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Press Visit To Preview Queen Elizabeth – Part 1

August 9, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 63 days

Welcome to another busy week of blogging as we continue our series of Blogs and Video Blogs from our recent visit to see Queen Elizabeth in Monfalcone, Italy, where she’ll be for just nine more weeks in preparation for her maiden voyage on 12 October.

Before we get to the next in the series of Blogs from that visit, thank you for all your comments from our first post last week; it’s great to hear from you as the excitement builds. As so many of you mentioned, the progress is indeed breathtakingly impressive, and yes, it’s great to get a real insight of how our new Queen will look when she is finished in just over two month’s time.

We spent a couple of days filming, and at the end of the first day, we met a small group of press who had come to enjoy a preview of our new Queen the following day. In today’s blog we follow them on their tour around Queen Elizabeth. We have two more Video Blogs (or as Steve Braithwaite says Vlogs – great name!) from the visit coming soon. Before I share some photographs from the visit – let’s view the video

As you saw, the press arrived at the gangway to be greeted with a White Star Welcome from Cunard’s Bellboys, who were on hand throughout the tour to offer refreshment, cooling towels and guidance. Despite the huge amount of work going on, they still looked fantastic in the Grand Lobby greeting everyone.

Being very much a construction site, everyone was issued a hard hat and then guided on a carefully planned route. It was quite noisy, so the first opportunity to stop off and talk about our new Queen was in the Card Room on deck 2. Here Cunard’s President and Managing Director, Peter Shanks, introduced Queen Elizabeth’s Hotel Manager, Robert Howie (Right) and Chief Engineer Colin Black (Left).

The tour highlighted some of the special features that our guests will enjoy in the various venues and areas of Queen Elizabeth. The Midships Bar on deck three of the Grand Lobby will have special cabinets featuring Cunard memorabilia and we were given a preview of what one of them will look like.

The tour then proceeded aft to the Britannia Club and Britannia Restaurant and we’ll bring you pictures and video of the restaurants next week as well as the entertainment venues. An unexpected deviation gave everyone a glimpse of the largest galley on Queen Elizabeth, with much of the equipment already in place just awaiting a thorough cleaning!

Proceeding aft past the Queens Room we reached the Royal Arcade where we left this part of the tour. We’ll return with the second half of the visit tomorrow and it will feature more pictures, another video as well as some more fascinating interviews.

On Thursday there’s more news from Queen Mary 2 and then two Blogs from Queen Elizabeth next week. In the meantime please do keep your comments and questions coming and I’ll do my best to answer them. Cheers for now, Alastair

  1. dear alastair, what a treat to see queen elizabeth progresing so well, to think, we will be boarding her on nov. 8th, it really is a lovely build up watching her getting so close to actually carrying passengers. we love being part of the cunard story & feel we know so many of the staff over the years. best wishes martin & jay haywood, p.s don’t forget to pack your cornish kilt, we will be checking !!!!

  2. Thanx Alastair – another great ‘vlog’ and she looks better and better each time! It was good to see the bell boys in their richly colored cunard uniforms – they looked right at home!

  3. Robert says:

    The Land of the Urn, shall welcome Q.E. in February 2011. Many of us, still celebrating the Return of the Urn, shall enjoy the hospitality of Cunard, voyaging to London and onto New York. Earlier, many from the Land of the Urn, shall voyage the initial travels of Q.E. We are from the Land of the Great Voyagers, the travellers of the Seas, remembering how our forefathers, came here, often enforced, but settling, where the sun shines and the Urn sits resplendent.
    Please come and meet with us in Sydney and the Q.E. We may not win many Rugby Matches, but the Game in Heaven, over five days, softens the loss. Penfolds, Cullens or Vasse Felix, Godlike supplications

  4. Chris & Margaret Rose says:

    Thanks again.
    She really is looking awesome!
    Can’t wait to see more Vlogs!!

  5. Eric Cobley says:

    Hi Alastair
    Looking forward with eager anticipation to 12th October

  6. Stirling Kenny says:

    Thank you Alistair for the great pictures. Are the Cunard Bellboys in the photos actually going to be aboard, or are they there just to impress the press? We did QV new York to Sydney in 2008 and never saw one of these fellows.Joining QE in Los Angeles Jan29, 2011 for 80 days to Southampton.Hoping it lives up to our wonderful memories of 2008

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