeth on Thursday, when we will be looking at her second set of sea trials.

In the meantime, it’s always a pleasure to profile crewmembers that win the prestigious “Star of the Month Award”, which is part of Cunard’s White Star Programme. As many of you will know, the “Star of the Month” title is awarded to just one crew member per ship each month, as a result of guest and crew feedback and then consideration by our on board White Star Committee.

Queen Mary 2’s latest star is Genny Muega, who is an Assistant Buffet Stewardess, working in the Officer’s Mess, and here she is receiving her award from Captain Nick Bates.

Also in the picture are Hotel Manager, David Stephenson, Food and Beverage Manager, Stefan Engl and Senior Maitre D’hôtel, Beniamino Acler.

As an Assistant Buffet Stewardess, Genny has a busy day beginning with setting up breakfast at 7am, but even earlier on embarkation days. Along with her colleagues she sets up the buffet lines and takes the Officer’s orders for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She says she enjoys her job because she gets to know the needs and wishes of many of the officers as well as gaining a lot of new friends.

She added that the best part of the job is that she can now easily identify the names of unusual food, which she hadn’t known or tasted before. She told me that, although her job was not an easy one, she has learned to be more patient and before she goes to work, she says she leaves her worries behind, and makes sure she comes to work with a big smile.

Genny, who celebrated her 28th birthday on board last month, lives with her parents, two sisters and brother in a small city called Llloilo in the western part of the Philippines. Here she is with them at home:


After she graduated from college, she gained experience in the banking and hospitality industry before beginning work as an agent in a call centre at home in the Philippines. She said it was a memorable time and it taught her a lot of life lessons, which she feels have helped her in her current role on board.

She told me a bit about her upbringing, “I grew up in a Christian loving environment with a strong faith. Life at home was simple and short on material things, but big on love. My family used to call me a ‘black sheep’ as I didn’t really manage to be a model student, but later I promised myself to do things right and focussed on work, sports and art.”

In her time off, Genny likes to go ashore with friends and sometimes by herself to go shopping, and when the ship is at sea she tries to go to the gym. Part of the Star of the Month award involves a cash prize, which she said she would send home, as she feels her family would need it more than she does. Genny told me that being a ‘White Star of the Month’ is more than enough for her.

During her leave at home she likes to draw and sketch, as well as watching movie marathons with her family and friends. Here she is with her brother and sisters.


She also enjoys trying new things such as Ziplining in Tagaytay, Philippines, with her brother.


I asked Genny what “We Are Cunard” means to her and she told me; “It means we are famous. We are extraordinary and provide a splendid service. That’s what Cunard means to me.”

As for the future Genny told me “I’m just a simple girl with a simple dream … I just want to be happy and want to have a family in the future”. She added; “I would like to say thank you to everyone who nominated me as Star of the Month. I truly appreciate it and I’m glad I made this step to join the ship. I intend to continue to provide excellent service wherever I work in the future. Big thanks to all of you…”

Congratulations again to Genny, for her fantastic achievement and for taking the time to chat to me. I’ll be back on Monday, with news of Queen Elizabeth’s second set of sea trials with some amazing pictures.

Cheers for now, Alastair

  1. Anthony Jr says:

    That is excelent newwws about the bridge cam for QE. I will be looking at that alot :) I did in fact get to Boston yesterday and drove a few of my friends from MMA down there, it was awesome, I haven’t seen QM2 since 2006 when I went transatlantic with her so it was really good to see the lady again. As for Queen ELizabeth, she is a fine sister to the QV, and I can’t wait until she’s in service!

  2. Steve says:

    Well done Genny! It makes me happy to know that when I travel with Cunard I travel with a team of people who are “… extraordinary and provide a splendid service.” This is sometimes lacking in other industries today.

  3. Beryl Moss says:

    It’s a shame that the naming ceremony is not going to be shown live but I am sure that the atmosphere in Southampton on the 11th will be eletric. We will be there and assume that the video will shown on a large screen in Mayflower Park. The good news about the web cam hopefully being live as she leaves Monfalcone is great so her progress can be followed as she departs bound for Southampton.

  4. Valerie Ackroyd says:

    Dear Alastair,
    We are sailing with the Queen Mary next Monday and are SO excited! This is our first sea voyage although my grandmother and my parents sailed with Cunard about 60 years ago.

    Have a question–are there facilities on board to get British pounds? An ATM or something like that?

    Thanks so much!

    Valerie & Richard Ackroyd

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