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The Latest Update on Queen Elizabeth’s Dining Options

August 16, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 56 days

In today’s Blog we are going back to Monfalcone in Italy to catch up on the progress of our new Queen, this time focussing on the restaurants with more pictures and another Vlog.


With less than two month’s to go some of our crew have started to arrive in the yard to begin the set up process and oversee the finishing touches. Although some of the deck department are already there such as Deputy Captain, Hamish Sunter, Captain Chris Wells will be arriving later in the month.

As you know Queen Elizabeth’s Hotel Manager has also arrived and joining him recently, was Food and Beverage Manager Glenn Milway. Some of you will know Glenn, as he was also Food and Beverage Manager for the set up team of Queen Victoria, and he is very busy at the moment looking at all the galleys, bars and restaurant areas.

These areas along with the rest of the ship are looking great, and now probably for the first time, you don’t need too much of an imagination to see how our gracious new liner will look in October when she arrives in Southampton. One of my favourite areas of Queen Elizabeth is this magnificent staircase at the entrance of the Britannia Restaurant.

On the upper level there’s very little left to do before the furniture arrives with the specially designed carpet having already been laid and immediately covered to protect it.

Just behind this reception area, where the Captain’s table will be, you can see the space ready for a dramatic and brand new piece of artwork which will be arriving soon.

There was a lot of excitement from all of us including the press, to see the new Britannia Club Restaurant, which will offer open seating dining to guests in Britannia Club Staterooms. The special glazed panels on one side of the restaurant were covered while we were there, and they were just about to install the leaded glass ceiling lights, which will make the area look stunning.

Meanwhile up on deck 9 the Lido had also made tremendous progress with many of the final touches now being added, but it is certainly quite recognizable.

The Grills area of Queen Elizabeth may have been the last part of the superstructure to be added but the Restaurants, Lounge and Courtyard have been dramatically transformed. You can see the tremendous progress in this picture, which shows with the rich wooden veneers being finished in the Queen’s Grill Restaurant.

I know there’s a huge amount of interest in the Dining venues on Queen Elizabeth, so for those who haven’t seen it yet, you can find out more from our post, which includes details of the exclusive Verandah Restaurant, on this link to our Blog in June.


I’ll be back on Thursday with the final in our series of Blogs and Vlogs from Italy for the moment, with a focus on the Entertainment venues and some pictures we have just received from the shipyard over the weekend. We’ll have some news soon from the Sea Trials, as well as updates from both Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria.

Cheers for now, Alastair

  1. Chris & Margaret Rose says:

    Hi Alasatair,
    Once again many thanks for the latest “Vlog”, you are certainly building up our excitement!
    Will the Verandah Restaurant be abvailable to Britannia Club passengers?
    Many thanks
    Chris & Margaret Rose

  2. Your right Alastair, the magnificent staircase at the entrance of the Britannia Restaurant looks amazing! Can’t wait to stand at the top of them stairs in January and gaze over the fine dining room.

  3. Brian Coleby says:


    My wife and I are booked on Queen Elizabeth for the Christmas and New Year cruise. In your blog you mention Britania Club Accommodation. We have cabin 5008 but we cannot find anything on the Cunard website taht describes which accommodation is designated ‘Britania Club Accommodation’. Can you help?


  4. Peter Thomas says:

    Alastair, We are booked for next year but are very concerned about the lack of bars now that the old \Chart Room\ space is to be the Britania Club dining area.
    The Cafe bar does not look big enough to serve all the pre dinner drinks for the rest of Britania customers. Will we have to go up 9 floors or use the pub.
    kind regards
    Peter Thomas

  5. Carol kane says:

    Great vidio Alistair,
    Will you do one of the cabins, I’m sur we all would like to see some of them. one of each as most of us are in balconey, or with a view and inside. I’m sure it would be of great interest to us all.
    Keep up the good work love the information you provide.
    Cheers Carol

  6. judith appleton says:

    I have the same small concern about the apparent lack of bar space on lower decks. The chart room and champagne bar is always very busy on Queen Victoria. All will no doubt become clear in Oct

  7. Ian Ross says:

    Is there any way Cunard would consider the introduction of Haemodialysis aboard its new ships
    there are approx 200,000.00 people afflicted with Kidney disease a high percentage of which would
    love to travel on the Queens given the opportunity Other cruise lines do offer the facility but I feel it would be a massive coup if Cunard offered the facility. Im keeping my fingers crossed I will be able to sail on the Queens if this happens. Many thanks for your time Ian

  8. The Krakowers says:

    Hello Alastair…..The 2011 Elizabeth World Cruise will be here before we know it! I have already heard from previous Cunarders who will be aboard with us…..Any word yet where the World Club Fabulous Dinner will be? Somewhere exciting I AM SURE!!!!
    Stay well

  9. Gavin Tippet says:

    Hello Alastair I am booked on 2011 Elizabeth World cruise, sector Sydney to Singapore. Looking forward with great anticipation for the arrival of the new Queen to Sydney.
    Do you know where the Queen will dock? as her sister ship will be in Sydney at the same time as is usally docked at Garden Island.

  10. John & Nan Darham says:

    Ahoy Alastair,

    We’ve enjoyed the updates and following the construction progress as this fine ship is being built. We read the menus, study the pictures and strive to learn the layout of the ship via the internet. We are traveling from Los Angeles to Sydney. As the time grows nearer, we become more and more excited. Will the launching ceremony be available for all to see live via webcams? We’d love to see the Queen send her off. BCNU aboard!

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