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Press visit To Preview Queen Elizabeth – Part 2

August 10, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 62 days

Welcome to part two of this Blog, which continues to follow a small group of press, as they previewed Queen Elizabeth last week at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy. Thanks again for all your comments as the excitement continues to build. Interesting as many of you have noticed, today is exactly nine weeks before the Maiden Voyage. So here’s the second post following the tour of our new Queen, along with some more interviews.

As the tour continued in to the Golden Lion Pub, the progress from our last visit continued to astound me, with this venue, like so many others, starting to look familiar.

This is Café Carinthia, which will be larger than the one on Queen Victoria and one of the many areas where the deck head panels and lighting fixtures were already complete. Many of the decorative panels and features were also finished, but had been immediately covered in protective sheeting.

You may recall in the Vlog (I think that word will stick, Steve!), we posted last Thursday, that I mentioned the Art Deco Chandelier which was about to be installed in the Grand Lobby. This morning I was delighted to receive an Email from Robert Howie, who is Queen Elizabeth’s Hotel Manager. He is busy with the set up process in the shipyard, and he sent me this photo, which I’m sure you’ll agree, makes a stunning addition to the elegant Grand Lobby.

Meanwhile outside the ship, there is a huge amount of activity with stores arriving daily, as well as the hundreds of shipyard workers who are busy ensuring Queen Elizabeth will be ready to leave Monfalcone at the end of September.


First she’ll be going on her first set of Sea Trials this Friday, so we’ll make sure we bring you some pictures from that.

Meanwhile you may be interested to hear that Queen Mary 2 will be in Southampton on Saturday and Queen Victoria in her homeport as well on Sunday, as they continue their summer seasons. In fact in my next post on Thursday I’ll be bringing you more news from our flagship, and then on Monday we’ll have the next in our series of blogs from Italy, with a focus on the Entertainment areas on Monday and the dining venues on Thursday.

Cheers for now, Alastair

  1. mary murdoch says:

    Well Alastair how wonderful this vlog is. To see the ship outside and in has just stired the blood and raised the goose pimples, just how I used to feel when I saw QE2 or hear the Bag Pipes play and that is a very emotional feeling. Looking forward to the next vlog keep up the good work. I hope Steves vlog does not turn to flog as my dreams about our cruise in December are enough.Nice to hear and see these Scots men working on the ship they will know what it feels like when you hear a Pipe Band play.

  2. Chris & Margaret Rose says:

    Hi Alistair,
    Once she goes on her sea trials will we see any pictures from the sea?
    It would be good to see some real pictures of her sailing.

    Once again, many thanks
    Chris & Margaret Rose

  3. judith appleton says:

    Alastair-like you I am astounded at the progress form the first vlog to the second.
    The speed of outfitting is tremendous.Sea trials will really just add to the mounting excitement.
    So glad that we shall be part of it on Oct 12th.

  4. Anthony Gaiani Jr says:

    This is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely can’t wait untill the sea trials!!!!!

  5. Fraser mcinnes says:

    That chandelier is even more stunning than I thought it was going to be!!! It’s amazing, and I love the detail on the ceiling as well. Wonderful job!!!

    I can’t wait for the next few blogs/ vlogs!!!! :-) :-)


    Fraser. :-)

  6. We’re now crossing the days off the calendar towards our first Maiden Cruise, with great anticipation. The ship looks beautiful and we are looking forward to stepping aboard her for the first time.
    Barbara and Geoff Anderton
    Mossley, Lancashire

  7. Lou Anne Busdieker says:

    How soon will the enrichment speakers be announced for the world cruise. Also the overland tours.

  8. peter lockhart says:

    hi guys
    thanks again for keeping us in the loop. think all of us who are true cunarders, check out the web every day, for more info on our dear queen. she looks fantastic and its great because if you/ve been on QV, you know where you are!! The videos with all the interviews and the ” behind the scenes” are great. as are the photos, which most of us will file!! Thanks again for making us all feel part of this exciting new adventure!! Once completed, keep it going foe a wee while, with video blogs, as they did with “oasis “, which was very well done. Cunard will be even better, because, “We are Cunard”!!!.

  9. Shuji Yamamoto says:

    I guess Captain Chris has already arrived at shipyard, so I would like to ask him agin what it is like to be the first captain of our new queen as well as to be the first master of all three queens.

  10. David Bolan Bournemouth says:

    Thanks for all the blogs, she’s looking great, now looking forward to the 12th Oct and being on her maiden voyage, see you then.

  11. David Bolan Bournemouth says:

    Thanks for all the blogs, she’s looking great, can’t wait for the 12th Oct now and being on her maiden voyage, see you then.

  12. Steve says:

    Thanx Alastair for another exciting VLOG! It was so good to see the enthusiasm and excitement of the press team as they viewed the ship. Sea trials to come – can’t wait!

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