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September 16, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 25 days

Thank you again for all your comments and questions, it’s always great to hear from you. As soon as I have any announcements to pass on I’ll let you know, especially regarding the time Queen Elizabeth will be in Southampton at the beginning of October. I know so many of you will want to come and watch her arriving, her stay in her homeport as well as her departure on the 12th of October on her maiden voyage. I’ll try and get as much information as I can and keep you posted.

It’s great to be back in Italy with just a few weeks before the latest Cunarder leaves Monfalcone and heads to Southampton. I’ve visited Queen Elizabeth five times since her keel was laid last year, but this time I was coming to stay, so I was very excited to see how she was progressing. I have always been amazed by the speed of progress at the Fincantieri shipyard, but this time the change has been truly dramatic.

In this post I’ll show you the latest pictures outside and then we’ll look inside in more detail next week. Before we get to this Blog’s pictures though, here’s our regular feature; this week in Cunard’s History for the week of the 10th to the 16th of September:

September 10 1870 The Parthia is launched and was to be Cunard’s finest ship to date. She was the first Cunarder to have baths – one on the port side and one on the starboard side!
September 10 1901 Carpathia’s keel is laid at Swan & Hunter’s Wallsend shipyard.
September 10 2007 Cunard announces that the Duchess of Cornwall will name Queen Victoria three months later on December 10th.
September 11 1995 QE2 sails undamaged through a freak 95-foot wave in the North Atlantic, caused by Hurricane Luis, on her way to New York.
September 15 2007 QE2 began her 40th Anniversary voyage around Britain, including Liverpool and Clydebank where she was launched 40 years before.

Queen Elizabeth has returned to her outfitting dock in Monfalcone following her second set of successful sea trials. I arrived in the evening so had to wait until the following day to see our latest Cunarder, but at the hotel I met a few of the crew who were already here, and there was a real sense of excitement.

I arrived at the Fincantieri shipyard early on Tuesday morning and despite all the work going on, the latest addition to the Cunard fleet was looking fantastic with her new paintwork.

I then walked around to the other side of the yard to get a picture of her starboard side which shows how close to completion she is.


On board though there was a huge amount of work going on, all over the ship. In addition to the 360 Cunard crewmembers there are about 1,800 other people working on board. This is the view from the outdoor chessboard on top of the Yacht Club, looking towards the Pavilion Pool and the Garden Lounge.


 The inside of the Garden Lounge is looking magnificent, and I just know this will be an incredibly popular venue, with its beautiful vaulted ceiling.


Standing on deck in front of the Grills Lounge, you get a great view of the other side of the Pavilion Pool and the Yacht Club.


You may have spotted the stunning piece of artwork in front of the Hydrotherapy pool; here it is close up.


Speaking of artwork, I have a special Blog and Vlog that will be posted on Tuesday, which will tell you more about a special unveiling taking place on Monday evening.

Moving further forward and up to the Games Deck, there was a huge team working on preparing the Bowls Green, the Croquet Lawn (below left) and the Paddle Tennis court (below right).

Everywhere you look there are craftsmen working and putting the final touches to our new Queen such as treating the teak:

And then there is a huge team of cleaners to ensure the ship is sparkling before she is handed over to Cunard at the end of the month.

Meanwhile the Cunard crew are busy starting to load the various stores, from furniture to duvets to china. The sets for the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Company production shows have already arrived, so Richard Parker and Chris Knowles, who are heading up the Entertainment Production Team, have been busy organising the loading of literally hundreds of set pieces, lights, props and costumes.

The shipyard have been very busy ensuring the crew accommodation and facilities are finished, because we will all be moving on board over the next few days. Our Crew Housekeeper, Thelma Rojas was one of the first to be linked to the computer system, so the crew cabins could be prepared with linen and keys distributed.


Yesterday we had two guests from one of Britain’s most popular newspapers, the Daily Mail. I had the pleasure of showing Christopher Wilson and photographer Murray Sanders, around and we even managed to get out on a small boat to get some great shots, which you’ll be able to see in The Daily Mail in the next few days. Until you see the professional ones, here’s one of mine to be going on with!


 And this picture of Christopher been photographed by Murray.


I’ll be back on Tuesday with a special blog and Vlog featuring a special unveiling for Queen Elizabeth and soon we’ll have more news from Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2.

Cheers for now, Alastair

  1. Gloria Bulen says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures of the new Queen. We are really looking forward now to our forth coming trip on her and reading your blog has made it seem even more real and alive.

  2. Beryl Moss says:

    Another interesting blog with extremely good photographs – well done Alastair. Looking forward to the blog/vlog on Tuesday of the unveiling.

  3. carol Kane says:

    Alistair, Fantastic blog as usual. QE looking Fab I’m looking forward to having a game of lawn bowls, not played since I was a Kid,(we wont say how many years ago that was !!!!)
    Will you have a vidio up of the interea soon? Keep up the great work Carol

  4. Anita & Moe says:

    Alastair……You are making it more exciting with each passing day…..Can’t wait to see you in January for the 2011 Maiden World Cruise. Any idea where the WORLD CRUISE DINNER will be? Any chance of Dubai?
    Anita & Moe Krakower

  5. Keith Winestein says:

    The new Queen Elizabeth looks magnificent. I cannot wait until I have a chance to sail on her. Are there any discounts for singles?

  6. Enrique L. says:

    Hi, Alastair.

    Queen Elizabeth is really amazing.
    Could you please upload a new video.
    Great pictures.

    Today September 16, 2010, here in Mexico we celebrate 200 years of our independence.

  7. Anthony Jr says:

    If possible she looks even more stunningly beautiful than last time!

  8. denise mackinnon says:

    Still amazed at the beauty of the new Queen Elizbeth. We are counting down the days as well before we board in New York January 2011. Thanks for keeping us up to date, we have certainly felt we are a big part of the excitement.

  9. Carole Cundy says:

    Shes looking good! cant wait for October 2th.

  10. Carole Cundy says:

    oops that should have said the 12th!!!

  11. Lorraine says:

    What lovely images of the new QE!!

    I am abit confused by the new artwork though..the lido mural is not a Cunard vessel! It is actually
    an Italian vessel with a red stack which is historically inaacurate! The devil is in the details!! Otherwise the QE isn’t looking bad at all.

    Good luck!!

  12. David&Avril Denmead says:

    I have viewed the latest photographs of Queen Elizabeth, she looks stunning. Glad you are going to lets us know when she will sail up the Solent to her home port of Southampton it will be a fantastic sight and we will be there to welcome her with the Champagne (It is in the fridge already).

    One question i would like to ask is at her final docking are the coatings applied to the outer bottom of the silicon type ie Intersleek or Sigmaglide as these coatings are more fuel efficient and growth free. PS Avril says im an anorak.

  13. Further on Lorraine’s comment on the lido mural, here’s a real Cunard lido, as was on Caronia: http://tinyurl.com/2wxvnsa Whoever did the present piece must have been Italian!

  14. Ian Chorley says:

    Three weeks today I will be arriving at Ocean Terminal ready to board for the Maiden Voyage!Just Can’t wait.
    Thank you for keeping us all informed about Queen Elizabeth’s progress.

  15. Charles D'Alessandro says:

    Am I the only one that does not appreciate the hotel look of the new Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria exteriors. The interiors are magnificent. It’s a shame that the exterior designs for these two ships do not resemble the Queen Mary 2 and the past Queens.

  16. we are sailing on14th december thank you for keeping us informed
    looking forward to seeing you once more and dancing on board

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