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September 2, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 39 days

Following yesterday’s exciting news that Her Majesty will be naming Queen Elizabeth on 11 October, our new Queen is getting closer to completion. She is now making her way back to Monfalcone, whilst undergoing her second set of sea trials, and on this Blog I have some exclusive pictures from the dry dock in Trieste which I received just a couple of days ago. Firstly though as usual, it’s time for this week in Cunard’s history for the week of 27 August to 2 September.

August 28 1988 QE2 makes her maiden call at Torbay, England
August 29 2002 QE2 completes five million miles – a world record and a world first
September 2 2008 Queen Victoria makes maiden call at Izmir
September 2 2009 Chris Wells is formally appointed as the Master of Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth

Thanks as usual for all your comments; it’s great to hear that you are as excited as we are that Her Majesty will be naming the third Cunarder to bear the name Queen Elizabeth, and how wonderful it is to see her name glistening after her new paintwork in dry dock:


Following her sea trials Queen Elizabeth has been in dry dock in Trieste, Italy receiving her final coat of paint before going in to service in less than six weeks time. This is a view of her bulbous bow and bow thrusters with a unique view of her bow as the water came back in to the dry dock, before she left for her second set of sea trials.

Meanwhile at her stern, her Azipods were also prepared for her sea going career; and what a difference, as they touched the water coming in to the dry dock:

This is the view of Queen Elizabeth’s starboard side stabiliser, again ready for sea.

What a great shot this is of the water entering the dry dock touching our new Queen’s newly painted and treated hull, ready for her second set of sea trials and entering in to service.

Although a huge amount of work has been taking place on the ship’s hull, progress is as fast as ever on board, with many areas being transformed in just a couple of weeks since our last set of photos. Here for example is the Games Deck, where final preparations are being made in the area where our guests will be playing Bowls, Croquet and Paddle Tennis:

Meanwhile at the other end of our new Queen, the expansive Lido pool area has the lighting in place, and the pool is certainly looking very welcoming in the beautiful Italian sunshine.

And in Queen Elizabeth’s stunning Garden Lounge, the mural above the bandstand is looking fantastic and makes a great centrepiece to this venue.


Then Cunard’s latest Queen was on her way for her next set of sea trials, looking superb with her newly painted livery. She is now heading back to Monfalcone for the last stage of outfitting and preparation for service, with Captain Chris Wells observing the latest trials.


Big thanks to Chris Knowles, Queen Elizabeth’s Senior Production Manager, for taking these amazing pictures and for sending them to me to post.

By the time Queen Elizabeth reaches Monfalcone, more and more of the ship’s company will be arriving in the shipyard, but the majority won’t be arriving for another couple of weeks or so, when they’ll be able to move straight on board.

I’ll be flying out in just 10 days time and will certainly look forward to seeing our new Queen, and rest assured I’ll keep you fully updated with all the news as it happens.

Meanwhile I’ll be back on Monday, with news of Queen Mary 2 latest star of the month as well as other news from around the Cunard world. Cheers for now, Alastair

  1. Ronald wolniewicz says:

    As the Queen Elizabeth enters her final month before she is presented to the world to join her sister’s to be become one of the great ships of the world. I know that a lot to live up too but I’m sure she will exception service and a state of luxury that unheard of today. I wish her crew and to all that will sail on her good wishes and she will give you a long life.

  2. Christina Goozee says:

    I am soooo green with envy…. What a wonderful ship she will be. I have another 7 weeks to wait before I see her. Any tickets for the naming going spare??? Need 2 please..
    When will the bridge camera be live??

  3. Thelma says:

    I will be in Southampton on October 11 and hope to watch this historic event. As a child I watched the original Queens coming and going as I lived on the Isle of Wight. I hope to get lots of great pictures.

  4. Anthony Jr says:

    Mr. Greener,

    WHat an absolutely beautiful ship!!!!!!!! I knew she would be, Cunard doesn’t know how to make an ugly ship. On that note, about the naming ceremony for the QE, is attendence to the ceremony by invitation only?

  5. John and maureen Percival says:

    What a privilege and how exciting to think that the Queen will be naming her beautiful namesake.
    we will be onboard the Queen Elizabeth on her maiden voyage and are so excited. Sadly, as we have not been invited to the ceremony we will be hovering around outside trying to catch a glimpse and to soak up some of the atmosphere!! Only 38 more days to go!!!perfido

  6. Beryl Moss says:

    What fantastic pictures. She is certainly looking very elegant as her sister looks. We were in Southampton to see Queen Victoria when she arrived and can’t wait to see Queen Elizabeth glide up Southampton Water. If we are in the Mayflower Park will we get a good view of her arriving or will there be a better vantage point to see her.

  7. Andy says:

    Great pictures and good to hear she is back out for her second sea trials, can’t wait now till the 12th when we will be sailing off on her Maiden Voyage

  8. Alex Craig says:

    I remember the launch of the QE2 as I live about 2 miles from where she was built my mum went to the Launch, I would love to be at the ceremony on October 11th but it is a bit more than 2 miles away, have a great day and welcome to the latest of Cunard Queens, look forward to our trip in July

  9. Robert - Hunter Valley says:

    My wife and I voyage on Q.E. from Sydney to London, then on to New York on the QM2. Depending who holds the Golden Urn, may limit conviviality. Still we are a forgiving nation – for those who have an interest – a Rogue Nation – buy the video – it is enlightening and ‘new’.

  10. Susan Murray says:

    I am looking to book the Mediterranean cruise on Elizabeth next August with my husband and 14 year old son. I am unable to find out if there is a teen club on board,what it offers and how active it is. Keeping my son happy is an important part of our holiday and therefore I would appreciate any comments/information you can supply me with. Thank you.

  11. mark napier says:

    Alastair, Am I right in saying the Queen will be the only person to attend the naming ceremonies of all three Queen Elizabeth ships?

  12. Sarah Morris says:

    I am looking forward to my pre-launch visit to see Queen Elizabeth in Southampton. I will be looking forward to seeing the Garden Lounge particularly. The Winter Garden on Queen Victoria is one of my favourite places, so if it is anything like that, I will be delighted.

  13. Lindy says:

    Susan, there is an earlier blog from 24th June titled ‘HOW QUEEN MARY 2 WELCOMES HER YOUNG GUESTS’ you may find helpful


  14. Sandy Herring says:

    This is so exciting and I just cant wait to get to Southampton on th 25th Oct and get on this beautiful ship and sail away.

  15. Carol Kaye says:

    Have booked to travel on the Queen Elizabeth next April, really looking forward to the trip. This will be the first cruise we have undertaken, apart from a cruise on the Nile! Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

  16. Michael says:

    You’ve named ships after both Queen Elizabeths, both Queen Marys and Queen Victoria besides–but not Queen Anne. Why is that?

  17. Carol Turner says:

    I know I am so very fortunate to be on the second voyage on Queen Elizabeth, departing on 25th October 2010 (a really special treat for my 50th) I didn’t really see such much info when I was booked onto early cruises with QM2 and Victoria, so as the day draws near, this blog, the updates and pictures are making me so much more excited as the anticipation of my trip comes closer! It really had added to the experience, It’s like waiting impatiently for Christmas when I was a child! Each day, like an advent calendar, I look to see if there are any new updates on the website! Seeing my cabin number on the Voyage Personaliser and locating it on the deck plan, just made my day!!

  18. Anthony Jr says:

    Mr. Greener, I jusy have a question about Queen Mary 2′s schedule, as of today (september 5th), is she in Boston? or is she going to be there at a later date? i would love to drivwe out there and see her, i live in Buzzard’s bay for school (MMA).I

  19. John & Sheila Laurence says:

    Wow! Doesn’t she look lovely!
    Can’t wait to see her in the “flesh” . . .
    Just wondering, we haven’t received our tickets for the Launch Ceremony? Presumably they’re in the post!!
    Looking forward to 12th October and coming aboard.

  20. Susan & Stephen Darlington says:

    Hello Alastair ! Darlingtons here, we enjoyed our cruise with you on Victoria (Ft. Lauderdale-Sydney) Would remember us more with our Australia Day party you threw for a large group of Aussies and you wore my “Aussie Hat” with badges and buttons :)
    How wonderful that you are now on the QE2,.. we saw that Colin is on as well, that’s great.
    We are going to follow your blobs and enjoy every minute of your experiences. Email us if you come to Sydney or Brisbane, we would to take you out for dinner!
    Thank you again, we really enjoyed our trip back home to Australia on the Victoria, one day we will do a short cruise with QE2.

    Kind regards,
    Susan & Stephen Darlington
    Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia

  21. Chris & Margaret Rose says:

    Hi Alistair,
    Thanks once again for a great blog.
    You are certainly heightening the expectation for your new Queen!
    We wait with much anticipation for each blog.
    Also awaiting details of the 10 min video as we will be in the USA.
    She certainly looks magnificent on the water.
    Chris & Margaret

  22. We are travelling on the new Queen Elizabeth on her maiden voyage. It is good to see that she is nearing completion. We can smell the new paint from here. When we have completed this cruise we will have been on the QE2, QM2, Queen Victoria and now the Queen Elizabeth. Each cruise was special to us and I am sure this one will be too. I am a keen artist and have completed 2 oil paintings of the last Atlantic westbound of the QE2 and the QM2, we travelled on the QM2 in tandem with the QE2. I have placed the paintings on my web site at, eddy-donkin.co.uk I am sure there will be a special moment or 2 that I will want to record in my future paintings. Looking forward to a special voyage. Ann and Eddy

  23. David Awty says:

    Where is theprevious website which informed us when the new Queen Elizabeth would be arriving at Southampton and the times and viewpoints to se her sail into Southampton water? I viewed the site before but can no longer find it.

  24. Paul and Rita says:

    We are booked on the Festive Caribbean Cruise, 22 nights of luxury, Christmas and New Year, can’t wait. It is our maiden cruise so why not do it in style!! The pics above look great.

    BTW, although we have tried to get a ticket to the viewing days, and naming ceremony, I was told by the Cudard folks that the naming ceremony will be shown on a large screen in Mayflower Park (nearby). Weather permitting, we will be there.

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