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Breaking News – Queen Elizabeth Dining Options Revealed

June 7, 2010

We Are Cunard

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Countdown to Queen Elizabeth – 126 days

In a press release today, it has been revealed today that Queen Elizabeth, will offer a selection of the most popular dining opportunities from her sisters, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria, but will also introduce several new concepts.

Peter Shanks, Cunard’s President and Managing Director, said: “In planning the dining options that will be offered on Queen Elizabeth, we looked for inspiration in venues Cunard has created during its 170-year history and took the best from those. With Queen Elizabeth, Cunard will become one of the oldest names in ocean travel sailing the industry’s youngest fleet, so it is natural for us to recognise our past while always catering for the needs of today’s discerning traveller.”

Cunard’s renowned Global Culinary Ambassador Jean-Marie Zimmermann, who is responsible for all things culinary on Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria, will continue in this role on Queen Elizabeth. Readers may remember we featured Jean-Marie in a Blog last year which you can see by clicking on this link.


In their day the Verandah Grills on board the original Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth were perhaps the most exclusive restaurants at sea, on a par with exclusive private clubs in London, New York and Paris. These Grills were available to first-class passengers who wanted a truly exclusive experience and the rooms would be frequented by royalty, film stars, the rich and the famous. In keeping with this tradition, The Verandah on Queen Elizabeth will offer an experience of exquisite cuisine, contemporary design and impeccable service with menus created by Chef Zimmermann, who has paid homage to his homeland and created a menu of fine French cuisine. There’ll be artwork inspired by the playful and whimsical murals on the first two Queens, while the vintage menus will tell the story of the dining experience on board the original Queen Elizabeth.

The dishes will evoke the personality and flavour of regions such as Périgord, Pyrenees, Alsace, Bresse and Burgundy and will include Monkfish and Rascas Fish Bouillabaisse, Magret Duck, Baked Brie de Meaux Brioche, and Hot Vanilla Soufflé infused with Edmond Briottet Peach Liqueur. The Verandah will be open for lunch and dinner for a small surcharge.

The Queens and Princess Grills will be very similar to those on Queen Victoria, but will be decorated distinctly in an Art Deco fashion to create an individual feel in each restaurant.

Each restaurant will offer a single seating and A la carte menus featuring classic dishes as well as some new specialties. French-style doors will open from each Grills Restaurant onto the Courtyard where al fresco dining will be offered.

Like Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth also will offer the Britannia Club, where guests travelling in AA category staterooms will enjoy single-seating dining at a time of their choosing.

As many of you know already, Queen Elizabeth’s two-tiered Britannia Restaurant will have a dramatic sweeping staircase as well as Art Deco decorative features. Breakfast and lunch will be served by open seating and guests have the option of either early or late sitting for dinner.

As on Queen Victoria The Lido will be open 24 hours a day and in the evening several new dining options will be offered such as Asado which features South American cuisine and the traditional style of cooking meats on a grill. Guests may choose from a selection of dishes from the Rotisserie and Grill, such as Roasted Chimmichuri Chicken and Argentinean Lamb Chops with Pistachio.

Aztec will offer authentic regional Mexican cuisine, exploring the variety of spices and ingredients which are native to the country. Guests can look forward to appetizing dishes such as Chile Relleno de Espinaca and Banana-Wrapped Snapper Veracruzana. Finally Jasmine offers Pan-Asian cuisine, drawing on influences from Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and China. Tantalizing dishes are inspired by the many flavours of the region, producing dishes that range from Aromatic Crispy Duck to Char Siew Pau.

The three night-time dinner options are available to all guests for a small surcharge and for those seeking a more informal dining option for dinner; a buffet station will also remain open.

Many of you have seen the pictures of the beautiful new Garden Lounge with its magnificent vaulted glass ceiling. On select sea days, a Champagne afternoon tea service featuring Veuve Clicquot Champagne will be offered for a small charge.

Occasional evening ‘Supper Clubs’ will combine dining with dancing under the stars, where small plates of savouries and sweets will be accompanied by live music.

Also on Queen Elizabeth, just like her sisters, guests will be able to enjoy pub food in the Golden Lion Pub and traditional afternoon tea in the Queens Room.

As well as this Blog you can follow all the news about Queen Elizabeth on a new micro site;


I’ll hope to get you some more pictures from the shipyard in Italy soon but in the meantime Thursday’s Blog will feature news from our flagship, Queen Mary 2.  Cheers for now Alastair.

  1. Cruise Fan says:

    Great News, what cruising should be about the food onboard. Cant wait to experience all these culinary delights on Queen Elizabeth in 2011.

  2. Fraser mcinnes says:

    Ooooh I love the verandah restaurant image. Looks amazing!!! I was just in the original verandah grill which has been newly refurbished on the queen Mary in long beach. such a beautiful room and The murals are fantastic. Can’t wait to see the new interpretations!!!! I’m getting my table booked asap!!!! :) .

    Best. Fraser. :)

  3. How fabulous is this! Todd English was for me the cuckoo in the nest on what are otherwise the world’s most wonderful ships. There is enormous goodwill among Cunard guests towards Chef Zimmermann and I’m sure his own restaurant will be a huge success. The alternative dining options also play to the strengths of the chefs and feel very “now”.

    Cunard have done a great job in keeping the best of the other Queens while adding sufficient differences to give the new arrival her own character. I can’t wait to try all these dining options.

  4. brogan swan says:

    Its getting more exciting by the week. The verandah grill theme i am looking forward to vey much. I will definately be trying everything while i am aboard. Thanks Alastair for the fantastic update.

  5. JD says:

    How fitting to have a Verandah Grill as the alternative restaurant.
    Just a note… In the YouTube video, the painting of the Queen Mary at :29 isn’t the Queen Mary, but actually the Titanic with the QM’s funnels :)

  6. Andy says:

    It was great to hear about the new dining options that will be available on the Queen Elizabeth, and look forward to the latest pictures, we can’t wait to get on her for her maiden voyage in October,
    Thanks Alastair

  7. Jack says:

    Why will there be a surcharge for the Lido alternate dining areas (Asado, etc.)? On Queen Victoria, there’s no surcharge for the Lido alternate dining (Indian, Italian, and so on); at least, there wasn’t when we sailed last October. (The Italian dinner was fabulous, by the way.)

  8. Cruise Fan says:

    Great news not only are we going to get fantastic food but it will also bring back memeories of our earlier cruises.

  9. carol Kane says:

    Its been great keeping up with the progress of the ship, looking forward to the new pictures of her, Can’t wait to try all the restaurants on board. As it gets closser to her sailing my excitment is growing. Thanks Alastair for the great updates

  10. judith appleton says:

    am getting more excited the more I see and hear.Will surely bee even more excited in October

  11. Carol kane says:

    Cant wait to try all the restaurant’s i’m sure this new QE will be a thriller

  12. I loved the QE2 and everything about it. Can hardly wait to go on the new QE. I’m looking forwrd to the restaurants and everything it has to offer.

  13. David Ricketts says:

    The plans and restaurants sound great but it is unfortunate to see Cunard sneaking in more and more surcharges. Now the Lido alternatives are being charged? Nickel and dimeing the guests is not a wise business decision.

  14. Donald (Schulz) says:

    Sailing on the QE2 (2003) was truly wonderful highlighted each night with delicious multi-course dinners and gracious service in the Mauretania Dining Room. After dessert and coffee we were always served fresh handmade chocolate truffles. What a special treat! Unfortunately the pathetic petite fours on the QM2 (2008) were a very poor substitute. I hope the elegant chocolate truffles return on the Queen Elizabeth. That would be enough for me to make another “crossing.”

  15. The Grills and restaurants are outstanding.

  16. Diana Glover says:

    We cannot wait to celebrate my husband’s birthday in the Verandah Grill on the maiden voyage of the QE. Any chance of piano player Greg Sampson being in the Golden Lyon, we have so enjoyed him on both the QM2 and the Victoria. Alastair we appreciate the updates on the QE, it is adding to our excitment of the upcoming cruise…..Diana Glover

  17. Don says:

    The Verandah option sounds great. Available to all with the surcharge or only 1st class passengers?

  18. Diana Glover says:

    We are so looking forward to celebrating my husband’s birthday in Verandah Grill on the maiden voyage of the Queen Elizabeth. Is there any chance that pianist Greg Sampson will be in the GOlden Lyon? We have enjoyed many nights of entertainment with Greg on both the QM2 and the Victoria. Thank you Alastair for the QE updates, we can’t wait to board the new Queen. Diana

  19. Kenneth B.Kane says:

    The Verandah sounds quite wonderful as I imagine it replaces the TODD ENGLISH on both the MARY2 and the QV.
    Don’t mind a surcharge therein but am surprised that the LIDO specialty dinner sections will also have an additional charge. Neither MARY nor QV have these so I wonder what gives?
    Am booked on the QE WORLD 2011 and looking quite forward to the journey.
    Hope the fittings in the cabin have corrected storage space for thse long voyages.
    Best to all

    Ken Kane

  20. Kenneth Eden says:

    I am thrilled to be part of all things Cunard, and the new Elizabeth in particular.

    I have sailed Cunard since 1969 and have seen the may changes with Cunard and their ships over this time period. The most noticed change(s) are with the new ships. I have sailed several times on the QM2, and Victoria, and look forward to the new Elizabeth. The Verandah Restaurant sounds divine!

    In fact, we’re off on the Mary in a few weeks, and again in December, with Victoria booked for February 2011. There will be more booked as we savor new itineraries.

  21. Graham Rogers says:

    Hi there, So am I right in saying that Todd English will not be on Queen Elizabeth? It’s a shame if it isn’t as we have enjoyed some great meals in Todd English on both Queen Mary and Queen Victoria. If there is going to be a Todd English in Queen Elizabeth is it too late to say that you need to design the restaurant so that the bar is next to the entrance. We have always gone to the bar in Todd English in Queen Mary’s bar a couple of times before we book, really to remind ourselves why Todd English is worth paying the extra. With the bar being at the back on Queen Victoria I’m sure that a lot of people are unaware that it even exists and therefore don’t frequent it. We found that it was empty on the two times we went in there on our last cruise and we were the only ones in there. Also there was only a few people in the restaurant. Compare this with Queen Mary where it is difficult to get a table; an easily assessible bar helps bring in the punters.

  22. emt training says:

    Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

  23. Lester Ostrander says:

    I am very disappointed to see surcharges on most dining choices. I don’t remember any on the QE2 a few years ago.

  24. Its an amazing coincidence the real Queen Elizabeth will visit Oman in November 2010 and a few months later the cruise liner with berth in Mina Qaboos, Muscat’s very pretty port. We are very much looking forward to both

  25. sheila hedderick says:

    We are looking forward to our next sailing, this time on the new QE, one question i can’t seem to get an answer to is – Will andy of the Queens do the (Cherry Blossom Cruise) as Princess Line do, we are loyal to cunard but want to do this trip 2012 onwards, can anyone help? sheila

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