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Guests On Queen Mary 2 Run For A Good Cause

August 12, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 60 days

Welcome to another Blog and thank you again for all your comments from our coverage of the progress of Queen Elizabeth; we’ll be posting two more Blogs and Vlogs next week. Meanwhile as Queen Victoria heads back to Southampton on Sunday, before heading to the Mediterranean, her big sister will be in her home port on Saturday ready for a voyage to Norway’s stunning North Cape. We have another great story from Queen Mary 2 after this week in Cunard’s history from the week of 13 to 20 August:

August 16 2008 Queen Victoria makes maiden call at Katakolon, Greece
August 19 2008 Queen Victoria makes maiden call at Kusadasi, Turkey
August 20 1990 QE2  provides assistance to accommodation rig, ‘West Gamma’ adrift in the North Sea

Before I get to that story on Queen Mary 2, I would like to follow up on our post from 29 July which shared her remarkable meeting with the Artemis Investments rowing boat as she crossed the Atlantic.

The great news is that when the four rowers touched the quayside at St Mary’s, in the Isles of Scilly, just before 1500 BST on Saturday 31 July, they had smashed a 114-year-old record by crossing the Atlantic in 43 days, 21 hours and 26 minutes. The record was last set by Norwegians, George Harbo and Frank Samuelson, who crossed the Atlantic in 55 days and 13 hours.

The Artemis North Atlantic Rowing Challenge crew left New York on 17 June and Skipper Leven Brown said it had been a “pell-mell, helter-skelter” trip, saying that the journey to break the record had been “a pleasure”, despite everything. He added, “The funniest thing for me was walking up the quayside – after more than six weeks of not walking, my legs felt more than a bit unsteady!”

What an amazing achievement and our congratulations to them and thanks again to Captain Bates and the crew of Queen Mary 2 for bringing us the story.

This week we go back to our flagship to celebrate more fundraising activities, as Sports Director, Marc Wilkinson takes up the story.

Guest Blog

Marc Wilkinson

Sports Director, Queen Mary 2

Recently on Queen Mary 2 a large number of guests, led by Jean Clark and Jane Thorpe, assembled on the Promenade Deck underneath the ship’s clock at exactly 11.00am on the last day of a Westbound Crossing. The start of the procedings was conducted by Hotel Manager, David Stephenson and Entertainment Director, Paul O’Loughlin.

Many of the gathered runners were wearing the Cancer Research UK, T shirts to raise awareness for the charity.

Amoungst the faces in the crowd supporting Cancer Research UK, was award winning actress Celia Imrie who is very involved with the heart charity and she was about to embark on a tour of the U.S. Myself and Karen, the sports team, ran the event and here I am starting the race.

Asistant Entertainment Director Paul Wiggins manned the water station and supplied thurst quenching refreshments, of the non acholic type, to our large group of volunteers who were pounding the large open teak decks of Queen Mary 2.

According to Paul after seven laps around deck he became flooded for requests for some stronger beverages as for the first time on the Westbound Crossing the clouds parted making way for some blistering 87 degree walking weather.

There was some bad news however for this event, as the two chicken suits arranged for the  Hotel Manager and the Entertainment Director didn’t make their way from the dry cleaners in time for the event. Here Paul pleads his innocence on the missing outfits as the mobs gather to question him!

Overall the event was a huge success and is still gathering money from guests who are donating via the website. On average it took the group 43 minutes to walk the 10 laps of Queen Mary, where 3 laps equals 1.1 land mile.

A huge thank you to all departments that helped with organising the event, from the film crews who produced the appeal on the morning show to the bar department who arranged soft drinks for the guests, even though some faces looked disappointed when the celebratory champagne was put on hold to the cocktail party that evening!

Anyone can make donations to Cancer Research UK via their website.

Our thanks to Jean, Jane and all the guests that took part in this worthy cause. It was a fantastic event enjoyed by everyone. Meanwhile I’ll update everyone on the whereabouts of Paul and David’s chicken costume and will send pictures of their charity run around deck…………..

Thanks Marc

Thank you Marc for a great post on such a worthwhile event. In fact I’ll be seeing Marc in a few weeks time, as he’ll be the Sports Director on Queen Elizabeth, during her maiden season.

I’ll be back on Monday with the next in our series of blogs from Italy, with a focus on the Dining areas followed by a look at the Entertainment venues on Thursday.

Cheers for now, Alastair

  1. Beryl Moss says:

    Congratulations to all guests who took part in the Race for Life. It is a very worthwhile cause and have taken part in our local one several times but it must have been fun doing it at sea.

  2. Angela says:

    Dear Alastair,

    Why oh why oh why have ships started calling passengers guests? We don’t sail for free, we have booked passage, and are not in a hotel as we are moving from one place to another. Buses and trains, cabs and coaches have passengers, why do ships suddenly not? It’s becoming a hated thing to be called.

  3. Cruise says:

    Great to see the QM2 supporting such a worth while cause hope they managed to raise a large amount of money. However the description at the start of the article of the new record of rowing the Atlantic just makes me feel tired

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