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June 17, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 117 days

Hello from the beautiful, hot and sunny Mediterranean. Queen Victoria is sailing on one of my favourite voyages heading up to Dubrovnik and Venice before heading back to Naples, Rome, Corsica and finally Cadiz. The exciting news is that we will have the rare treat of being docked very close to St. Mark’s square rather than the usual Stazione Maritima near the bus and railway stations. This means our guests will have the best possible views of Venice during our stay on Monday, so it’s also certainly worth a look on the Web Cam that day. If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a great video that was shot last September of Queen Victoria sailing into Venice which is on You Tube/WeAreCunard and on this link:


Meanwhile Queen Mary 2 is enjoying one of her few Norwegian voyages and no doubt receiving a lot of attention as she always does in those wonderful ports.

But with less than four months before our new Queen enters service, I’m very excited to show you the very latest pictures from the shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy, where she is in the final stages of construction. All that after this week in Cunard’s history from the 18th to the 24th of June

June 18 2007    Cunard Line announces the sale of QE2 to Dubai World, who aim turning the iconic liner into a first-class tourism destination at The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.
June 19 2008    Queen Victoria makes maiden call at Olden, Norway.
June                19 2009    James Taylor joins Queen Mary 2 for a special Transatlantic Crossing where he performs two Cunard Command Performances for delighted guests.
June                20 1914 The Bismarck is launched at Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg. She becomes the Majestic after the war and when Cunard and White Star merge she flies the Cunard flag.
June                20 1975 QE2 offers medical assistance to a sick seaman from the Russian fishing trawler “Luga”.

Queen Elizabeth is at a stage in her construction where the progress is incredibly fast. Since the last pictures I posted, her engines have been switched on and she is powering herself, as you can see from this picture of her bow and the lights on the forward balconies.

There is a tremendous amount of work taking place all over the ship, with all of her superstructure being treated with special protective paint before the final coats of white and the traditional federal gray are applied.

This is a great view of the whole ship’s starboard side which really shows the progress that has been made, showing off the extended Lido deck aft and the new enhanced Games Deck forward.

Meanwhile the interior of our new Queen has been transformed with the ship’s power illuminating the public rooms, such as the stunning sweeping staircase at the entrance of the Britannia Restaurant.

Another grand staircase is in the Royal Arcade where much of the plasterwork has already been completed, waiting for the final elegant art deco lighting fixtures to be fitted.

Another venue really taking shape is the Commodore Club on deck 10 forward. The marble covered planters have been protected under the black coverings and the deck heads will soon be completed.

We recently featured the stunning piece of Linley artwork that will grace the Grand Lobby, and you can see that the space is now free of scaffolding, and much of the wrought ironwork on the elegant staircases has been finished although they are also under protective coverings.

And finally for the moment, a space I’m particularly interested in; the Royal Court Theatre which is really taking shape. The tiered seating is all ready to receive the carpeting with the bolts all in place for the seating. The Theatre Boxes are now recognisable with some of the final embellishments complete, again under the protective covering.

I’m sure you’ll agree these pictures are a fantastic reflection of the incredible progress that’s been made, and of course I hope to get you some more pictures very soon. I’ll also soon be revealing some announcements along with some more interviews with some of the Officers who will be serving on Queen Elizabeth during her maiden season.

I’ll be back on Monday with Queen Victoria’s June Star of the Month I promised and lots more news from around the fleet. Thanks as always for all your comments and questions; please keep them coming. Cheers, Alastair.

  1. david cole says:

    looks good can’t wait for my cruise to start

  2. Looks great! Will this be on the list for educational trips?

  3. Sarah Morris says:

    It is just so exciting to see inside the Queen Elizabeth at this stage of her building. I can’t wait to come on board for a preview visit!

  4. carol kane says:

    WOW, she is looking great, what a great addition to the Cunard Fleet.When will she do her sea trials? Wont be that long now to the maiden World cruise. Cant wait. Keep up the great info Alastair

  5. Beryl Moss says:

    These latest pictures of Queen Elizabeth are truly amazing and are now making the inside very recognisable indeed. I would just like to offer my thanks to you and all Queen Victoria’s crew for making our Baltic cruise so memorable.

  6. judith appleton says:

    Very exciting pictures Alastair. Excitement is mounting here for October. Enjoyed meeting you on Baltic Tour and look forward to seeing you on Queen Elizabeth. She is really beginning to look like her first images

  7. judith appleton says:

    Great pictures and how lovely is she looking!!So much progress since the last shots.
    Just returned from Baltic –next trip is Queen Elizabeth–cant wait

  8. Barbara Groves says:

    So looking forward to Queen Elizabeths maiden voyage. If it is anything like the maiden voyage of the Queen Victoria then we will all have something wonderful to look forward to. Queen Victoria is a beautiful ship, and after sailing so many times on the QE2, we wondered if she would come up to expectations, but she certainly did. We are absolutely certain that the next Queen will be as astounding. Congratulations Cunard on your magnificent Queens.

  9. mary murdoch says:

    So excited about Queen Elizabeth and looking forward to embarking on one of her maiden voyages in December. The pictures on the blog are wonderful and I am sure everyone will be looking forward to her progress. My husband is an ex Cunard butcher from the 1960s and has sailed on Mauretania,Caronia and the first Queen Elizabeth,so he will have sailed on the three Queen Elizabeths. We also loved cruising on QE2 and Caronia3.We are now introducing four of our friends to Cunard.Looking forward to meeting you in December and to further pictures.

  10. Don McLean says:

    Great to see the progress being made, and seeing a new Queen reborn. Cant wait for out forthcoming trip, and the first time on a maiden voyage.

  11. Only 200 days to go and I’ll be sailing away on her maiden Transatlantic Crossing. Am so excited. Will be a dream come true.

  12. John & Sheila Laurence says:

    It’s great to see the exciting progress to Queen Elizabeth and we are eagerly awaiting the Maiden Voyage in October. We would like to thank Alistair for keeping us up-to-date on all things Cunard.
    We love everything about Cunard’s Queens – the beautiful ships, the excellent service and the fabulous food and drink.
    Just one request, which we hope will be remedied on the new Queen. Due to a caffeine allergy, we drink fruit teas. Will Queen Elizabeth have some caffeine free fruit teas on board when she sets sail in October? It really would make our voyage complete!

  13. Sharon Poole says:

    She is looking so good. I can’t wait till 12 October !!

  14. Sharon Poole says:

    She is really looking good. I am so looking forward to the maiden voyage.

  15. Hi Alastair,
    Diana and I are booked on the Queen Elizabeth, sailing in October. We look forward to seeing you again. We also are hoping that Greg from the Golden Lion on the QM 2 and currently The Victoria, will be on board. He is a delightful entertainer.
    Anchors aweigh!
    Martyn and Diana Glover

  16. Hi Alastair,
    Looking forward to seeing you again when we leave on The Queen Elizabeth from Southampton in October.
    We are also hoping that our favourite entertainer from the QM 2 and The Queen Victoria, Greg, will also be aboard.
    Anchors aweigh!
    Martyn and Diana Glover

  17. Hi Alastair,
    We look forward to sailing with you again when The Queen Elizabeth sails in October. We also hope that ‘Red Lion’ entertainer, Greg, will also be on board.

  18. Kenneth Eden says:

    The photos are indeed impressive. In fact, Cunard Line is now the most impressive cruise line sailing today, in my opinion. I have sailed Cunard since 1970, in all Cunard vessels, exception, Sea Goddess class, ships way to small for my liking.
    Cunard keeps reinventing itself and offering a product that must be the envy of other cruise lines.

    I look forward to another sailing in July on the Mary, followed in December with another Mary cruise, then Hawaii on the Victoria, and look forward to the new Elizabeth.

    Odd as it may seem, I miss the Cunard Countess/Princess, which were perfect for the Caribbean. But, then again, there is no sight as beautiful as the Queen Mary docked in Barbados!

    I would love to see Cunard offer a sailing from Norfolk, VA, an hour from my house. The QE2 had a few from Norfolk during her long career.

    Keep up the great work Cunard.

    Ken Eden

  19. Judith says:

    It looks wonderful, we are looking forward to our Baltic trip next year on her. Off to Norway on the Queen Mary soon, counting the days!!

  20. Judith Sayers says:

    It looks very impressive, we are looking forward to our trip to the Baltic next year on the Queen Elizabeth. In the meantime we are counting the days to our trip to Norway on the Queen Mary 2.

  21. john bramwell says:

    fantastic pictures and progress is certainty continuing at a pace. october can not come soon enough!

  22. brogan swan says:

    Hi Alastair,

    Well with the new photographs showing our new queen i am getting even more excited. I am sailing on her in feb on her world cruise with my father. I am only 21 and am a huge Cunard fan. Having sailed on the QE2′s final world cruise voyage i now look forward to a lifetime of cruising with Cunard. All of us in OZ are looking forward to QM2 circumnavigation of Australia which we are doing. Looking forward to more updates.

  23. Michael A. Kremer says:

    Hello Alastair,
    looks like another very beautiful ship to me. I am just a bit disappointed about the ship´s stern, which is much more like a “normal” cruise ship. Well, economies also affect Cunard, but we will love the new ship anyway. Best Michael

  24. Bruce says:

    Booked on a liner voyage from Los Angeles to Singapore next January 29th. I can’t wait to sail on this magnificient ship. Sailed on her sister, Queen Victoria’s second maiden voyage which was also fantastic. Cunard has booked me in the same suite that I occupied on the Q V. Bravo!

  25. Alastair,been following your Blog and this new site looks very user friendly. New Q E photo’s underline the grand scale of construction and enormous challenge from concept to launch. We have booked Coach and Red Funnel to watch mainden sailaway and 1st Euro voyage 26th November, so see you there!

  26. Mario Aragon`es says:

    Booked for August 2011, can’t wait. She is a fabulous looking ship.

  27. Brierley Markland says:

    Hi Alastair, when we sailed on the wonderful QE2 in May 2008 and we heard that there was to be a new Cunard ship, we decided then and there to book ourselves a voyage on her. We found out that the name was to be Queen Elizabeth and were enthralled. We booked in April 2009 deciding upon the 18 night voyage on 8th November 2010. Cannot believe how time has flown and it will not be long until we embark on this truly stunning new ship. The new pictures are great although the stern is a bit square unlike the old QE2 which we loved. Still you cannot have everything! Cunard have done it again.

  28. Alex Craig says:

    Look forward to our cruise next July, looks good but not as elegant as QE2, but cant have Clyde built now, will be just as good though

  29. Anne Osborne says:

    Booked on the maiden voyage and am excited as this will be my first maiden voyage. I have been on Queen Victoria a couple of times so will be interested to see the differences. I am looking forward to dining in The Verandah.

  30. Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

  31. Stuart Kirkby says:

    Hello Alastair
    Great pictures of Queen Elizabeth, can we have more picture updates perhaps on a monthly viewing.
    Really looking forward to the maiden world cruise, will you be onboard for that voyage?

  32. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  33. J Pardoe says:

    Is this a case of the “Kings new clothes” ! The thing looks horrible, It has all the poise and elegance of a hippopotamus on a skateboard. Its not British its Italian just like our national football teams manager! QE2 is British and she is in better condition now than when she was in service.I shall pass on sampling this pseudo british creation and leave all you patriotic souls to line the pockets of the foreign shipyards.

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